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We have gathered a few resources here for you, whether you are looking for Published Resources, Research Assistance, or a way to share your hard work on the web, you can find the help you are looking for here.

The Lenoir County Historical Association has two wonderful books for sale. These books are sure to please both the family researcher and anyone who has an interest in Lenoir County, NC. Proceeds from the sales of Coastal Plain and Fancy and also The Heritage of Lenoir County will be used to help with the painting & maintenances of Harmony Hall.

The Descendants of Owen Dogharty

In 1985, when I donated a kidney to my sister, we found out that our mother and father shared an ancestor. That’s not an uncommon thing in some families, but I had never heard it before in ours. In sleuthing to find William Phelps, nine generations back in Virginia, I became “hooked” on genealogy.

Thirty years later and after I had retired from my teaching career, the outcome of that addiction was my book, The Descendants of Owen Dogharty, which came out in July 2015. This nearly 1200-page, leather-bound book traces the Daugherty-Daughety family from 1656 to today.

It begins with an accounting of all the Dochartaigh castles in Ireland and an explanation of the coat of arms and clan motto. Then it tells the story of Owen Dogharty I coming to Norfolk County, Virginia, in 1673 and his son Owen Daugharty II inheriting from him in 1712. It continues as Owen Daughety III and many of his brothers, uncles, and cousins migrate to Craven County, North Carolina, in 1742.

The majority of the book recounts the generations descending from Owen III’s 10 children by two wives. It was his first family—Owen IV, Richard, Susannah, Elizabeth, and Sarah—who each received a farm in the Sand Hill area as he portioned out his wealth in 1762, before his second family grew too large. By his death in 1785, he had only one farm to leave to his oldest son by his second wife. That is probably the reason that Robert sold it to his middle brother Ephraim, who remained in Craven County, while Robert, Daniel, Holland, and Reuben migrated to Kentucky. Ephraim appears to be the ancestor of those people in Craven County who spell their name “Daugherty” today, while Owen IV and Richard are the ancestors of those in Lenoir County who use the “Daughety” spelling.

The book includes hundreds of pictures, maps, and charts. And each chapter ends with stories that family members themselves have shared.

Donna Hart -

SURNAME INDEX to Creech's History of Greene County, N.C.

I've just finished a surname index to Creech's History of Greene Co., N.C.
56 pgs., approx. 2000 names. Index is bound with front and back covers.
Index may be ordered from:
Mike Edge
333 Hwy 58 S
Snow Hill,N.C. 28580
Index, $18.00 S & H included
Mike Edge -

Concerning Hofmann's "North Carolina Abstracts of State Grants" series...

Volume One contains Grant Book 28 through Grant Book 33
Volume Two contains Grant Book 34 through Grant Book 38

The web site for Mrs. Hofmann is This site has a list of all Mrs. Hofmann's books as well as books she sells for other people. She also has a toll free phone line which is 800-455-8891

There are several counties covered in each Grant Book. This is a partial quote from George Stevenson, Private Manuscripts Archivist, North Carolina State Archives dated October 13, 1998 (from the General Introduction to the State Grants books): "In the three hundred year history of the land office the volumes have been numbered and renumbered and the loose papers rearranged more than once.

The final arrangement and renumbering were put into numbered "shuck" files and a comprehensive grantee card index was made for all the volumes and the loose papers. Consequently, though Mrs. Hofmann has commenced with the lowest numbered state grant book, L.G.B.28, and has continued on with each succeeding volume, one is going to find whole blocks junior grants appearing before their seniors.

It cannot be helped, for the books can no longer be restored to their correct order without pulling to pieces the whole apparatus of numbered volumes, shucked files, and comprehensive card index. In the end, as Mrs. Hofmann publishes her abstracts with their personal and geographical name indexes, the awkwardness of the present numbering system will be overcome by her work.


I've just completed my new Pearce book that includes bunches of other families, like Foy, Whitfield, McCoy, Hardison, Grimes, etc. It's basically my line of Pearces from out of Duplin as they crossed the border into Pender. Been researching it now for gobs and gobs of time... found a good publisher that can do it as a download (Ebook) or as a printed book. Can order it online. Really cool system. Anyhow, just wanted to let you know it was available now. Link:

Good luck searchin'!
Baylus Brooks

Kay Ogle, a member of HGS, has produced an excellent new Westview Cemetery Book that you might want to include on the Lenoir site. It has over 7500 names, indexed, cemetery map and photos that were on tombstones. The book can be ordered from:
Kay Ogle
480 Mt. Zion Rd.
Moncure, N.C. 27559
919-545-0813 email:
Book is $40.00 + $5.00 S & H
Also available on CD, without photos for $10.00 S & H included.

"GOODING and Allied Families" Vol. I by Ann Kahn

The GOODING name includes GOODAN/GOODEN/GOODIN/GOODHAM/GOODING/GORDING/GODEN & GODIN, variations. Featured counties include Chowan, Craven, Jones & Lenoir, N.C.
Chapter I is the documentation section: i.e.: Name Origin, N.C.; development, census, tax & estates.
Chapter II: "Our Orphan Girls" and their grandfather John GOODING; GOODING families & allied families of ADAMS, LANE, LOFTIN & KILPATRICK families are included throughout the book. 245 pages, maps, family pictures, UDC lineage papers and indexed.
Price: $40, includes shipping & tax.
Please send check or money order to: Ann KAHN
P. O. Box 3416
Sebring, Fl. 33871-3416
E-mail: if you have questions.

Chronicles of Pitt County, North Carolina-Volume II

Intended as a supplement to Volume I published in 1982 and reprinted in 2003. Projected publication date winter of 2004 - 2005. The Pitt County Historical Society invites Pitt County citizens, former residents, and those with Pitt County ancestors to record family histories in the Chronicles of Pitt County, North Carolina-Volume II. The book will contain the same features as Volume I-new or updated information on Pitt County communities and organizations, new family histories and photographs not included in Volume I, an index, and a list of names and addresses of contributors.

This second book of Chronicles will resemble Volume I with a handsome 9 x 12-inch hardbound black cover embossed with a gold seal, and the pages will be printed on archival-grade paper. Because of anticipated publication costs, the book will be limited to approximately 500 pages.

Since this is a limited-edition book, only those who order and pay in advance are guaranteed to receive a copy.

Complete the order form to guarantee receiving one or more copies of Chronicles-Volume II. Detail Instructions and Order Form can be printed from Diane's great Pitt County Web Site: and II/Chronicles.htm

Chronicles of Pitt County Committee
Pitt County Historical Society
307 Queen Anne's Road
Greenville, NC 27858

For ordering information on both Volume I and Volume II, click on Diane Mason's Treasure-Trove of PITT Co. NC Genealogical Resources: or contact me, Jewelle Baker, include your 'snail-mail-address' and I will mail you the Pitt County Historical Society's Brochure with all pertinent instructions.

Dear Cousins and Friends,
Finally, after what seems like forever, Eloise and I are now in the position of being able to offer prepublication sales of our book on Chesnutts, entitled THE CHESNUTT FAMILY OF SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA; Descendants of Alexander Chesnutt of Isle of Wight County, Virginia 1685-2003

For those of you for whom I have e-mail addresses, I am forwarding this notice and link to the web site as prepublication notification and book information flyer review and copy. This is in lieu of the hard copy, snail mail flyer. Please go to the following web site for more information about the book and the prepublication

When responding to this notice, please e-mail me directly and not to the List. This will keep everyone from having to deal with multiple copies of the same e-mail. My e-mail address is

Onslow Register (covers Jones Co) - two Volumes - by Roger Kammerer. Price $25 per volume. Send to Roger Kammerer, 1115 Ragesdale Road, Greenville, NC 27858

These books are a collection of genealogical information for Onslow and Jones Counties and have been out of print for a number of years and are a must for anyone researching in these counties. They include references from Bibles, Wills, NC Supreme Court Cases, cemeteries, Rev. War Records, biographies, obits, and M, D, and B records from old newspapers.

ORMOND NEWSLETTER - I am now publishing a newsletter on the Ormond/Ormand/Orman/Ormon family. I have put out volume I, number 1, 2003 (there will only be one issue) and am taking subscriptions ($10.00 per year) for 2004. I will be publishing quarterly. I plan to publish information on all the Ormond families including the eastern North Carolina family. Perhaps some of your web group might be interested in a subscription. For my address and additional information, please contact me at:
I also remind everyone that I have an Ormond web page and it has been recently updated --

Southampton County, Virginia Court Order Book 8 June 1749-14 June 1750 by Sloan S. Mason -

Price: $25, includes postage and shipping if in U.S. Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping
Mail check or money order to:
Sloan Mason
125 Durham Dr.
Fayetteville, Ga. 30214

Green County Books from Greene County Museum

Books by Dr. A. B. PRUITT

"This BRYAN Family" - The BRYAN Family, immigrated to Isle of Wight Co.,Va., then to eastern N.C.; then to old Barnwell District, S.C. (now Allendale Co., S.C.) From John BRYAN, Sr; Lewis BRYAN, Sr., Lewis BRYAN, Jr.; William & Simon BRYAN, RS, dow to the 1900's. Smaller amounts on a few families that married into the BRYAN family after they arrived in S.C. (HUMPHREYS, DEWEES, COLDING). A lot of records of the BRYAN family in old Barnwell District, S.C. and Screven Co., GA.; including the descendancy through the families that the women married into.

"This BRYAN Family" by Judith Presnell Canant. Third Edition-2003
Published by
Canant Publishers
Lakeland, Polk Co., Florida
Hendersonville, Henderson Co.,N.C.
Printed by Staples, S. Lakeland, Fla.

This third edition is $35.00 & 525 pages.
For insurance, add $1.30

Craven County, N.C. Will Books, Vol.1-1708-1789. This book has about 21 pages of deeds from 1708-1715 which were recorded in the will book. Then the rest of the volume is Wills from 1784-1789.

Vol 2-1789-1796 - These are complete wills, not abstracts, with full name indexes in the back of each book. The books are $12.00 each. with $3.00 shipping charge per order (not per book). You can order from:
Emma Willia/Nathan Dowdy
1977 Williams Lane
Mayfield, Ky. 42066

We will be putting out some other Craven Co. books in the near future, deed books and County Court Minutes.
Emma Willis/Nathan Dowdy -

THRESHOLD OF FREEDOM by Cliff Tyndall presents life on the eastern front of NC's Civil War

I just finished Cliff Tyndall's new book, "Threshold of Freedom: Lenoir County, NC, During the Civil War". This book will rivet the attention of anyone who has an interest in either the history of Lenoir County or the history of this nation's greatest cataclysm.

The book's foundation was the thesis Tyndall wrote for his Master of Arts degree in 1981 while he was a graduate student at East Carolina. Since that time, he has updated his research, added illustrations, and included a roster of Lenoir County men who fought during the Civil War. More than 550 men from Lenoir County fought; 112 died.

Tyndall begins "Threshold" with facts about Lenoir County from the 1860 census. For those of you who may have forgotten, the Civil War was waged from 1861 through 1865. Tyndall uses the 1860 information to sketch Lenoir County before war ripped our state and nation. Tyndall also provides a detail bibliography that includes all of the primary sources he used, such as diaries, papers and letters from soldiers and officials who lived through the Civil War. He provides information about government documents, memoirs, regimental histories, and information from newspapers and magazines of the period.

This book, available at The Book Depot ($14.00 plus tax) and from the Lenoir County Historical Association ($15.00, tax included), should be in the home of every resident of Kinston and Lenoir County interested in their heritage and history.
Book Depot
4109 W. Vernon Ave
Kinston, N.C. 28501
(252) 527-9663

History of Green Co., N.C. by James Creech. Price $50
Order from:
Greene Co. Arts & Historical Society
P.O. Box 266
Snow Hill, N.C. 28580

MY WIFE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS by Mike Parker, columnist for The Free Press

A local writer (author of Devil's Brew), Keith Spence, wrote a review of the book which is a collection of 80 columns.

You'll laugh and you'll cry all right. Sometimes at the same time. MY WIFE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS, a collection of newspaper columnist Mike Parker's best work, is a pure delight from start to finish. Parker's musings on family, marriage, politics, sports; indeed, the joys and tribulations of everyday life, are alternately poignant and hilarious. Parker's take on his home life with wife Sandra and their four children will often have you hyperventilating with laughter (and, those of you who are parents, smiling knowingly). But be careful when Parker talks about his grandchildren. You just might saturate the pages with tears. Parker's views on politics and current events will have you nodding in agreement, and wondering why his common sense ideas are so difficult for those in local, state, and national government to grasp. MY WIFE HAS ALL THE ANSWERS is a book for the ages. Mike Parker has put together a manual of universal truth that will be just as amusing and topical 20 years from now as it is today.

The book is available from Book Depot in Kinston for $12.99 plus shipping.

Reprint - "History of Green Co., N.C." by James Creech
Price $50
Order from:
Greene Co. Arts & Historical Society
P.O. Box 266
Snow Hill, N.C. 28580

The Early Records of North Carolina Series
Regional North Carolina
Civil War and more
Author - Stephen E. Bradley, Jr

Author - Ray Rouse

They Didn't Bring Ice on Sunday

A story of one man's memoirs of his life through the Depression, WWII and living in Kinston, NC. It is full of details, "folksy yarns and corny jokes", and especially humor.

Cost - $25 plus $2 shipping
Checks should be made out to Ray Rouse and sent to Ray Rouse
1511 Sutton Drive, Kinston, NC 28501

Maplewood Cemetery Book of Lenoir County

Now available for shipment, Book is softbound and has a main index and also an index listing maiden names of females when available. Also has African American listings. This is the oldest city owned cemetery in Lenoir County and dates back to around 1860.

The book can be purchased by sending a check or money order for
$40.00 plus $3.90 for shipping.
Make check payable to:
James Armor
2179 Jonestown Road
Deep Run, NC 28525