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Researching the History and Genealogy of Lenoir and Greene/Glasgow
aka Dobbs County, North Carolina

Old Dobbers mission is to document the history and genealogy of the people who lived in Greene and Lenoir County before, during, and after it was known as Dobbs County, North Carolina. Primary Source Documents, submitted by "Dobber" researchers, can be found in the Dobbs,  Lenoir , Greene and NC GenWeb Archives

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* Richard Caswell

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Free Press Industrial Issue with text links

  • Our Public Officials
  • County of Lenoir
  • City of Kinston
  • City Officials and Business Men
  • Professional Men of Kinston-Churches and Lodges
  • Insurance Company
  • Kinston Township
  • Woodington Township
  • Trent Township
  • Pink Hill Township
  • Sand Hill Township
  • South West Township
  • Neuse Township
  • LaGrange
  • Falling Creek Township
  • Vance Township
  • Institute Township
  • Contentnea Neck Township
  • Grifton
  • Dover
Surname Projects A-L

  • Adair, Adams-Combs
  • Barrs, Barwick, Bender, Bright, Byrd
  • Carr, Caswell, Cogdell, Creech
  • Davis, Deal-Dail, Dixon, Dupree
  • Faison-Moseley-Herring-Hollingsworth, Fields, Fordham, Forrest
  • Gray, Griffin, Grimsley, Grubbs
  • Hardee, Hardy, Hardison, Harper, Hart, Hawkins, Henry, Heritage, Herring, Hill, Hines, Holliday
  • Ivey
  • Jackson
  • Kearney, Kilpatrick, Knight
  • LaPierre-Fordham-Stanly, Lassiter, Lovick
Surname Projects M-Z
  • McIlwain, Mewborn
  • Noble
  • Ormond, Oxley
  • Parker, Pearce-Fonville-Lovick, Phillips
  • Rhem, Robinson, Rochelle, Rhodes, Rountree, Rouse
  • Spence, Stanly, Sutton
  • Taylor, Thompson, Tull
  • Uzzell
  • Washington, Waters-Warters, West, Whaley, Wiggins, Williams, Wooten
  • Zellner-Capehart-Hardy-MacArthur

Miscellaneous Records

  • Antebellum Ball
  • Biographies
  • Cemeteries
  • Census
  • Churches
  • Collections
  • Court Cases
  • Dobbs Co. Deeds
  • Institute
  • Maps
  • Newspapers
  • Odds and Ends
  • Migrations
  • Neighborhoods (Then and Now)
  • Rountree Masonic Lodge
  • Wills
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  • Family Web Sites
  • North Carolina Links
  • Genealogy Links
  • Primary Source Documents
  • Genealogy Graphics and Clip art
  • Electronic text/journals
  • History Helps
  • Passenger Lists

Photograph Albums

Including the Caswell Family Photo Album

Online Book Caswell Connections
Genealogy of the Friends & Relatives of Richard Caswell

Off Site Free Genealogy Links

Lenoir County GenWeb

Dobbs County GenWeb

US GenWeb

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