Dobbs County

Civil War Surrender Documents

Dobbs County Militia Rolls, 1767-1781

Men Over Age in Dobbs County, Oct 20 1781

Bounty for Dobbs County Regiment, 1770

Other Military Sites for NC

HISTORY has great military information for many different surnames.
* 1 NC Battalion Sharp Shooters Casualty Roll from Fredericksburg
* 6 NC Regt. Casualty Roll from Fredericksburg
* 21 NC Regt. Casualty Roll from Fredericksburg
* 21 NC Regt. Casualty Roll from Sharpsburg
* Casualty Report of Sears' Brigade at Franklin, TN
* Casualty Report of Wharton's Cavalry Div. at Dover, TN
* Casualty Report of Mallett's Battalion at Kinston, NC
* 21st NC Manasass Casualty Roll
* Muster Roll of the Officers & NCO's of the 3rd NC Battalion
* Salisbury & Morgan District Militia Roll
* Abstract of the Rosters of the North Carolina Continental Line
* Revolutionary Volunteers from Caswell County, NC
* Prison Ship Torbay Prisoner Muster Roll
* Return of the Officers of the North Carolina Line
* 4th TN After Action Report
* 4th TN Casualty List From Shiloh
* Casualty List of the 15th & 37th TN Infantry at Chickamauga, GA
* 3rd NC Casualty List from the Seven Days battles
* 5th NC Bristoe Station Casualty Roll from
* 5th NC Gettysburg Casualty Roll
* 6th NC Gettysburg Casualty Roll
* 21st NC Gettysburg Casualty Roll
* 57th NC Gettysburg Casualty Roll
            * 14th MS Casualty Roll from Ft. Donelson
            * Report & Casualty List of the 20th Miss. Volunteers at Ft. Donelson, TN



Derick S. Hartshorn County Coordinator for Catawba County NCGenWeb Project
has information that would interest most NC researhers.
The link below are worth looking at and check out the many state-wide links he has
listed on his Catawba County Soldiers Page.

Catawba County NCGenWeb Military Page


Civil War Links and Information

Military Organizations in Colonial North Carolina

Data base by Joel S. Russell

Spanish Attack - 1747 and 1748
Spanish Attack on Beaufort, NC - 1747 (Carteret County)
Capt. William Bray's Company - 1748  (Currituck County)
Martin County Militia Recruits and Draftees - 1748 (Martin County)
Capt. John Ashe's Company - 1748 (New Hannover County)
Capt. William Dry's Company - 1748 (New Hannover County)
Col. John Dawson's Regimental Officers - 1748 (Northampton County)
Militia - Undated, suspected 1750s
Capt. William Whittfield's Company (Dobbs County)
Capt. Samuel Cotton's Company (Northampton County)
Capt. Evan Jones Company (Tyrrell County)
Capt. Hosor More's Company (County Unknown)
Capt. James Fason's Company (Northampton County)
Capt. Daniel Simmons Company (New Bern District)
Rowan County Officers (Rowan County)
Militia - 1754
Capt. Jos. Bryan's Company - 1754  (Craven County)
Capt. Lewis Bryan's Company - 1754  (Craven County)
Capt. John Jules' Company - 1754  (Craven County)
Capt. Abner Neale's Company - 1754  (Craven County)
Capt. Solomon Rew's Company - 1754  (Craven County)
Capt. John Shine Company - 1754  (Craven County)
Capt. Thomas Graves Company - 1754  (Craven County)
Militia - 1755
Capt. Jos. Fulford's Company, Col. Lovick's Regt. - undated* (Carteret County)
Capt. Moses Houston's Company, Col. Lovick's Regt. - undated*  (Carteret County)
Col. Edward Griffith's Regimental Officer List - 1755  (Craven County)
Capt. Jos. Bryan's Company - 1755  (Craven County)
Capt. Abner Neale's Company - 1755  (Craven County)
Militia - 1758
Capt. Casson Brinson's Company - 1758  (Craven County)
Captain Peter Rutgers Company - 1758 (Craven County)
The Regulator Movement - 1769 - 1771
Regulator Petition - 1769
Misc Units - 1771
Capt. Wicker Davis's Company - 1771

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