William Holliday Will, 1835  

Last Will and Testament of HOLLIDAY, William Sr.

Wife: NANCY, any privilege she may need to support herself and family on any part of my land not divided to be sold during her life or widowhood and no longer. lends her negro slaves Elijah, Noel, Phillis, Sarah, Olief, negro girl Cale, negro boys Nat and Jacob, plus food type items and stock not hereafter divided.

Daughter: S.W.S. BRIGHT , lands bought of Daniel and Sylvanus JONES abt. 450 acres. after wifes death or marriage all the negroes shall be divided into three parts and Sarah W. S. BRIGHT gets two shares and the other third to son Thomas HOLLIDAY
Son: Samuel HOLLIDAY, one negro man, bees, remnant of money he has from sale of Jacob and Peter
Son: William HOLLIDAY, abt 270 acres providing he comes to Greene County on or before 1 March 1853. If he does not return by then the tract of land shall be equally divided between grandchildren, Ann Elizabeth Titus HOLLIDAY, dau of Titus HOLLIDAY, deceased and Sarah Frances Eliza DARDEN, dau of Wm. A. DARDEN
Granddaughter: Ann Elizabeth Titus HOLLIDAY, negroes Anarchy, Maria, Mely,
Granddaughter: Sarah Frances Eliza DARDEN, negroes Mary and Beady.
Son: Thomas HOLLIDAY, lands descended to me by the death of John HOLLIDAY, the remnant of land that heretofore devised, give (sic) to me by my father Samuel HOLLIDAY, The remnant of land not heretofore devised in the lands purchased by me from Richard L. TYSON; also the remnant not devised in a patent granted to me for thirty acres as reference to the different titles will show containing 600 acres more or less, negro slaves, AGG, Cherry, and Jack, her children, Caesar, Daniel and Edmund.
Sarah W. BRIGHT , Thomas HOLLIDAY and wife Nancy to divide equally the following negroes, Abraham, Jo, Old Caesar, Patiene and Charlotte.Sarah to receive 2 parts, Thomas and Nancy one part each
"I will and devise that all my lands lying in the county of Duplin, containing about four hundred acres, be surveyed and sold by my executors and credit of one or two yeas also the lands I purchased of Sylvestor Brown and known as the Dail Place, containing one hundred and ninety three acres, also the lands I purchased at Sheriff's sale as the property of Mary E. BRIGHT and all the lots I own in Snow Hill on the same credit. I also will that all the balance of my property, of every description not heretofore devised, be sold by my executors on a credit of six months, out of the profits of which and the debts due to me, I wish all my just debts to be paid and the balance to be divided into six parts, of which Sarah W.S. BRIGHT shall be entitled to two chares, and the balance equally divided between my wife, NANCY, Samuel HOLLIDAY, Frances GARLAND, wife of Josiah GARLAND, andThomas HOLLIDAY.
executors sons John and Thomas HOLLLIDAY
signed and sealed 30 July 1832

(Greene co wills film 1571510 at LDS Family History Center abstracted by Patty Day )

CODICIL TO THE WILL OF William Sr. HOLLIDAY , (original will written 1832)
land lent to Wm. HOLLIDAY if he should retun by March 1853, be divided into three equal parts, the lines running east and west, and my daughter Sarah BRIGHT to have two shares and my son Thomas HOLLIDAY one share of said land. negro man Read given as the land to Wm., now to be "disposed of in the same way as negroes Abraham, Jo, Caesar, Patience, andCharlotte.
Negro girl Charlotte be disposed of and held in the same way and under the same restrictions by my granddaghter Ann Elizabeth Titus HOLLIDAY as negroes Anica and Mariah heretofore given to her by my last will and testament- negroes given to my granddaughter Sarah Frances Eliza DADEN,viz. Mary, Lucinda (a child of Mary born since the sealing of the will) and Beady I wish to be disposed of as negroes Abraham, Jo, Old Caesar, and Patience.
in addition to the executors named in the original will, Sarah BRIGHT is also appointed. signed William HOLLIDAY 11 Aug 1835
J.S. Hanks
(Greene co wills film 1571510 at LDS Family History Center abstracted by Patty Day )
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