Civil War Ironclad Gets New Home in Kinston

Dobbs-Lenoir-Green Counties

Dobbs County Militia Rolls, 1767-1781

Men Over Age in Dobbs County, Oct 20 1781

Bounty for Dobbs County Regiment, 1770

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Greene County Military - GenWeb Archives

Battles of Kinston, Wyse Battlefield

Edwin Graves Champney Sketchbook - Kinston

Civil War Surrender Documents

Rhodes Military Institute 1906, Kinston, NC

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* 1 NC Battalion Sharp Shooters Casualty Roll from Fredericksburg
* 6 NC Regt. Casualty Roll from Fredericksburg
* 21 NC Regt. Casualty Roll from Fredericksburg
* 21 NC Regt. Casualty Roll from Sharpsburg
* Casualty Report of Sears' Brigade at Franklin, TN
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* 21st NC Gettysburg Casualty Roll
* 57th NC Gettysburg Casualty Roll
            * 14th MS Casualty Roll from Ft. Donelson
            * Report & Casualty List of the 20th Miss. Volunteers at Ft. Donelson, TN