Phillips Family of Greene County  

From Roger Kammerer and used with his permission.

Roger's Records - NC STAR - 29 Sept 1826 - Joseph Williams and Martha Hooker vs Heirs of Law of Gabriel and Olief Phillips dec, Greene Co - Aug Term 1826 - Henry H. Phillips, William Phillips, Joseph I. Phillips, Kinchen Phillips, Smith Phillips, Wiley Phillips heirs at law of Gabriel and Olief Phillips dec.

I have received a query on this family some months ago

From: "mickey r. phillips"
To: <>
Subject: Phillips Family
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 12:06:49 -0600

Good Morning, my name is Mickey Phillips and I live in Holly Pond, Alabama. I understand that you are the expert on Phillips' who migrated from Lenoir Co., NC and the surrounding area. I am stonewalled at Henry Kinchen Phillips. Henry's family came to Elbert County, Ga prior to the spring of 1827. Henry stated on all census records in Georgia that he was born in NC. I just don't know where. Before I bore you to tears but give you enough info, I found an inferior court record for the spring term of 1827 stating Henry K. and James Phillips sons of William Phillips (deceased) choose Thomas Haynes as legal guardian. He had to post a $1,000 bond and a Wiley Phillips witnessed it. Do you know anything about a William Phillips that may have migrated to the Elbert/Hart/Franklin area of Georgia. William's wife must have already been dead prior to or immediately after the migration. William was not in the 1820 Elbert Census, I saw a William Phillips listed in the Lenoir 1820 census who was not there in the 1830 census. I believe that William could have been a relative of a J. Thomas Phillips of your area. I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time but any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

May God Bless and Keep You,

Mickey Phillips

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