Industrial pg. 59-72
Kinston Free Press Industrial Issue: Professional Men of Kinston


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North State Mutual
Life Ins. Co.

D.T. Edwards

Residence of D.T. Edwards

Y.T. Ormand

Harvey Advertisement

A.J. Loftin

J.R. Roundtree

H.E. Shaw

E.R. Wooten

The Peebles Home

Shultz Bargain Store

The Free Press Company

Dover Lumber Company

Adkin Hill, Residence
of S.W. Isler

Residence of W.D. LaRoque

G.V. Cooper

A.L. Hyatt

Dr. Thomas W. Parrott

W.E. Mewborne Residence

Whitaker Building

R.A. Whitaker

Residence of Dr. R.A. Whitaker

Dr. C.L. Pridgen

Henry French

Mrs. H.E. French

Capt. J.W. Grainger

Dr. Fred A. Whitaker

Dr. James M. Parrott

E.B. Hargett

F.H. Miller

C.H. Foy

H.T. Oglesby

Lemuel Harvey

Harvey Advertisement

Harvey Advertisement

Hargett Furniture

G.M. Henderson

C.W. Forlaw, City Editor, Free Press

E.M. Land

E.B. Lewis

Linolype Machine
Free Press

Oettinger Brothers

Judge O.H. Allen

William Beasly, Manager
Free Press

Maplewood Cemetery

Hickson Lumber
Company Office


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