Albertson/Gosby, Sutton/Austine & Sutton/Nicholson Marriages

Marriage Records of Albemarle District, 1668-1679

File contributed by Col. Eric Walden -

Old Albemarle County, NC
Perquimans Precinct
Birth, Marriages, Deaths & Flesh Marks
by Weynette Parks Haun

Desemb: the 5th 1679

Cornelias Lerry & Mary Bently was maried by Mr. Thomas Gordon minister of gospell the 28th of Septem. 1679

Robert Harmon & Elizabeth Freeman was __ the 20th? (or 26th?) of March 1669

Roger Chastone & Elizabeth Cowley was maried the 5th of Maye 167_ (torn)

Thomas Harloe & Elizabeth Chaston was maried the 26 of January 1672

Robert Inkerson & Elizabeth (Chaston marked through) Harloe the 22 of Novemr: 16_ (torn)

Nathanell Suton & Deborah Astine was married by Mr: Babb Mini_ (torn) of the gospell at Nantimuns in Virginia the 12th of Augst 1668

William Rose (Vose?) & Martha Haris was maried by Mr: Taylor Minister _ the gospell 3th? (or 13th?) of Aprill 1669

Alburt Alburtson & Mary Gosbey w_ (torn) 25 (24-25) of Desember 1668

William Foster & Dianah Harris (torn) maried by Mr: Taylor (blank) 1675

James Morgan & Jane Knea was maried by a magst _ (torn) Mary Land the 12th of October 1673

James Hog the son of John Hog of Yorksheare in (torn) and Ane Kent ye daughter of Thomas Kent and (torn) wife late of this county was maried by Left. (torn) the tenth of June 1679

Stephen Hankok the son of Roger Hankok & (torn) wife of Dorsit Sheare in England & Margarett (torn) daughter of John Drak & Mary his wife weare (torn) maried by Mr: Will: Nelson minister of the gospel (torn) 22th of Desember 1673

Joseph Sutton the son of George Suton & Sarah late of this (torn) & Deliverance Nickolson the daughter of Christopher Nick_ (torn) Hanah his wife of New Ingland weare maried the first (torn) _?

Mr: William Therill of this county & Mrs: Joan Godfrey weare (torn) by Mr: Wood the 2nd: of Desembr: 1676

Mr: William Therill & Mrs: Ann Cooke weare maried (torn) the 12 of July 1677

Nathanull Bagster the son of Roger Bagster and Elizabet_ (torn) relick of John Sinkler late of this county weare mareid by (torn) Gordon the 25th: of Aprill 1679

Richard Bently & Lidia Mann (torn) the 3 of July 1677 by Mr: John Wood

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