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Abstracted by Sue Guptill – additions by Martha Marble – additions mostly from the envelopes with fragile and torn documents that were not abstracted plus the Court and enrollment date where noted. I did double check the later deeds to see if there was any indication of where the lands were sold after the court house burned and who sold them, but there were none of that type. To follow the trail, hours would have to be spent at the court house tracking every document where Noah Rouse was the grantor. Even after a 2nd reading of these documents and a few minor corrections, there does not appear to be anything that would help with sorting the Rouse family but it would take further study. One of the unabstracted documents would probably prove some of the heirs of John Mozingo. Again, our thanks to Sue for taking the time to abstract this long Collection – she did a superb job as usual and this is not her family. The formatting is a little different from what Sue did only because I did it for my personal use.


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Folder 1 1750-1819:
Torn deed from Elizabeth Mozingo to James Hinson, land on Falling Creek.
3 Jan 1767.


22 Dec 1750 - Johnston Co. deed from Anthony Herring, blacksmith, to loving brother Stephen Herring
of same co. – for love and affection - NS Neuse River on the river, 240 a. on Bougue Swamp William Wiggins corner, Robt. Johnstons lower corner. – being part of a patent of 11 Oct 1749 -. Witnesses Humphrey Larrence,
James [I] Ratcliff.


15 Dec 1760 - Dobbs Co. deed from Theophilies Baxter to John Rouse land between Ground Nut Swamp and the south prong of Falling Creek, 150 ac for 60 pds, orig patent to Theophilies Baxter 25 May 1757, borders John Waterers.. Theophilies Baxter signed with mark "TB"
witnesses Simon Kennedy , John B. Sheppard


Envelope containing pieces of deeds, labeled Dobbs Co. 3/7/1762, James
Lawson, Sr. to James Lawson, Jr. 100 acres. I was afraid to do anything
with these, because they were literally crumbling.

This document is crumbling as Sue said - To Court 1772 – Dobbs Co – 7 March – 10 pds – for 100s, house, orchards, gardens, waterways – adj Job Monzing (probably Mozingo) – signed by mark
WIT John Mozingo, John Kennedy

Enrolled 22 Oct 1779


Envelope containing pieces of deeds, labeled Deed Dobbs County, (1) Edward
Searles to John Mozingo 268 acres land on S. prong of Falling Creek
granted by patent dated 10/13/1756, dated 7/1762.
(2 & 3) Also, patent for George II (original) Johnston County to Edward Surles 268 a. dated10/13/1756.
(4) Also, deed Dobbs Co. Ann Mozingo, Sara Mozingo, Priscilla
Mozingo, Robert Desmond, James Skipper to John Rouse 200 acres S. prong
Falling Creek, remainder of 268 a. taken up by Edward Sirls patent dated
10/13/1756, sold.
(5) Last, Deed Dobbs Co., 7/10/1777 James Lawson Jr. to John Rouse 168 a. part of Surls patent sold to Mozingo and then toLawson signed by John ruse and wife? Elizabeth. [This all came from the envelope].

(1) Searls to Mozingo – no date but probably 1762 - Edward Searles of Dobbs Co to John Mozingo, planter – 30 pds – tract on the S prong of Falling Creek in Dobbs formerly Johnston – 268 acres patented to Searles on 13 Oct 1756 – adj Alexander Skeen including the plantation where sd John Mozingo now lives
Signed by mark
WIT Philip Stone, John Creel, W. – last name not readable -, W. Waters

Enrolled Oct Court 1762 on oath of John Creek – Charles Young Regr

(2) Survey for Edward Sulers – 268 acres in Johnston Co – NS Neuse River, ES of S. prong of Falling Creek – adj Alexander Skeen
Charles Young, Sheriff

(3) 13 Oct 1756 - Patent for 280 acres to Edward Surls – 268 acres – Johnston Co on NS Ruse River and ES of south prong of Falling Creek adj Alexander Skeen
signed Arthur Dobbs

Enrolled 14 Oct ???? Alex McCullock
Recorded in the Secretaries office – Book H ?? Wm. Powell

(4) Deed –6 Feb 1778 – Ann Mozingo, Sarah Mozingo, Priscilla Mozingo, Robert Deen and James Skipper of Dobbs Co to John Rouse – 201 pds, 1 shillings – tract – S prong of Falling Creek in Dobbs Co – 200 acres, being the remainder of 268 acres taken up by Edward Serils on 13 Oct 1756 and sold to John Mozingo, dec – 68 acres out of the patent the sd John Mozingo sold to James Lawson Junr but is now in possession of John Rouse – the above 200 acres was sold to sd John Rouse at public sale agreeable to the last will and testament of sd John Mozingo, dec – adj patent line, 68 acres mentioned, south prong of Falling Creek, including improvements where John Mozing formerly lived – Ann, Sarah, Priscilla Mozingo and Skipper signed with mark – Dean signed his name
WIT Jno Lawson, Dan. Taylor, John Rouse Junior

To Court 1778 on oath of John Rouse, Jr – M. Caswell, Clk

Enrolled Liber B page LL 7 Oct 1778 Sam Caswell, Regr

31 Jan 1778 – Received of John Rouse 102 pds, 8 shillings being the first payment of 201 pds, 1 shilling for land whereon John Mozingo dec formerly lived
signed by mark by Ann, Saary, Persilla Mozingo, James Skipper and Robert Dean signed his name


(5) 27 Jan 1777 – Dobbs Co – James Lawson Jr. of Dobbs co to John Rouse – 40 pds – tract – ES of West prong of Falling Creek – 68 acres – part of patent of 268 acres granted to Edward Sirls by patent on 13 Oct 1756 and from said Sirls granted to John Mozingo and from Mozing to James Lawson Jr and now to John Rouse – adj John Mozingo's corner – including improvements where Lawson now lives – one other tract – adj the 68 acres – 100 acres being part of a tract of 436 acres granted to James Hinson by patent on 27 April 1767 and from sd Hinson to James Lawson Sr and from sd James Lawson Sr to James Lawson Jr
signed by name
WIT John Rouse, Elisebeth (x) Rouse (does not say his wife)

To Court July Term 1777 - M Caswell, Clk
Enrolled Liber B p 100 on 10 July 1777 – R. Caswell, Jr. Regt



Envelope containing pieces of deeds, labeled Deed Dobbs County, Jon
Mozingo to John Rouse 1/10/1763 200 acres.

This deed was in 4 pieces
10 Jan 1763 – Dobbs Co – John Mozingo to John Rouse both of Dobbs – 15 pds for 100 acres in Dobbs – ES Bane ?? Creek – at the head of pocoson, main road, to Rouse's corner
Mozingo signed his name

WIT Philip Stone, Margaret (x) Stone, Jonathan (x) Walker, Junr

To Court July Term 1763 on oath of Philip Stone – Martin Caswell, CC

Enrolled Liber No 3 pge 198 & 199 Oct 10, 1763 – Martin Caswell, Reg


Deed dated 30 Oct MDCCLXV (1765, I think) from Frederick Isler, Craven
Co., merchant to John Laws of Onslow yeoman. 10 pounds land in Onslow
Co. head of the Rich Lands of New River containing 20 a. part of a tract
of land granted to Chas Saunders. On Jumping Run mouth of Little Branch.
Signed Frederick [F] Isler, witnesses Thos Andrews, Wm Laws, Chas

To Court June Term 1766 on oath of Wm. Lawsons
Enrolled Book C p 102 Aug 27, 1766


Survey of land of Theophilies Baxter, above.
Document looks like copy of descriptions of deed in 2nd envelope, above.
Envelope containing pieces of deeds, labeled Deed Lenoir Co. patent to
Theophilis Baxter (in bad shape).

No date – survey for Theophilus Baxter – 397 acres in Dobbs Co between ground nutt and S prong of Falling Creek adj John Mozingo and James Henson, John Rouse – Wm. Ormond survy
CB John Rouse, John Cotton


Dobbs Co. deed from James Hinson for 16 pounds, to James Lawson, same
co., land between ground nutt Swamp, John Mozingo, Philip Stone,
Theophiles Baxter line. Signed James Hinson, witnesses John Lawson, John
[X] Lawson (apparently 2 different people).

This does not appear to be a full deed but maybe a note of several partial deeds – my take on this

James Hinson grantor – does not give grantee – 436 acres – adj John Mozingo, Phillip Stone, Theophilus Baxter – S prong of Falling Creek – being out of the grant to James Hinson on 27 April 1767

To Court Oct 1770 on oath of John Lawson – Martin Caswell, Cl
Enrolled Liber MC No 4 page 87 – 10 Nov 1770 – M. Caswell Regr

What looks like an entirely different partial instrument – 7 Oct 1762 - Edward Surles to John Mozingo – 268 acres – adj Alexander Skeen


3 Sept. 1771 - Dobbs Co. deed from Benjamin Griffin (sadler) to Jonas Griffin, same co.
- 85 pounds for 200 acres in Dobbs - Land NS Nuce River on the river - 200 a. Part of a patent containing 640 a. granted to Anthony Herring bearing date 11 Oct 1749.
Signed Benj Griffin, witnesses Jonathan Standley, Michael Herring.

To Court 1771 on oath of Michael Herring

Enrolled Liber 6 No 5 p 207 on 22 Oct 1771 – M Caswell, Regr


Onslow co. deed John Shackleford to William Laws, same co. 30 pounds.
Land borders Henry Bradham, Jumping Run, Hopkin Wilders. Mar 1772.
Signed John Shackleford, witnesses Jacob Wiley, Thos. (can't read last
name) one other witness--signature faded, can't read.


Plot for James Gillespie, Duplin Co., SS of Persimmon Swamp. July 1774 – 100 acres – WS East River between Rutheford and McIntires's land


Envelope containing pieces of deeds, labeled patent from George III to
James Gillespie 100 acres, Duplin co.

Patent #627 on Persimmon's swamp


4 Mar 1778 - Jonas Griffin says he is of the County of Craven, state of South Carolina to William Whitfield Junior of Dobbs - deed of sale for 440 acres for 600 pds in Dobbs Co,
County, North Carolina. NS Nuse R. Little Bogue Swamp, borders Charles Holmess. Deeded to JG by Benjamin Griffin.
Signed Jonas Griffin,
witnesses Benjm Haile, Dennis Griffin,, Bryan Whitfield.

To Court April 1778 on oath of Bryan Whitfield – M Caswell, Clk

Enrolled Liber B p 305 on 15 April 1778


Dobbs co. deed from John Cotton Junr. to John Herring, same co., 400
pounds. Land on Ground nutt marsh 100 a. 28 Aug 1779. Signed John Cotton
Junr, witnesses Wm. Morton, Elizb [X] Taylor.


New abstract – 27 Oct 1778 - partial piece of paper noted Whitfield's Patent – mentions Withey's ??? and Greyham's line – adj Michael Herring, Joseph, Herring, Jacob Herring
250 acres land


28 Aug 1779. - Dobbs co. deed from John Cotton Junr. to John Herring – 100 acres for 400 pds - WS Lower Falling Creek SW side of ground nutt marsh, bordering Francis Borens, Theophilus Baxter, Phillip Stones, 106 a.
Signed John Cotton Junr,
witnesses Wm. Morton, Elizh. ["her" X] Taylor.


New abstract – no date – John Cotton Jr. of Dobbs to John Herring – 400 pds for 166 acres – WS lower Falling Creek, groundnut marsh adj Francis Borens, Thoeophilus Baxter
Signed his name
WIT Wm. Morton, Elizh ("his" x) Taylor


Envelope containing pieces of deeds, labeled Grant from NC State to
Michael Herring Wayne co. 1799. Also, Grant from NC State to Michael
Herring Dobbs Co. 90 acres, 1782.

Grant #332 – to Michael Herring of Dobbs Co – 90 acres, NS Nuse River – adj his own line and Elijah Herring

The other grant is only partial and appears to be for land in Wayne Co – Grant #703 for 62 acres – 30 shillings adj Barnaby McKinley



Folder 2 1750-1819:

From Francis Shackleford, Onslow Co. to William Laws, same co., one
Negro fellow named Bird from William Laws to Francis Shackleford; one
Negro girl named Murreah to William Laws from Francis Shackleford. 21
Oct 1783. Signed Francis Shackelford, witnesses Jesse Gregory, William


Envelope containing pieces of deeds, labeled Patent, Dobbs co. NC State
to James Lawson, 182 a. SS of Ground nut 11/10/1784.

10 Nov 1784 - Patent #693 – to James Lawson of Dobbs Co – S Groundnut adj Dan'l Young, sd Lawson – 182 acres – there was an accompanying plat doen in 1783 – says on an entry made by Armstrong Waters and conveyed to Lawson on 17 Nov 1779 – Charles Markland was surv
CB – Obed Lawson, Ephraim Fields
NOTE: This is the first time I have seen the name Ephraim Fields in Dobbs Co – probably moved to Darlington Co, SC


Nov 10 1784 - Grant #605?? - to William Hunter in Duplin Co. 100 ac. on W. side of North East
River and SS Persimmon Swamp. Includes plot..


13 Jan 1785 - Mortgage deed by James Lawson state of South Carolina buying land from
John Rouse, Sr. in Dobbs Co. 1000 pounds, Land whereon the said James Lawson formerly lived that he purchased from Richard Caswell Sr. 180 ac. on SS of Groundnutt, whereon Theophilies Baxter formerly lived. To be paid by 25 Dec next.
Signed James Lawson,
witnesses Wm. Taylor Jno Lawson, Matchett Herring.


5 Feb 1785 - Dobbs Co. deed from Boothe Mozingo to John Rouse Senr. same co. 20
pounds. 200 ac. land bordering James Lawson's line, John Rouse..
signed Booth [X] Mozingo,
witnesses Wm. Morton, John Rouse Junr., Morgan Mozingo

To Dobbs Court April 1791 – W. Caswell clk
Enrolled Liber ? p 72, 73 – 8 May 1791 – D. Caswell, Regr


17 April 1786 - (Very faded) Lenoir Co. deed from James Lawson to Joseph Wilson same co. of Lenoir - 20 pounds of spice. Land between Ground nut and Falling Creek. 120 ac. – corner of patent to Edward Sirls of 1756 – 120 acres
Signed James [I] Lawson Sr.,
witnesses Nathan Hanks, Jesse [C] Cotton.
7 Apr 1790 – Sue and I read different dates

To Court Oct Term 1796 on oath of Jesse Cotton – Winston Caswel, CC
Enrolled 17 Oct 1796


9 Nov 1790 - Dobbs Co. deed from Jesse Cotton to Thomas Wilson Senr. same co. (Dobbs) 25 pounds. Land WS Lower Falling Creek and SW side of Ground Nut marsh. – adj Jesse Cotton, Long Branch - 25 ac..
Signed Jesse [C] Cotton,
witnesses Bold Robin Hood, Boothe [X] Mozingo.

To Dobbs Court Jan 1791 on oat of Booth Mozingo – Win Caswell, CLL
Enrolled Liber H p 12, 13, 14 on 4 Feb 1791


16 May 1792 - Lenoir Co. deed from James Lawson to David Prust same co. 100 pounds
Land S. prong of Falling Creek and Ground nut Swamp 300 ac. Part of a
tract of land of 436 ac. granted to James Hinson dated 27 Apr 1767 sold
to James Lawson 21 Feb 1770. Crosses John Rouses line which was part of his patent -
Signed James [X] Lawson
witnesses John Lawson, Absolem [X] Elmore.

To Court Oct 1792 on oath of Absolem Elmore – Winston Caswell Clk
Enrolled Liver I – 232, 233 & 234 – D Caswell Regr


20 Nov 1792 - NC grant #244 to John Rouse for 30 shillings, 52 ac. of land. W. prong of
Falling Creek, bordering Matthew Moseley.

Contains plot with Lem Byrd as Surv
CB John Rouse Jr and William Best


27 Feb 1793 - Lenoir Co. deed from John Rouse senior to well beloved son Joseph Rouse. 3 pieces of land on WS Ground Nutt swamp and on the ES of the S. prong
of Falling Creek containing 277 ac. part of a patent taken up by
Theophilus Baxter 26 Oct 1767, borders ?Regemilick Warterer and Joseph
Rouse, Joshua Byrd; another piece patented by James Lawson 20 Jan 1783,
borders Daniel Young, Groundnut Swamp (no acres given; another piece patented by John Row adjoining previous land 80 acres – all of land patented on WS groundnut near Beaverdam and Brittle Fields
WIT Mathew Mosely, Sally Nasetery ???


Wayne Co. grant to John Holmes 30 shillings for every 100 ac. Land
containing 410 ac. Borders William Whitfield, Neuse R. Recorded 24 Sept
1795. This was a copy


28 Jul 1796 - Lenoir Co. deed from James Skipper to David Prust same co. for 50
pounds for 12 acres. Land between the S. prong of Falling Creek and Groundnut,
borders Jesse Cotten, near David Prust, borders James Skipper. Patented
by James Skipper 20 Aug 1791.
Signed James [X] Skipper,
Witnesses Matthew Moseley, John Rouse, Matthew Smith.

To Court Oct Term 1798 on oath of John Rouse – Winston Caswell, Clk
Enrolled Liber K – p 58, 59, 60 – D Caswell, Regt


27 Sept 1796 - Lenoir Co. deed from James Lawson to Joseph Wilson same co. 16 pounds. Land between Groundnut & Falling Creek. Borders sd. Lawson and Priest on
WS of Briery Pond. Part of patent of James Hinson of 3 Jan 1767
Signed James [X] Lawson,
witnesses Joshua Taylor, B. Robin Hood, James [X] Skipper.

To Court Oct 1796 on oath of James Skipper – W Caswel, CC
Enrolled 17 Oct 1796 – D. Caswell, Regr


15 Aug 1801 - Land division between Peggy Holmes and Elizabeth Herring: Describes
Peggy's share of land (155 ac.); Peggy to pay Elizabeth $60 within 6
months. Land was in a division of the lands of John Holmes, dec
Signed Barnaba McKinne, Richd Kettley, Britton Hood Jr. Bengd. Herring, Joes Herring.


17 Dec 1804 - Lenoir co. deed from Elizabeth Mozingo to dau Susannah Mozingo after my decease. 147 ac. of land bordering Joseph Wilson, David Priest, Joshua Rouse, Zacheus Rouses..
Signed Elizabeth [X] Mozingo
witnesses Geo Connally, Thomas Wooten.

To Court April 1805 on oath of George Connally
Enrolled Book 13 ? No 3 pages 188 – 31 May 1805

NOTE: Sarah stated - I just came across in my notes from the Duke
stuff. On the back of a paper which records a gift of land from Elizabeth
Mozingo to Susanna are these words "Joshua Rouse his papers to Noah Rouse."
I didn't see this but forgot to take the reference that Sarah mentioned. Thought I had checked the backs of all the documents but someone could go behind me and find all kinds of corrections and additions.

NOTE: I have a question as to whether this is new information or a little confused –

There is a piece of paper attached to the above that says there was a deed from Joseph Wilson to Elizabeth Mozingo for 157 acres – went to Court July Term 1802 – there was no actual deed – just a note – more than likely Noah Rouse was making a note as to where this land came from or the main part of the deed had been lost at that time – the 147 and 157 acres was as written – one was probably wrong

In addition there was another piece of paper attached that appears to be the bottom of a deed more than likely the deed from Joseph Wilson to Elizabeth Mozingo – it just gives the signature of Joseph (x) Wilson
WIT Crafford Fuller, and Samuel (x) Carlilers ??

Enrolled Lenoir Co Liber C p 185, 186 – 25 July 1802 – Ja Bright, Regr

The first document in the first folder was the below so I have moved the abstract to go with the above

Indenture – 19 Nov 1801 – Joseph Wilson of Lenoir to Elizabeth Mozingo - $150 – tract on Falling Creek between groundnut and Falling Creek beginning in the center beginning in the center of – next 3 words not readable – at the 2
nd corner of a patent granted to Edward Seals in 1750 ?? and runs with the line of said survey, line of another patent – 120 acres – also 37 acres more, being part of a patent granted to James Hinson 3rd of Jan 1767 on Falling Creek – beginning at the patent line the dividing corner between sd Lawson on WS of pond, the dividing line between Lawson and Priest – total of 157 acres – there appears to be more to this indenture but it is gone


Here again there was a small piece of paper with a hand written note – Michael Herring bound to Joseph Whitfield for 500 pds – 9 July 1799 – it appeared to have been some matter in dispute and may have been a bond – it may or may not have something to do with the next document


18 May 1805 - Wayne co. deed from Michael Herring to son Grady Herring for 5 pounds.
Borders Ichabud Herring, Barnaby McKinne, Michael Herring, Richard
Kethley, Grady Herring. 492 3/4 ac. Signed Michael Herring, witnesses
Bd. McKinne, Bd. McKinne Jnr.. (A true copy made 6 Apr
1820). (Original is in pieces in next envelope).


5 Jul 1813 - NC Grant #1973 - to Graddy Herring for 30 ac. on NS Neuse R. Adjoins his own line in Wayne Co..
A survey accompanied
CB Joshua Ivey, Mathew Hays


21 May 1809 - Deed of gift from Rebekah Rouse to dau. Winefred Rouse: 3 Negro girls
named Poll, Luce, and Luck or Suck..
Signed Rebekah [X] Rouse,
witness Craford Fuller.

To July Court 1814 – C. Westbrook Clk
Enrolled 15 July 1814


16 Aug 1813 - Lenoir Co. deed from James Pool to Joshua Rouse for $3 land joyning
Joshua Rouse and David Preast containing 140 acres..
Signed James [X] Pool,
witnesses William Rouse, can't read other witness.

To Court July Term 1814 – C Westbrook Clk
Enrolled 15 July 1814


21 Feb 1814 - Lenoir Co. deed from James Pool to David Priest for $100. Land on WS of
the Brier pond running with Wilson patent, bordering Phillip Stone and
Joshua Rouses line, ES main road and a pattent granted to Edward Sirls, James Pool, 37
Signed James [X] Pool Susannah (x) Pool
witnesses Crafford Fuller, Joshua [X] Priest, Charles Fuller, John [X] Wallace Junr.

To Court Jan Term 1815 on oath of Crafford Fuller – Susannah Pool was examined
Enrolled 15 Jan 1815 – Js. Bright, Regr


24 ?Jul 1815 - Lenoir Co. deed from David Priest to Joshua Rouse for $100. Land NS
Falling Creek, through Brier Pond in the line of Hinson patent, borders
Phillip Stone and Sirls patent, 60 ac..
Signed David [X] Priest,
witnesses Alexr. Mosley, Lam. Byrd.

To Court April Term 1817 on oath of Lam Byrd
Enrolled 15 July 1817 – Jas. Bright


Land division of lands of William Whitfield decd. to his sons Lemuel,
Edmond, John, Lewis B. Francis & George. (Very detailed descriptions of
land division). 1819.

Ordered in Wayne County

Lot #1 – George Whitfield – value of $8050 – Sough bank of River, Metty's Marsh, adj Lewi Whitfield, Old William Stanly line, Samuel Herring, Graddy Herring – 1356 acres – George to pay Lot 6 – Lewis a total of $550 – the land on NS River drawn by George on both sides of Walnut Creek is in dispute

Lot #2 – Francis Whitfield – value of $8050 – S bank of River, adj Lot #1, Terry's Marsh, Cook's House Branch – 1089 ½ acres and he to pay Lewis who drew Lot #6 $550

Lot #3 – Edmond Whitfield – value of $8050 – S bank of river, Powell's Run – 1195 acres – he to pay Lewis $550

Lot #4 – John Whitfield value of $8050 – S Bank of river, adj Lot #3, Powell's run, Jas Herring, Graddy Herring, upper Bogue Marsh, McKinney – 1783 acres and he to pay Lewis $550

Lot #5 – Lemuel Whitfield – value of $7800 – adj Lot #4, Simon Herring, Jno Harris – 2666 acres and he to pay Lewis $300

Lot #6 – Lewis Whitfield – value of $5000 – head of Juniper Branch, John Harris, Samuel Herring's 50 acres patent, Jesse Jernigan's patent line, Thos. Jernigan –

The rest of this division is missing; however; it appears it is found in the next folder where it says

Fragment of copy of land division of William Whitfield property –

There is an additional fragment that says – 3694 acres but this all the information


Folder 3, 1824-1869

6 Sept 1824 - Lenoir Co..deed from Thomas Aldridge to Noah Rouse for $100, land on NS Ground Nut Swamp. Acerage not given..
Signed Thomas Aldridge.
Witnesses Alexr. Mosley, 2nd name in crease, looks like Leader Cannady.

To April Court 1830 on oath of Alexander Mosely – D. Caswell, CC
Enrolled 1 May 1830 – Mortimer Bright, Regr


5 Mar 1828 - Lenoir Co. deed from Joshua Rouse to Noah Rouse for $768, land on SS
Groundnutt Swamp on long branch, borders Joshua Rouse and John Wooten,
Noah Rouse, William Rouse, line of Hinson Patent 163 acres. Tract formerly owned by Jesse Cotton and David Priest..
Signed Joshua Rouse.
Witnesses: Alex Moseley, Jennet Moseley.

To Court April Term 1830 – D. Caswell, CC
Enrolled 7 May 1830 – Mortimer Bright, Regr


31 Octobr1829 - Lenoir Co. deed from Thos Warterer to Noah Rouse for $32, land at
Warterer's own corner in the run of Ground Nut swamp. Also borders Noah
Rouse's own corner. 8 acres of land "patented by the said Thos. Waterer
the day and year above written." (i.e., same day as deed)
Signed Thomas Warterer.
Witnesses Thos Hood, William Brown.
[Note: deed in same handwriting as Warterer's signature; looks like he patented
the land, then handwrote a deed and sold it to Noah Rouse almost immediately].

To Court April Term 1830 – D. Caswell, CC
Enrolled 1 May 1830 – Mortimer Bright, Regr


Fragment of copy of land division of William Whitfield property, appears
same as in folder 2 above.


"Copy of the courses of a deed from Joel Herring to Stephen Herring;
also the courses of a patent granted to Anthony Herring for 280 acres."
This is not a full deed, but a property description. Original deed dated
24 Nov 1800. Land on the NS of Neuse R. Pattent granted to Anthony
Herring 5 Apr 1749 & conveyed to Joel Herring. This copy made 24 Aug
1830 by Wm. Raiford, Regr.


Copy of original grant of above property to Anthony Herring dated 5 Apr
1749. Copy made 24 Sept 1830.


10 Apr 1762 - Dobbs Co. deed from Anthony Herring to Marmaduk Rawls £5, land NS of Neuse R. in Cypress Meadow to Upper Boague Swamp. 200 acres. Part of a
tract of land containing 640 ac granted to Anthony Herring 11 October 1749. This
Signed Anthony Herring.
Witnesses Pattey [X] Herring, John [X] Hines. [This is a copy made 27 Sept 1830].

Original to Court April Court 176—


2 Mar 1771 - Dobbs Co. deed from Marmaduke Rawls to Chas. Holmes, Senr for £100.10 shillings, same land as above – NS Neuse, Bogue Swamp – 200 acres part of track of 640 acres by patent to Anthony Herring on 11 Oct 1759 Signed Marmaduke [X] Rawls.
Witnesses William Whitfield Jr., Solomon Hines. [Copy made 27 Sept 1830]. There is a plat attached to this document.

Original to Court Oct 1771 on oath of William Whitfield, Jr – Martin Caswell, Clk

Enrolled Dobbs Co Liber M?? No 5 p 25 – 1 Oct 1771


Copy of original grant of above property to Anthony Herring. Copy made 5
Oct 1830.


Johnston Co. deed from Anthony Herring to Robert Johnston of Edgecombe
Co. for £13 Virginia Currency, NS Neuse R., 200 ac., part of a
plantation containing 640 ac. patented 14 Oct 1749. No date on this
deed. Copy made October 21 1830.


28 Jan 1831 - Lenoir Co. deed from William Rouse to Noah Rouse $750, land joining the division line between William Rouse and Noah Rouse, Jas. Skipper & D. Preast. 103 ac. Signed William Rouse. Witnesses Ben Rous, Jno. Cox

To Court April Term 1831 on oath of Benjamin Rouse
Enrolled 9 May 1831 – Mortimer Bright, Regr


Letter from Grady Herring to unnamed person reporting on his "defence of
the cases where Emery Cobb Daniel Grant and Ephriam Grant are
plaintiffs." This concerns a boundary dispute over the above Anthony
Herring 640 ac. grant and includes depositions from a number of people.
Some of it is scratched through and some is crowded in, so it is not all
legible. There were 5 points of evidence: (I transcribed this because
there were so many names and it was easier to transcribe than to try to
#1: Britton Hood was present when Wm Whitfield had the line run which
has caused this dispute. Hood and J. Griswould (surveyors) appear
satisfied that the beginning corner of the 640 ac. patent is where
Herring thinks it is, not where the plaintiffs do. This is based on the
old marked trees that were visible. (This is a summary).
#2: "Ephriam Cotton, aged about 87 years …says on oath that the first
crop he ever made for himself was about 60 years since and he made it on
the place now called the Garress place. He rented the place of Michael
Herring and paid him rent for it which you'll find near the 2nd trespass
from the letter C with a spring running across the line and a house a
little no. of it and he understood the line at that time run along close
by the spring between Michael Herring and Benjamin Griffin which we find
it to be so now; the deponent being further asked if he ever knew who
owned the land joining the marsh gut [can't read next phrase] the
plaintiffs claim for the beginning of the Anthony Herring 640 acres
patent, and he answered Anthony Herring & being further asked if he ever
knew where the corner stood near the marsh gut and river he said he had
run it a many a time a plain marked tree to represent that land and was
shewn to him for Anthony Herrings Corner of that land, and it stood on a
little nole between the marsh gut and river near the mouth of the gut
[can't read] and being further asked how long since he new it to be
there his answer about 60 years since; there was one question put by the
plaintiffs that would be well for us to guard against for fear of a
squabble on tryal and that is this he was asked how long Old Wm.
Whitfiel Senior had owned the land where Benjamin Griffin use to live &
his answer was he never owned it at all; because you'l find in the deed
from B. Griffin to Whitfiel it is Wm. Whitfiel Junr. and he was some
years just allways distinguished by being called Esquire billy or Wm.
Whitfield Junr."
#3: "Jacob Herring Junr. whose deposition I have taken, he tells us that
somewhere abut 6 or 8 years since if I mistake not, that myself Miles
Anderson and he were along near letter A on the river where I claim for
the beginning corner of the A. Herring 640 acre patent and M. Anders
told us Jas. Matthews shewed him a red oak with the top down in the
river and the root out of the water so that he could see that it was a
plain marked tree to represent the A. Herring 640 acre patent and he the
said Matthews told him that it was the begining of sd. land which he
said was about 40 years since or thereabout as well as I can recollect."

#4: "Giles Herring I have also got his deposition who tell us if I am
correct that about 6 or 7 years since Enoch Cobb Thos. Garress & Elisha
Grant shewed him a red oak which you'l find at the letter M the 3rd
corner of a deed from A. Herring to Marmaduke Rawls for 200 acres of
land and all three tolld him that it was the corner of the John Holmes
land which is the same from Rawls to Charles Holmes and he further
states that he happened at the plase when Cobb and his company blocked
the same tree and they reported to him that it counted 81 years which
agrees with the A. Herring patent."
#5: "Andrew Bass I have his deposition who says that about 40 years
since John Holmes shewed him Charles Holmes and C. Martin the same tree
at letter M which tree is now blockt and put his hand up against it and
said this is my corner Charles it was marked to represent J. Holmes land
there is Edward Alberson & Lewis Herring prove somthing concerning the
corner at letter C and the Gum [can't read] which you'l find at letter N
in the swash; the corner at letter C proven by Wm. Herring and shewn by
Stephen Herring who was chain bearer to the Benton patent to join his
own line and with it to said gum in the swash and from the oath of Wm.
Wiggins was presant when the Anthony Herring patent was first surveyd."
Signed Grady Herring
March 15th 1831


Land description for William Whitfield patent: 250 acres in Dobbs Co. SS
of Neuse R and in little Bogue Swamp. Borders Butley's and Gratam,
Michael Herring, near Anthony Herring corner, Jacob Herring's corner,
Joseph Herring. No date for this description. Copied 12 June 1832.


7 Jan 1836 - Lenoir Co. deed from Joshua Rouse to Noah Rouse for $5,000, land NS
Neuse R., E of Bear Creek, head of Whitmon Br, a natural boundary
between John & Joshua Rouse, along a given line of a deed for 163 acres
from sd. Joshua to sd. Noah Rouse, borders Council Wooten and Joshua Rouses corners,
Phillip Stones line, Falling Creek, Whitman's Branch. 650 acres..
Signed Joshua Rouse.
Witnesses Benj Rouse, Lemuel Dawson.

To Court April Term 1836 on oath of Benjamin Rouse – Lewis Desmond, CC
Enrolled 2 Nov 1836 – Bright Regt
Re-enrolled 1888


10 Feb 1841 - Bond from Thomas W. Dawson principal and Charles Fuller and Lemuel Dawson securities to Noah Rouse for $2000.. Signed Thomas W. Dawson,
Lemuel Dawson, Charles Fuller. Witness C. Wooten. Condition of bond is
"such that if Eliza Dawson wife of Thos W. Dawson will make Noah Rouse a
good and sufficient title to her part of the land that fell to her from
the death of her father when she arrives at the age of twenty-one years
then the above obligation is to be declared null and void otherwise to
remain in full force and virtue."

NOTE: Eliza Dawson was the daughter of William Rouse (Wayne Co Records)


September 20, 1841 - Lenoir Co. deed from Thomas Dawson and wife Eliza Dawson to Noah Rouse for $1000, land on the waters of Moselys ditch adjoining William D
Mosely Benjamin Rouse and others [not named]. Stake in Skippers old line, head of Whitman's branch. 132 acres..
Signed Thomas W. Dawson, Eliza Dawson.
Witnesses: C. Wooten, W.H. Washington.


2 Feb 1842 - Lenoir Co. deed from James Waters to Benjamin Rouse for $622.50, land NS of Neuse R. adjoining lands of Noah & heirs of Willis Rouse and others.Run of Falling Creek. 124 1/2 acres..
Signed James Waters.
Witnesses: Charles Fuller, R. Barron

To Court April 1842 – W. C. Loftin, Clk
Enrolled 12 May 1842 – Jas. Metts, Regr


7 Dec 1843 - Lenoir Co. deed from Council Wooten to Noah Rouse for $140, land WS of
Groundnut Swamp, ES of road near Benjamin Rouses said Wooten & Noah
Rouses corner, sd. Rouses line, head of the long branch. 28 acres. Signed Council Wooten. Witnesses Britton Hood, Shade Wooten.

To Court April Term 1845 – W. C. Loftin Clk
Enrolled 19 June 1845 – James Metts, Regr
Re-enrolled Nov 188? – Book 7


31 Mar 1845 - Lenoir Co. deed from James Waters to Noah Rouse for $180, land (3
parcels): WS of Groundnut Swamp called and known by the name Skipper
Land. 1st tract is known by lot no. 1 as was drawn by Susan Aldridge, 31
acres. 2nd tract is known by Lot no. 2 as was drawn by Richard Aldridge,
45 acres. 3rd tract is known by Lot no. 3 as was drawn by Mary Herring,
20 acres. All of which was bought by James Warters of the Heirs of
Thomas Aldridge decd.. Signed James Waterers (obscured by
seal). Witnesses C. Wooten, Lemuel Dawson.

To Court April Term 1845 – W. C. Loftin, Clk
Enrolled 20 Jan ?? 1845 – Jas E. Metts, Regr
Re-enrolled 18 Nov 1885 Book 7 p 356


22 Nov 1845 - Lenoir Co. deed from James Warters to Benjamin Rouse for $4,190, land
Run of the west prong of Falling Creek, corner between sd. Regimlack Warters and Joel Warters, line between sd Warters and John Warters - 320 acres; another parcel – adj back line, groundnut swamp to where it empties into Falling Creek to the division line of the land – 318 acres; also land I bought of John Herring and wife Mary; also land I bought of Noah Rouse – 540 acres (it is not clear if the 540 acres was the total)
Signed James Warters.
Witnesses C. Wooten, Parrott Mewboorn


List of notes due to writer, not named. Looks like his notes to himself,
not legal document.

J. F. Harper - $2500 – 20 Feb 1865??
Abner Dawson - $6.00 – 4 June 1853
Bennett Rouse – for notes I had on him
Willy Dawson and William Dawson - $125 – Nov 24, 1866
G. A. Murphy - $146.08 – 21 Nov 1861
E. S. Thompson - $900
J. K. Parrott ?? – 15 Nov 186?
Council Best and L. ?? B/ Everett - $281.46 – 4 Feb 1860
Etc – this is a long list and time had about run out at this point


Inventory of notes and Book a/c of Richard J. or I. Rouse deceased taken the
10th of January 1854 as follows: (1 1/2 page list, paragraph style).
Follows a note which says: "Inventory of notes which Richard J. Rouse
deceased Estate is entitled to one third part the remaining two thirds
of said notes belong to Noah & Thomas Rouse." Follows another page of
notes which appear to be part of first pages.


Receipt for letters of admin. to Noah Rouse for Richard Rouse estate.


10 Jan 1855 - Lenoir Co. deed from Thomas H. Dawson to Noah and Thomas Rouse for
$246.67, land NS Neuse R., WS Groundnut Swamp, adjoining Noah and Thomas
Rouse and others, Run of Groundnut Swamp, center of Old Mill Dam, 34 1/2
Signed Thomas H. Dawson.
Witnesses Ruben Barrow, K. T. Aldredge.

To Court 17 Nov 1855 – Barrow is dead


IOU: "On the 20th December next we or either of us promise to pay Noah
Rouse Guardian minor heirs of Obed Palmer decd. One Hundred and
Thirty-five dollars for the hire of boys Ben and Jack. We do further
promise to comply with the terms of the hiring in furnishing clothes for
said boys. Dec. 29 1861. Signed Adam C. Davis, John Wooten, Fred. Joyner


Letter to Noah Rouse from S A White regarding his (S A White's) notices
of bankruptcy. Dated July 7, '6? "You have no doubt been served with
notice of my Bankruptcy. the time of the meeting of the creditors for
the election of assignee is on the 16th Inst. at Greensboro. I have been
forced to this by some heavy losses of which I told you of tobacco
trade. I have no idea that there will be anything for division among my
creditors. I want to ? before the time of Sale as I want to make sure
arrangements to get someone to buy my interest in the house and lot and
I also want to make arrangement for a renewal of the tract. My
Sister-in-law has seven claims for sale of land and I can get her to
make some arrangements for the purchase of it. She has claims which are
well secured for $700 and my wife and her has another plantation of 150
acres all of which they would be willing to part with to secure us a
house. I want to see you either before the meeting of assignees or
before sale so that I can make some arrangements with you. If I can come
this week or first of next I will do so and see you?if I cannot come I
will write again. [Can't read] & I must close. My family is well and
sends love to your family. Yours, S A White"

NOTE: There is some connection between this Stephen White of Alamance County and both Noah and Joshua Rouse. See the Supreme Court Case where Stephen White of Alamance Co sued Joshua Rouse of Lenoir (at that time).


8 Dec 1864. - Estimate of agriculture taxes for Noah Rouse,


Homeowners insurance policy for Dr. A.C. Davis.


January 3, 1767 - Survey for James Hinson (including plat and description) 436 acres land in Dobbs Co. between Ground Nut and South prong of Falling Creek.
Borders John Mozzingoes corner, Philip Stones corner tree, and
Theophilus Basters Line.. [Note: on back: C.B. (chainbearers) John Mozzingo and Sarah Mozzingo. This is the only time I've ever seen a female chain bearer. Handwriting is very clear].


Court notice Pamlico District, District Court of US in Bankruptcy to
Noah Rouse "of Mosely Hall", creditor of Jas. Wood, Bankrupt. County of
Lenoir. Bottom says Creditor Noah Rouse, Guard. Place of Residence
Moseley Hall. Amount $106.40.


Similar notice. Creditor of Jno. W. Sutton. Amount $62.00


5 January 1869 - Bond: Noah Rouse bound to Stephen White of Alamance County in sum of $1800 in gold or its equivalent.. Condition is that the above bounded Noah Rouse hath sold to …S.A. White Two acres of land in the County of Alamance situated at Mebanesville on the North Carolina RR it being the house and land on which White now lives together with all the buildings and appurtenances…For the payment of which said White hath executed three notes bearing interest from date with amounts as follows
(lists dates and amounts).…the said Noah Rouse doth agree to make to the
said White …a good deed upon the payment by said White the notes
mentioned…Signed Noah Rouse. Witness Jno. T. Grey


2 Feby. 1869 - Writ of Execution against property of J.C. Washington for the sum of
$11,432.70 with interest on $2,740.83. Property sold to W A Blount for $5.


Court document: Benjamin F. Sutton, exec. of Hardy Sutton had petitioned
the court (Fall term 1868, Superior Court, Lenoir Co.) to sell property
belonging to Hardy Sutton to pay debts to the estate. Property sold to
Noah Rouse at auction as ordered. Amount $10,000.05
Description: 874 acres NS Neuse River in Bucklesberry, adjoining the
lands of Josiah Sutton, Elizabeth Sutton, Jerry Sutton, the heirs of
William Grey and others (400 acres of the said land known as the Uzzell
tract was conveyed by John F. Wooten, Clerk & Master in Equity of Lenoir
County to the said Hardy Sutton deceased; 250 conveyed & devised to the
said Hardy Sutton deceased by his father Benjamin Sutton; and the
remaining 224 acres was conveyed to …Hardy Sutton by Benjamin Sutton his
brother)?Also, 450 acres of land on Neuse R and Bear Creek adjoining the
lands of Josiah Sutton, Franklin Herring, Dempsey Wood and others and
separated from the land above described by the lands of the heirs of
William Gray deceased known as the Frog Point tract and conveyed to
…Hardy Sutton by one Gregg Whitfield and wife. 12 April 1869.


Wayne Co. Probate Court: Certificate regarding deed by Adam C. Davis and
Lavinia A. Davis and private exam. of Lavinia. (There is no actual


There are a few other miscellaneous insurance policies and stock
certificates in folder.

Folder 4: 1870-1879

29 Mar 1870 - Wayne Co. deed from Adam C. Davis and wife Lavinia A. Davis to Noah
Rouse (Lenoir County) guardian of heirs of O. Palmer for $2463.17, land
SS Neuse River, land conveyed to A.C. Davis by Waitman Thompson
deceased, mouth of Holmes Branch, running with branch to public road to
Spring Bank. 315 acres.. Condition of deed is that …A.C.
Davis is …indebted to …N. Rouse in he sum of $2463.17 due by judgment
rendered in the Superior court of Lenoir county, at the Fall term …1869
on two promissorys … Signed AC Davis, Lavinia A. Davis.


27 Mar 1871. - Lenoir Co. deed from Noah Rouse and wife Mary Eliza Rouse to Arretas
Jones se of Duplin County for $1, land NS Neuse R in Bucklesberry (see
description above of land Noah Rouse bought at auction from estate of
Hardy Sutton. This is part of that land). 300 acres.
Signatures missing? look as if they could have been cut or torn out.
Witnesses J.W. Harper.


16 Feb 1870. - Bond from Noah Rouse to Benj. F. Sutton Jr. for $10,000. Condition is
that if Benjamin Sutton pays 3 notes owed to Noah Rouse by 1 Jan 1872,
Noah Rouse will make a good deed to 300 acres of land from the Sutton
tracts described above.

J.M. Mewborn and wife E.A. Mewborn brought suit against Noah Rouse for
settlement of personal estate he holds as guardian of E.A. Mewborn
returnable to Spring term 1870 Superior Court Lenoir County. At fall
term 1870 determined that Mewborns due $4,419.68 from the estate of her
father Obed. Palmer and $250 due from estate of Thomas W. Rouse. Noah
Rouse has guardian notes and confederate bonds to the amount of
$8,822.34. He proposes to pass Mewborns 1/2 of these bonds. Mewborns
agreed to take $1,000 in cash and to allow Noah Rouse to retain for his
own use their interest in said notes and bonds. (In other words, they
sold the notes and bonds to Noah for $1,000 cash).


7 Sept 1871 – Robert D. Hart and Martha A. E. Hart of Granville Co to Noah Rouse of Lenoir Co - $2750 – tract in Lenoir Co adj Joshua J. Herring, Henry Fields, Noah Rouse – 200 acres –
NOTE: - see the deed for details from Benjamin F. Herring and Joshua J Herring to Adran C. Davis – ups think I forgot to copy the deed

Private examination of Martha A E Hart wife of Robert D. Hart regarding
her free consent to a deed. 7 Sept 1871.


14 Nov 1872 - Lenoir Co. deed from James W. Harper and wife Claudia Harper and Martha E. Harper to Noah Rouse for $1, land NS Neuse R. adjoining SW. Scarboro,
James Wood and others, which formerly belonged to the estate of James H. Harper decd. and on his death was set apart and alloted for Mrs. Charlotte Harper the widow of the said James Harper. The interest of the said parties of the first part being the reversionary interest in and to one fourth part of said tract of land..
Signed J.W. Harper, Claudia Harper, Martha E. Harper.
Witnesses John F. Harper.

Enrolled 28 March 1872 Book 40 p 548, 549


Notice of bankruptcy: James Joyner, bankrupt, Pitt Co., Noah Rouse of
LaGrange, creditor in amount of $750. 26 Jan 1874.


26 Mar 1874 - Acknowledgement of estate settlement from Noah Palmer of Baltimore, MD re. guardian, Noah Rouse for payment by Noah Rouse to Noah Palmer of
$7500. Noah Rouse was guardian of Noah Palmer for estates of his father
Obed. Palmer, his grandmother Mary Palmer, and his uncle, Thomas W.
Signed Noah Palmer.
Witness A.J. Loftin.


April 4, 1875. - Lenoir Co. deed from Noah Rouse and wife M.E. Rouse, Jacob P. Harper and wife, A.A. Harper, S.E. Hodges & wife P.S. Hodges, S.I. Wooten &
wife, H. L. Wooten to John F. Harper for $1800, land NS of Neuse R. and
bounded on the S by Neuse R. on the E by the lands of Mrs. C.E. Harper &
James Wood & on the N by the public road leading from S. W. Scarboro to
James Woods being the same now owned and occupied by Mrs. C.E. Harper as
her dower. And the parties of the first part do …agree that they are
lawfully seised of a reversionary interest in an undivided 6/8 interest
in said land proportioned as follows: the said Noah Rouse & wife owning
(3/8) 3 shares, the said J. P. Harper owning (1/8) one share, the said
S.E..Hodges owning (1/8) 1 share, and the said S.I. Wooten owning (1/8)
one share and that they have full power to convey the same
Signed (all parties of first part signed).

Enrolled 25 May 1874 Book 41 p 538
Re-enrolled Book 7


July 25, 1874 - Lenoir Co. deed from Mrs. C.E. Harper to John F. Harper for $1, land NS
Neuse R. and in Bucklesberry Pocosin. Bounded on the W. by James Wood,
on the N. by the lands of Bright Kennedy, and on the E. by the lands of
Wm. Kennedy, Noah Rouse & the dower of Mrs. C.E. Harper. 150 acres
Signed Charlotte E. Harper.
Witnesses J.P. Harper.

Enrolled 15 Dec 1874 – Book 42 p 166


July 28, 1874 - Lenoir Co. deed from J.F Harper to Mrs. C. E. Harper for $1, land same as conveyed above. Condition of deed is that J.F. Harper will pay Mrs.
Harper 60 bales of good merchantable cotton weighting 400 pounds each
due by 6 notes…..
Signed John F. Harper.
Witnesses J.P. Harper.

Oct 27 1874 - Wayne Co. deed from J.P. Harper to Noah Rouse for $1, the same land SS
Neuse R. conveyed to J.P. Harper by Noah Rouse & wife Oct 27, 1874.
Condition is that J.P. Harper is indebted to Noah Rouse in the amount of
72 bales of good merchantable cotton weighing 400 pounds each payable in
6 notes.
Signed J.P. Harper. [Back of deed says Jacob P. Harper].

Dec 8 1877 - Lenoir Co. deed from John F. Harper and Lydia his wife to Noah Rouse for
$5250, One tract of land on NS of Neuse R. bounded on S. by lands of
S.W. Scarboro, on the West by lands of Mrs. C.E. Harper and James Woods,
and on the N. by the public road, being the same conveyed by Noah Rouse
et al to J.F. Harper April 7, 1874. Also one tract conveyed to J.F.
Harper by Mrs. C.E. Harper July 25 1874 the same being left to Mrs. C.E.
Harper by her father Jacob Parrott.
Signed John F. Harper, Lydia Harper.


June 27 1878 - Lenoir Co. deed from J. M. Stadley and wife Lizzie E. Stadley to C.S.
Koonce for $250, land in town of LaGrange on NS of the A&NC. RR. Beginning at the corner of Academy Ave. and James St. containing 8750 square yards.
Signed J.M. Stadley


23 Oct 1878 - Lenoir Co. deed from Henry R. Bryan and Charles M. Busbro? Commissioners to Noah Rouse at auction sale of property of Wm. A. Blount in execution
of suit against him by Wm. Bryce and Co. for $132, land SS of Neuse R.
ab. 2 miles above the town of Kinston on Whateley's Cr. formerly the
property of John C. Washington.2 acres..
Signed Henry R. Bryan,, CM Busbro?.


Additional deed
13 May 1878 – Josiah W. Alridge to Noah Rouse - $50 – corner of Lot 2 & 3 drawn by Susan Aldridge and Mary Aldridge heirs of Thomas Aldridge – ES Groundnut, SS of public road from LaGrange to Lenoir Institute – land conveyed from Joshua Rouse to Josiah Aldridge – 25 Nov 1854 – 6 acres – Josiah md to Susan
signed Josiah W. Aldridge and S. A. Aldridge
WIT C. S. Wooten, Haywood Walters

Susan A. Aldridge examined

To Court 25 Feb 1879
Enrolled 25 Feb 1879 Book 47 p 689 & 681
Re-enrolled Book 7


[Note: the rest of this folder contains insurance policies].

There are 2 more boxes in this collection. Box 2 contains several
folders with insurance policies. There are a few deeds, but they are
dated after 1890. Box 3 contains 3 scrapbooks that are not related to
the Rouse family or to Lenoir County



None of the later deeds refer back to any of the land in instruments above, but there are a couple of undated pieces of paper and they are mostly scraps of paper


Endorse this with deeds to Thos Dawson with all lines and boundaries – 19 – no date
NOTE: Probably an old instrument


Booth Mozingo to John Rouse Jr – Deed of Sale for 200 acres


Richard Aldridge – Lot #2 – 45 acres; Susan Aldridge Lot No 1 – 3? Acres; Mary Herring Lot 3 – 20 acres
NOTE: This appears to go with the deed above from Josiah Aldridge and wife Susan to Noah Rouse


Division of lands of Willis Rouse – lot 1 drawn by Eliza – adj to Lot 2 on Moseley's ditch, Skippers old line, Whitman's Branch
A true Copy – signed Lewis Desmond
NOTE: No further information


Plans of the return of Graddy Herring and Bud ?? Herring land for 12 ½ acres – total of 44 ½ acres


Dobbs Co – Jan Court 1761 – Deeds of sale proven on oath of Alex Skeen – Chas Young Clk – deed appears to be from Theop. Baxter to Thos ?? Rouse – enrolled Dobbs Co


Land description – adj David Priest, Swamp, Groundnut – signed Joshua Rouse
NOTE: All there was


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