1906 Industrial Issue: Free Press




Abstract of Industrial Issue, 1906


No. 1 Our Public Officials 1-10 (text)

No. 14 Trent Township 89-93 (text)

No. 2 Education in Lenoir 10-14 (text)

No. 15 Pink Hill Township 94-95 (text)

No. 3 Progress of Eastern Carolina 15-20 (text)

No. 16 Sand Hill Township 95-96 (text)

No. 4 County of Lenoir 20-25 (text)

No. 17 South West Township 97-98 (text)

No. 5 City of Kinston 26-34 (text)

No. 18 Neuse Township 99-100 (text)

No. 6 City Officials and Business Men 35-58 (text)

No. 19 Mosely Hall Township 101-104 (text)

No. 7 Professional Men of Kinston 59-72 (text1) and (text2)

No. 20 LaGrange 101-104 (text)

No. 8 Churches and Lodges 73-77 (text)

No. 21 Falling Creek Township 104-106 (text)

No. 9 County Officers 77

No. 22 Vance Township 107-108 (text)

No. 10 City Officers 77

No. 23 Institute Township 108-109 (text)

No. 11 Insurance Company 78-82 (text)

No. 24 Contentnea Neck Township 109-112 (text)

No. 12 Kinston Township 85-86 (text) Un-named Section

No. 26 (sic) Grifton 112-120 (text)

No. 13 Woodington Township 87-88 (text)

No. 27 Dover 121-127 (text)


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