Mason Phillips  

Like Mark, we know little about Mason and can prove no children; however,
unlike Mark, we have some clues as to his children. Mary Jane Phillips Matz
probably comes down the Mason line as does Lenore Phillips Smith and between the two
have turned over almost every stone to obtain postive proof without success.
Again the lack of records is the key. We have enough circumstantial evidence to
include some lines although these could be proven wrong with additional
Mason was born in Bristol Parish, Va. on 23 July l728 and was Christened l6
Sept l728. He was the second son of Thomas and Isabelle and may have been named
for his mother's family. He died after the l790 Census.
There are few records for Mason.
l. He was on the Militia List of Craven County in l755 - in James McLlwain's
Company between Craven and Johnston Counties
2. He was on the Tax List of Dobbs County in l780 listed as Mason SR. next to
Mark Phillips JR., Isabella Bruton
3. Petition to join Lenoir County and leave Craven - we find Mason Phillips,
JR as well as Richard, and Thomas Phillips. This definitely proves there was a
younger Mason, but he may not have been Mason Sr's son as he could have been a
He was on the l790 Census report for Dobbs County having 3 males over l8; l
under l8; and 2 females. Also on the Dobbs Report was Benjamin Phillips who lived
next to Mason. We are all in agreement that Benjamin was probably Mason's son,
maybe his oldest son. Lenore Phillips Smith comes down a Benjamin Phillips
line and tradition in that branch says there were three generations of Benjamins.
Mary Jane Phillips Matz comes down Charles Phillips line and since the name
Mason is in every generation up to the present day in this line, we are sure
Charles was a son or grandson of Mason. Charles and his family moved to South
Carolina and then to Clay County, Ky along with numerous other families of Craven
County. In one of the later Census records in Ky we find an old Jeremiah
Phillips who was born in NC. living with members of Charles Phillips' family. This
Jeremiah was of the right age to be the same one listed once or twice in Craven
County and we all agree Jeremiah was probably a son of Mason. Mary Jane thinks
Jeremiah never married and had children, but there is always the possibility he
was the father of Charles.
I am inclined to think Shadrack may have also been a son of Mason instead of
l. Benjamin Phillips - probably has many descendants in Lenoir County
2. Son - maybe Jeremiah or Mason Jr.
a. Charles Phillips - by l770-l775 - d l848 or l849 - md Jemima Hardy -
b c l775 - d l868 - she was a cousin and daughter of John and Mary Phillips
Hardy - their marriage would indicate they were both born in Craven County and
married there - Charles is buried in Owsley Co, Ky (formerly Clay County) farm on
Great Sturgeon Creek, Rockfalls Church, Blackwater Creek, Jackson Ky - Jemima
is buried at Green Hall, Jackson County, Ky, Rockfalls Church - this is Mary
Jane Phillips Matz's line and she has done all the research - her documentation is
from land, Cemetery, Bible records in Clay, Owsley, Jackson, Rockcastle, Ky;
Newberry Co S.C.; Burke, and Buncombe Counties, N.C. - land, tax, jury and Census
a. unide. female in l800 Buncombe Co, N.C. Census - bc l776
b. uniden female in l800 Buncombe Co, N.C. Census - bc l778
c. Mason Phillips - bc l800 - Buncombe Co NC - md Mary Witt
d. Hardy Phillips - bc l804 - Newberry, S.C. - d 7 Nov l885 buried Abner
Cem, Grant, Ky - md Mary Elizabeth McJunkin
e. unident female in l8l0 Census Newberry, S.C. - bc l806
f. Abraham Phillips - b 23 Dec l807 Newberry, S.C. - 29 Oct l898 buried
Rockcastle, Ky - md 23 April l834 to Elizabeth Anglin
l. Mason Leander Phillips - b l8 Jan l855 - d 7 April l937 - buried
Frankfort, Ky - md Nancy Catherine O'Nan - b 3l Oct l860 - d 3l Aug l945 buried
Hoge Station, Jett, Franklin Co, Ky
a. William Mason Phillips - b 2l May l884 - d 9 July l954 in Warren
Co, Ohio - md 2 June l92l to Mary Hazel Frances Spencer - b 3l Jan l896 - d 22
July l979
l. Mary Jane Phillips - b 30 Jan l926 - md/div Matz
g. Bright Phillips - bc l8l0 Newberry, S. C. - d 8 Sept l898 in Powell, Ky
- md Mary Gumm (note - a John Phillips also married a Gumm)
l. Doctor (Dock) Franklin Phillips - b l5 Jun l844 - d l4 Nov l9l6 md
Arrilda Bryant - b l5 June l844 - d l4 Nov l9l6
a. Hayes Phillips - b 27 Feb l879 - d 27 Feb l955 - md Alice Smithers
- b l884
l. Floyd Clay Phillips - b ll June l900 - d l3 Aug l940 - md Hazel
Lena Board - b 23 Aug l905
a. Virginia Anne Phillips - b 20 Oct l926 in Pataskala, Ohio -
md Robert William Beckett - b 9 Sept l924 - they live in Columbus, Ohio
h. Mahulda Phillips - bc l8l3 Newbery, S.C. d l909 - md Elisha Bowman
i. Elizabeth Phillips - bc l8l5 Newberry, S.C. - md 7 Dec l83l to Meredity
Childress Hughes
j. Clarissa Phillips - bc l8l8 in Tenn - d l884 - md John Anglin
k. Pearson Phillips - bc l82l in Tenn - unmarried - buried Rockcastle, Ky
NOTE: The names Abraham, Hardy, Clarissa, are Hardy names - Elizabeth and Mason
are Phillips names. The name Bright is a well known Craven County name and
the Pearsons lived in Craven County, in S.C. and Ky with the Phillips
3. Jeremiah Phillips
4. Shadrack Phillips - may have moved to Duplin County
5. Mason Phillips, Jr.
l. Dobbs - Grant #670 - Issued Nov l0 l784 - Entered 28 Dec l779 - Entry #822 -
Book 57 p 259 - l00 A
Surveyed for Mason Phillips a plantation One Hundred Acres of land in Dobbs
County on the North Side of Loosing Swamp beginning at a pine his own corner runs
No 60E l50 poles to a pine running Simon Griffin line to the said pine in
Joseph Allen's line thence with Allen's line No --- can't read - one hundred and
fifty two poles to a pine in said line thence south forty - can't read - one
hundred eighty poles to a stake in his own line then with his own line to the
John Phillips, Milles Frass ? - Chain Bearers
NOTE: The front page says adjacent to Isaac Pate, Walter Dunn, George Oxley,
and Thomas Phillips - the survey does not mention these
2. Dobbs - #l626 - Grant #47l - Issued l3 Oct l783 - Entered l778 - Entry #222
- Book 50 page 40 - 80 A
Surveyed for Mason Phillips a plantation containing Eighty Acres lands in Dobbs
County on the North side Neuse River. Beginning at an Oak his own corner then
running with his own line - can't read - to a pine his corner then South 30
poles to a White Oak in John Pate's line then with his line - East 76 poles to a
pine then with a contract No 25 2l0 Poles to a pine then with Pate's line No 49
West 46 poles to a pine in his own line then with his own line to the
Front page says beginning on Arthur McCoy's line joining John Pate, Jr.'s line
3. Grant - Book 78 p 4l4 - Entry 563 - Issued 20 Dec l782 - Entered l3 April
l779 - surveyed for Simon Griffin who appears to have sold to Benjamin Phillips
- on the NS of River joining Richard Jones, John Hardy, and Daniel Witherington
- For value received of Benj. Phillips of Lenoir County I Simon Griffin do
hereby assign over all and singular my rights to the Claim demise (?) or interest
of unto the within Warant for one hundred acres of land unto the said Benjamin
Phillips Sr., his heirs and assigns, forever and request the surveyor to lay off
survey and make returns with name of said Phillips given under my hand and
letter 20 July l779. Signed Simon Griffin - Test - ? Holliday - July the 20th l792
- By a warrant No 563, dated the l3th day of April l779. Entered in the late
Dobbs County by Simon Griffin and by him transferred to Benjamin Phillips. I
have surveyed for Benjamin Phillips a tract of land containing one hundred and
ten acre lying in our County of Lenoir late Dobbs. Beginning at a sweet gum near
William Pates land runs south ten east forty poles then to a sweet gum by a
white oak at Pates corner then along Pates line South fifty East seventy poles
then North twenty five East two hundred and ten poles to ? then North forty five
West forty eight poles to a pine at Mason Phillips corner then for forty five
West gain one hundred and forty two poles to or near said Mason Phillips corner
then along his line South thirty East one hundred and fifty poles then along
hiss other line then to the begining. Chain bearers were Simon Griffin and John

Interesting facts from Mary Jane placed here because we think she comes down
l. Mason Jr. - signed a petition to put part of Craven Co into Pitt Co
2. There was a Mason and a Shadrack Phillips in Anderson, S.C. in l820 - There
was also a Mason in either Illinois or Indiania
3. There was a Woodson Phillips on Great Sturgeon Creek in Clay County Ky.
Some of these families appear to have moved from Dobbs to S. C. to Clay County
together including Revo War John Phillips
NOTE: Mary Jane - who was the Rev War John?

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