James Miles Jackson Kearney, b. 10-16-1869 (2-15-1927), son of Thomas and Clarky Radford Kearney, married Cornelia Goff, b. 1876, daughter of John and Smithy Fields Goff. The Miles part of his name was after his Uncle Miles Radford but I do not have any history on the Jackson part. He was the fifth child of eight born to Thomas and Clarkey. James is buried in the "Thomas Kearney Cemetery " on Greene Co. Rd. #1206.


1. John Thomas Kearney, b. 12-5-1891 (8-2-1931), md. Eunice Grimes.
2 Minnie Lee, b. 7-19-93 (10-5-13), md. Andrew Taylor. Grave, T. Kearney Ceme.
3 James Franklin Kearney, b. 1899, Md. Myrtie.
4 Suddie Kearney , b. 1-18-1903, Md. Walter Grant, son of Charlie & Martha Grant. (Suddie died at age 20, baby Sudie May died 7-5-l923. Grave, T. Kearney Ceme. )
5 Joseph Stephen Kearney, b 12-24-1908, md. Edna Sumnrell.
6 Annie Kearney, b. 1915, md. Guy Davis
7 Nina Kearney, b. 1913, md. Roland David Whitley
8 David Kearney, b. 1918, md. Izez Smith, daughter of Arthur Smith.
9 Eddie Kearney, b. ? , md. Clifton Davis


John (Johnny) was a farmer and he and Unice had four children . Unfortunately Johnny accidentally shot himself when his older sons were teenagers. Unice later married Sam Grant and had two more children. (The account of that incident as told to me by one of his sons). Seems he was quiet fond of guns, was known to use them in a careless and reckless manner from time to time. A few days prior to his death he had loaned the gun to a neighbor and the neighbor apparently returned it loaded. Unice had placed it under the bed, away from clear view, she thought, but Johnny spotted it from the door as he entered the room. He sat down on the bed, reached under the bed and pulled the gun by the barrel and swung it around hitting the stock on the floor and the discharge hit Johnny in the chest under the right arm. In 1931 the nearest neighbor with a car was about a mile away and Johnny died before Dr. Whittington , from Snow Hill, N.C. could reach him.

1. John Thomas (Jake) Kearney, Jr., b. 9-9-1917 (5-2-1995) md. Fannie Lee Frazier 3 -16-1917, dau. of Joseph Wm. & Winnie Harris Frazier.
1A. Dora Louise, (6-21-1935)
1B. Eunice, md. William Ray Sauls , (2-14-1991) son of Jesse Joseph & Essie Mae Hill Sauls.
    1B1 Thomas Ray Sauls, md. Debra Taylor
       1B1A Thomas Brandon Sauls
    1B2 Debra Kay, md. Randy Sullivan, 2nd. M.G. Ginn, Sr.
       1B2A Mark Allen Sullivan (died at 6 weeks, crib death)
       1B2B Roger Sullivan
       1B2C Michael Gene Ginn, Jr.
1C Jo Ann, md. Frank Tillman, son of Paul & Altuna Evans Tillman
    1Cl Frankie Jo, md. Sam Korschum.
    1C2 Joseph Franklin, Jr.
1D Winnie Jean, md. V. Hadly Bartlett, son of B.L. & Marie Gray Bartlett.
    1Dl Vickie Lynn Bartlett, md. Greg Littleton
       1DlA Alex Littleton
       1D1B Mitchell Littleton
    1D2 Michael Thomas
1E Brenda Kay, md. Linwood Sauls, son of Linwood & Essie Hill Sauls.
    1El Carol Nanette, md. Mike Smith
       1E1A Jonathan Smith
       1E1B Hannah Smith
    1E2 Kay Lynnette, md. Blair Tyndall
       1E2A Cullynn Blair Tyndall (Son)
1F Linda Faye, b. Feb. 12, 1947, md. Edward Honrince, Sr.
    1F1 Edward Lee, Jr. b. July 9, 1968
    1F2 Timothy Scott, b. July 3, 1972, md. Traacy Hales
       1F2A Taylor Lynn Honrine, (Dau)
2. Warren Harding Kearney, b. Aug. 6, 1921, md. Alma Marie Chase(WW11 Vet.)
2A Evelyn Carol, md. Gerald Roger Eason, Sr., 2nd. Donald Pearnell
    2A1 Gerald Roger Eason, Jr. , md. Melody Hawmond
    2A2 Joseph Ray, md. Wanda
2B John Harding Kearney, md. Gail
2C Connie Elaine Kearney, md. Edward Earl Best 2n Oroin Dunkin
    2Cl Sharner
2D. Keith Edward Kearney, md. Sherry Deans, 2nd. Michell Kornegay
2E Jerry Glen, md. Cathy
3. James David (Reuben) Kearney, b. 1919, md. Mary (Lady) Edmundson
3A Reuben Earl, . (Killed auto acci. May 4, 1962)
3B Faye Kearney, b. ? md. Donald Wade, son of Claude & Celia Kearney Wade.
3C Patsy Kearney, md. ?Newcomb.
4. Raymond W. Kearney b. 7-8-1926, md. Mildred Reaves b. 6-19-1927 1st., Kathleen Jett b. 11-8-1927 2nd., Carol Jean Packard b. 3-7-1948 3rd.
4A Ernestine Kearney, (Mildred)
4B Donnie Ray, (Mildred)
4C Raymond W. Kearney, Jr. (Kathleen) (Raymond was ordained as a Minister of the Gosple in 1948)
5. Mary Elizabeth Grant, md. Robert Carraway
6. Mavis (Rudene) Grant, md. Dockery.

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