John Bright Descendants Continued  

Contributed by Rose Parks

Generation No. 4

11. SARAH4 HERRING (MARY3 BRIGHT, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1750 in Lenoir CountyNorth Carolina, and died Bef. 1820 in Lenoir County, North Carolina. She married GERSHAM WIGGINS Abt. 1767 in Dobbs County, North CArolina, son of JOHN WIGGINS and MARGARET. He was born Abt. 1738, and died Bef. 1820 in Lenoir County, North Carolina.

1750-after 1820

Found in Box SS312 Secretary of State (NC) Court Records and also in Box of Misc. Slave papers (a typed transcript is there plus written copy) also noted as #3794, original mentioned they were in Box SS314. A deposition and examination of Sarah Wiggins, wife of Gurshum Wiggins taken at Dobbs County the 12th of April 1772.

NC Archives Box DSCR 206.326.1
That about three years ago Will, a negro fellow belonging to her father Benjamin Herring came to her house and asking several questions about one Gibbs and Curtis and some others, pulled out a bottle with some Rum in it and ask her to drink ot it. She refused several times but was at last prevaied to drink some and that after she had drink of it she found herself stranglely sick and ask him what kind of rum it was and he answered it was not for any but his friends. Sometime after that he came with another bottle and got her to drink it under the pretence of curing her of what she drank before and it had an odd taste and she ask him what was in it and he answered herbs and it had such an effect on her that it caused her head be as though she was drunk and took away her senses. He ask whether any person had used her ill and said if they had he could make them love her better than ever they did. That he at different times gave her some liquid to drink which always deprived her of her senses, and by that means had carnal knowledge of her body. That after he had begot the first child on her body he threatened that if any person would or did talk about it he would say or do something that would hurt them and she understood that he would poison them because he said he had seen people poison one another and that he could poison others himself and that she verily believes he knows how to poison anyone and she was afraid if she disoblidged him, he would poison her, that she thinks Higgotty Martin looking so poorly and sickley of late proceeds from something the said Will had done or gave to him. That the said Will told her if ever she turned against him he would do something to her that would kill or otherwise destroy her---- and that the said Will by behaving in the manner above mentioned had Carnal Knowledge of her divers times and was the father of her last child and that he told her he had a good will to go try Lanoy Wiggens for he could lye with the best of women if he tryed
them and that they talked of that, that was nothing.... for he could go
to her sister Dorcus and serve her as he had this deponant, that the said Will told her that he had carnal knowledge of her, afterwards which he denied, and said he would have done it if she had not desired her not. signed Sarah Wiggins by her mark.

Before Benjamin Caswell, JP in presence of James Glasgow and Simon Bright, Jr. ESQRS.


On the 11th April 1772 Dobbs County, NC Nehemiah Wise for wife Ann (Dobbs Co), John Hull and Joseph Ratliff of same, personally appeared before Benjamin Caswell. Nehemiah Wise for his wife in sum of 500 pounds proclamation money and the sum of 250 pounds each for Hull and Ratcliff, each to be _____of their goods and chattles, land and tenement respectively.

To this use of our said Lord and King his heirs and successors on condition the said Ann Wise shall make her personal appearance before Chief justice next Court date 11 May next, then and there to give evidence in behalf of our said Lord the King against Sarah Wiggins, wife of Gersham Wiggins on charges of suspicion of having murdered her own infant child then this recognizance to be....otherwise to remain in full force. Benjamin Caswell Justice of Peace


In New Bern District Court Minutes May 1772 " The King vs Sarah Wiggins: Murder, The 12 jurors listed were Impaniled and sworn say the defendant is not guilty". In NC Archives New Bern Court Misc. Records Box DSCR.206.928.3


1738-before 1820

The name Gershom is a child of Moses and Zipporah, meaning" a stranger (or alien) in a strange land" Exodus 2:21 and 18:2-3.

Since Gersham Sr. and Jr. are both listed in the Johnston County militia in 1755 and the usual age for being included was 18-45 (changed some from year to year, set by the Colonial Assembly) this earliest grant evidently applied for by Gersham, Sr., born about 1710. This one must have died before the 1769 date listed in N.C. Taxpayers or not be in North Carolina, but all the county Records, except for Grantee Index, from 1746-1880 were destroyed in the fires of Lenoir County Courthouse. Gersham, Uncle of this one, is not listed in the reconstructed grantor index so any change of ownership would have been to family.

Gersham, son of John, was listed in his Uncle George Wiggins will in 1749 to receive 70 acres on the lower end of George's grant and his son John the other 200.

In 1778 Gersham was granted 270 more acres on both sides of Falling Creek.

He is on the 1810 census of Lenior County, but not listed on the 1820 index.

Deed Book 5 page 237 Johnston County, NC has the first entry for Gersham Wiggins buying from Major Croom in 1758, Book 11 page 354 Dobbs County Gersham buys from Henry Goodman 1779, Book 14 page 450 Gersham buys from Riddick Hunter page 450 before 1791. He also buys from Benjamin Ruggin pg 451 same year and sells to Bryan Whitfield Book 13 pg. 468 (between 1784-1789) (Lenoir County). He buys more in 1803 and 1805, then in 1805 and 1806 Gersham sells 3 plots to John and 2 to James. The 1806 date is last time Gersham is mentioned in the Deed Index.

James, John, George and Jesse all buy from James Bell between 1810 and 1814. This is the last time James is mentioned. He probably sold his land before leaving North Carolina but this is only a Grantee (buyer) index.

Gersham and John Jr. are both listed on 1790 Dobbs Co. NC census on page 136. Gersham shows 3 M over 16, 3 females and 3 slaves. John shows 1 M over 16, 3 M under 16 and 2 females.

1800 Lenoir Co. (same as Dobbs) list Gersham and John (Jr.) page 26

Gersham shows 1 M over 45, 1 M 26-45 and 1 M 16-26. We know his son James was born 1773 so he is 27 years old. 1 F over 45, 1 F 26-45 and 1 F 10-16. John has 1 M under 10, 1 M 10-15 and 1 M 26-45,2 F under 10, and 1 F 26-45.

1810 Lenoir Co. census includes two George's, Sarah, and W. John, page 291; One George listed is 26-45, not married and son of Gersham? Sarah is the wife of John who previously had been listed in Craven Co. John died in 1803, leaving a will. The other George and John are John and Sarah's sons. Gersham and John page 288 and James page 290. Gersham and wife both over 45 (no others in home) but 6 slaves. James is the one born 1773. The 1810 census for Craven County is missing.

In 1804 the county line between Craven and Lenoir is moved causing some Wiggins previously in Craven to now be listed in Lenoir.

1820 Lenior County list George, James, Jr. and Jesse page 7; Aaron, James Sr. and Thomas page 8; Caleb and Robert page 11. Caleb is son of John and Sarah (John died 1803 and Sarah on 1810 census) and the George, Robert and Aaron are his sons. In a community in that time, Sr. and Jr did not mean father and son, only that two of same name resided, and Sr. noted the older one. Jesse has not been proved in the family yet. It seems as close as all these appear to live to each other, there is some kinship?

Entries of Claims for land in Dobbs 1778-1790 by Wm L. Murphy Book 1 (242)247 January 31 1778 Gershom Wiggins 270 acres Dobbs on both sides Falling Creek, Joining Wm Barwicks, Wm. Aylors (or Alyn) and Major Crooms line. This was surveyed or finalized 10 November 1784, Book 1

Major Crooms got a 400 acre grant same year and mentions he is joining John Wiggins, Gershom Wiggins and James Parker.

22 March 1787 Spencer Caldwell granted 80 acres in Dobbs N. side of Neuse River on Stirrup Creek joining John Wiggins.

Gersham also was granted 72 acres in Lenoir county 25 March 1793 Book 78 page 427.

Tax Records for NC show a Mick Wiggins and Thomas Wiggins in Dobbs County in 1779. Who are they?

THE PATRIOTS AT MOORES CREEK BRIDGE by B.G. Moss, says this battle was a deciding factor at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. This took place 27 February 1776. The British planned to use the Carolina Loyalist to overthrow the rebellious government but this did not work. Mr. Moss and other historians have discovered many things about this battle which was not previously known. He has tried to establish a list of those participating. He list "Gorshum Wiggins of Dobbs County, served under Capt. Jesse Cobb and Col Richard Caswell. These two officers participated in the battle and Wiggins was possibly in the encounter. Papers, V, 15."

The National Archives has said they have no information on this man. This spelling or alternate spellings, but it is still possible he was there, as many papers have been lost.

St. Phillips Parish Records, Barbados, shows that a Gershom Wiggon, son of George and Christia Wiggon was baptised 20 March 1681. There are other Wiggins listed in these Barbados records.

On the 1780 Tax List for Dobbs County, NC, Gershom is shown with vlue of $1,013 andliving in Taylor District near La Grange and Institute

Only a grantee index is extant for Lenoir till after 1880. It shows that Book 5 pg. 237 Major Croom sold to Gersham between 1757-1758

Book 9 pg. 113 Gersham sells to Benjamin Hardy 1771-1773 Dobbs
Book 11 page 354 Gersham bought from Henry Goodman in 1779 Dobbs
Book 14 page 450 Gersham buys from Reddick Newder (?)1792 Dobbs
Book 14 page 468 Bryan Whitfield buys from Gersham 1792 Dobbs
Book 16 pg. 268 Asahel Wiggins sells to Hardy Croom 1794-1795.Lenoir
Book 20 page 235 Gersham buys from Dallan Caswell 1803 Lenoir
Book 21 page 179 Gersham buys from Benjamin Lewis 1805
Book 23 page 230 John Wiggins buys from Gersham 1806
Book 23 page 369 John Wiggins buys from Gersham 1806


NC Archives, Box DSCR 206.325.10
State of North Carolina Lenoir County

Know ye by these presents that we Gershom Wiggins, Moses Westbrook and James Bright are held and firmly bound to Isahel Wiggins in sum of 100 pounds to be paid to Asahel Wiggins, his heirs etc. we bind ourselves this July AD 1799.

A suit was brought by said Asahel Wiggins against Gershom Wiggins, judgement was against Gershom Wiggins, and being dissatisfied prayed an appeal to next court and if Gershom will duly prosecute the said appeal with effect and abide by the judgement and sentence of said court then the above allegations to be void and other wise to remain in flill force and effect. Signed

Gershom Wiggins, Moses Westbrook, James Bright


This is to certifv in Lenoir County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, among other things is contained as follows, pleas held before the worshipfull Lazarus Pearce, James Bright, Joseph Taylor Esq. and others of the brethren Justices of the County begin and held for County of Lenoir at Courthouse in Kinston on 1st Monday in July year of our Lord 1799.

Be it remembered that on 1st Monday in July 1798 at Kinston came John Doe by Edward Harris Esq. his attorney and complains of Richard Roe in custody whereas Asahel Wiggins on 7th March 1798 in Lenoir County granted and sold to said John Doe a certain tract of land containing 262 acres in Lcnoir lying on the North side of the Neuse River and on Falling Creek, beginning at a pine thence N.33 degrees W, 240 poles to a pine thence N 57 degrees E, 160 poles to white oak thence 5 33 degrees E, 300 poles to a hickory to beginning. To have and hold the said tenement with appurtenances to said John Doe and his assigns from 1st of March until full term often years to be completed and was thereof possessed until the said Richard Roe on 10 March 1798 with force and arms entered and expelled and removed the said John Doe.



To Gershom Wiggins; I am informed that you are in possession or claim title to the premises mentioned in declaration or to some part thereof or claim title, I do advise and give notice to appear on 1st Mon July next court, to cause yourself to be defendant, otherwise I shall suffer a judgement to be had against me and you will be turned out of possession.

Your loving friend, Richard Roe


On that same day 1st Monday July 1798 came William Goodman Esq. Sheriff and said he did deliver to Gershom Wiggins a copy of above declaration and Gershom Wiggins came with his attorney Thomas Badger Esq. and pleaded not guilty whereupon it was ordered that a jury be summoned, but was continued from court date to present of July 1799 when parties above and jury consisting of Elijah Byrd, Joshua Bryd, Leonard Loftin, David George, John Tuttle, Wondal Davis, Benjamin Coleman, John Partridge, John Wilson, Elisha Johnson, Willie Garner and John Harrell say the defendant Gershom Wiggins is guilty and assess six pounds damages and cost. The defendant dissatisfied with and entered an appeal to next Superior Court to be held for District of New Bern on 19th Sept. next, given under my hand and seal 16th Aug. 1799 J. Bright Copy of court cost and expenses paid for evidence to John Worsham, Claret Wine, Lemuel Byrd and Sarah Coker.


Laurens County South Carolina

In obedience to an order of Court at Lenoir County in North Carolina the following deposition was taken:

appeared before me, one of Justices of the County at the house of Zacheriah Bayly Esq. Elenor Donoho who said she knew George Wiggins who lived in NC at the place called Sloop Landing on Neuse River and that she knew John Wiggins to be son of above George Wiggins and Margaret his wife, and the same John Wiggins came to this state and she knew him to be the same John Wiggins and he lived near her in this state and she was with his wife the night Asahel Wiggins was born and she knows him to be the same Asahel Wiggins that had lately given Hardy Croom a deed for conveyance of land and that she believes Asahel was 23 years old last Christmas to best of her remembrance, 16 Aug. 1798 Elenor Donoho by her mark before John Davis 'P

Also in Laurens Co. SC same date, place etc comes John Philpot who says 23 years ago last December he himself was acquainted with John Wiggins and his wife Elizabeth Wiggins and that the Christmas Asahel Wiggins was born and he is considered son of John and Elizabeth Wiggins and he also says he saw Asahel Wiggins deliver to Hardy Croom an instrument of writing and acknowledged it to be a deed for a tract of land said Croom had purchased in NC said to have fallen to Asahel by the death of his father. (in 1777)16 Aug 1798 John Philpot by his mark.

From Lenoir Co. court to John Blocker, Esq. we have appointed you to take deposition in the case od Asheal Wiggins vs Gershom Wiggins from Martha Shockley concerning what she may know about the controversey, in writing for court on 1st Monday Oct. next. William Caswell JP 14 July 1798

Edgefield Co. SC deposition taken by John Blocker at my own house, of Martha Shockley, says she knew George Wiggins who lived at a place called Sloop Landing on Nuce River and she also knew John Wiggins was only male heir George Wiggins had and she was aquainted with him on the Nuce and sometime after John Wiggins came to this State and was lawfully married to Elizabeth Arrington by whom he had but one child Ashel Wiggins, and that John enlisted in the service of US and his wife received a letter about year 1777 that John had died in Charlston while in service. 20 August 1798 Martha Shockley (by her mark)

Court Cost dated July 1800 William Croom witness for Asheal Wiggins
David Smith for Gershom Wiggins
Hardee Croom or Gershom Wiggins:
Hardy Coker charges 8 days attendance at court 2.1.2

Received of Gershom Wiggins full payment for my attendance and my wife also on the suit of

Hardy Croom and Asahel Wiggins against Gershom Wiggins this 27th day of April 1801. Hardy
Coker by his mark.
Spencer Caldwell and John Hartsfield for Asahel Wiggins

**From the Grantor/Grantee Index as cited before (Feb. 1997) from Asahel Wiggins to Hardy Croom pg 268 Book 17 1796-1798

** note by Rose Parks In defense of Gershom Wiggins... In the will of his Uncle George Wiggins, made in Somerset County NJ on 31 Oct 1749 and probated May 1750... I leave to my brother John's son Gershom the lower 70 acres of my grant in Johnston County NC and the remaining 200 acres to my wife Margaret till son John becomes of age.

From New Bern (NC) Loose Papers 1775-1840
3 Jan 1785. Samuel Pope of George Town District in South Carolina with
Gershom Wiggins & John Pope of Dobbs Co. securities, gives bond to Nathan
Bryan of Craven Co for debt.
2 July 1799. Notice to take the deposition of William White of Wake Co in
Samuel Pope vs John T. Bryan & Nathan Bryan excrs of Nathan Bryan dec'd 22
Aug 1788. Sd White deposed that in late 1782 he was present at a land sale
in Dobbs Co at Kingston to satisfy an execution by Nathan Bryan against
Daniel Miller, that the title to the land had been in dispute & Samuel Pope
purchased the land on credit; that about 1794 he saw Gersham Wiggins and
John Pope, who were securities for Samul Pope, who said they were going to
sd. Bryan's to settle the matter but nothing was done.
15 Jan 1803. To Lenoir County. Summons to Gersham Wiggins to appear in
John Parker vs John Baily
July Ct. 1799. Lenoir Co. Case began in 1798. William Tulle excr of Samuel
Loftin vs. Benjamin Coleman for debt. (Gershom Wiggins is listed as one of
twelve jurors).



    i. JOHN5 WIGGINS, b. Abt. 1768.


1768-after 1810 Ref.# 2060
1790 Dobbs County census shows John Wiggins next to Gersham, and 1M >16; 2M <16 and 2 females.
1800 census shows 1M-10; 1M 10-16; 1M 26-45; 2F -10; 1F 26-45.
1810 census has 1M >45; 2M 16-26; 1F 16-26; 1F 10-15; 1F >45.

The Elizabeth who was said to have married John Turner, Sr. and had Ann who married John Sutton MAY be a daughter of this family. She was said to be daughter of John who received the 566 acre land grant, (that was this John's grandfather) but he did not have a known daughter named Elizabeth.

The date given for John Sutton's birth was 1715 or 1718 so that almost eliminates both these females???? A Turner/Sutton researcher said the correct John sutton born 1718 was the one who who married Ann Turner. If this is so, the Elizabeth Wiggins who married John Turner would have to have been a sister of John who received the grant, and would have been married in NJ?

All four children listed in 1800 are still at home in 1810. But in 1800 there is 1 son and 1 daughter gone according to 1790 census. They are perhaps in the home of someone else working, or daughter could be married. These early census do not show relationships, just who is living there.

James, Thomas and Jesse, sons are listed in the census of 1820 and in the household of James, there is a male his age which could be the" lost from 1790" brother. John (father) is not listed and neither is a female who could be John's widow if he had died. So they both have died or moved out of county?

     ii. DAUGHTER WIGGINS, b. Abt. 1770.
    iii. JAMES WIGGINS, b. 5 October 1773, Dobbs/Lenoir County, North Carolina; d. 29      June 1849, Morgan County, Alabama; m. SUSANNA LASSITER, Abt. 1804, North      Carolina; b. 31 December 1785, Dobbs County, North Carolina, now Lenoir; d. 30 October      1861, Morgan County, Alabama.



The records of Lenoir County, North Carolina were lost in a fire 1878 and again in 1880. A Grantee (buyer) index book was all that survived. James father sells him 2 plots of land in 1805 Book 23 page 34 and 37 and James buys one plot from James Bell in 1810 Book 24 page 81. This is the last time James is mentioned in the Index, but this is buyers only.

James signed up for land in Morgan County, Alabama in 1825, shown in Alabama Land Records, Old Huntsville District.He is listed in "Old Land Records of Morgan Co., AL" by Cowart abstracted by Ellouise Wynn.

pg. 175 Township 7 S, Range 4 west section 31 NW 1/4 156.94 acres 3-28-1825
181 8 S 4 6 SW 1/4 160.28 12-4-1819
MB Charles Lockhart 4 Dec. 1816 warant # 2632
228 Township 7 S Range 5 W section 36 SE 1/4 159.42 3/4 6-28.1831
MB same
233 Township 8 S Range 5 W section 12 E 1/2 of NE 1/4 80.54 1/2 acres 3-28 1825

He is listed in the 1830 Alabama, Morgan County census with 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 2 males 20-30, and 1 male 50-60: 1 female under 5 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 15-20 and 1 female 14-50. This accounts for James, Susannah and all the children except for oldest daughter Ann who had married in N.C. before coming to Alabama and Susannah born in 1806 who died between the 1810 census in N.C. and 1820, N.C. At this census he also had these slaves: 3 males under 10, 4 males between 10-24, 1 male between 24-36 and 4 males between 36-55. 1 female under 10, 2 females between 10-24, 4 females between 24-36 and 1 female between 36-55. Total 12 males and 8 females.

Given in the book MARRIAGE, DEATH AND LEGAL NOTICES FROM EARLY ALABAMA NEWSPAPERS compiled by Pauline Jones Gandrud, from The Southern Advocate published at Huntsville 25 July 1840, that he was one among many who attended a Morgan County Democratic meeting.

The Post Office Department at Washington, D.C. records show that James Wiggins was appointed the second Postmaster at Martin's Store, Morgan County, Alabama on 25 October 1836. Charles Martin was the first PM and appointed in 1828. James served until 28 January 1839 when Joseph Herring his son in law was appointed. The name of the Post Office was changed to Cedar Plains, later just Cedars, and was discontinued in 1904.

Copied from THE ALABAMA ENQUIRER of January 9, 1890 "From Reminiscences of Morgan County No. 12 by A.G. Copeland, Woodlawn, Alabama.

At an early age, Mr. Wiggins settled in Cedar Plains, where he ammassed fine property, and left an excellent family of sons and daughters. The oldest fence in the county now stands on his old farm. It was of red cedar and built eighty years ago, and a sound structure yet.

Another article said the home James built for his family was of square hewn, red cedar logs with cracks between logs plastered inside and out. The two stories contained eight rooms and a large hall, all with 14 foot ceilings. The kitchen, like the style of the day was 14 foot square, detached and behind the main house.

The 1850 mortality schedule of Morgan County, Al. shows that James died in June 1849 at age 74 born in NC and died of heart disease.

Final Record for the estate is in Probate Court Book 11, beginning with page 214 and continuing through page 220.

Total pages I have on James Estate file are

Book 10 page 74 17 October 1849

76 25 October 1849

In this page is noted where James Wise is appointed guardian by the court for William T., Nancy, Marcella, James, Mary Ann, and Josephine minor heirs of Bright H.

also Sarah, Matthew, Mary, James W., John, infant heirs of Matthew dec'd
noted that Charles Tucker is appointed guardian by the court instead of James Wise.
99 27 February 1850
312 10 November 1851
Book 11 214-220 17 October 1849 to 7 February 1850
Book 12 106-107 1853
Book 13 7 11 April 1853
24 9 May 1853

This closes out the file for heirs of estate of James Wiggins. More details on some pages below.

Administrator Joseph Herring was appointed and bond dated 17 October 1849, George Wiggins, J.L. Wiggins, Jesse Wiggins, William P. Key, and A.A. Hewlett all were on the document of Administrators Bond.

Jonathan and Watkins Orr and James Owen were appraisers of the personal property.

List of heirs in the file are: (noted: from Ola Johnson)
See other list for more accurate listing.
Annie Herring
Lucy McDonald
Bright H. Wiggins
Lyle or Lyfe Wiggins (I think it is Jesse)
John R. Wiggins
George Wiggins
Susannah Harris
Harriett Rev (It is Key)
Elizabeth Adcock md. John A. Acock, probably her name is Mary Elizabeth)
1.Mrs. L.T. Wiggins could be Wm.
Nancy Wiggins, Josephine Wiggins, Marcella Wiggins, Jane Wiggins, could be James,
2.Sarah Wiggins, Martha Ann Wiggins, Dilla or Della Wiggins, James B (should be H) Wiggins and Matthew Wiggins, and John Wiggins.
1. are children of Bright H, I think and 2. are children of Matthew, both sons of James.
Bill from A.W. Nunn $3.50 for making coffin dated 29 June 1849.

Page 215 Inventory and appraisment:

Note on Joseph Herring $30.
Note on Bright H. Wiggins, descd $376.22
Note on George Wiggins,thought paid $38.25
Note on John England $2.25

Negro's listed man Abram 125.00, Betty _00.00, Milly 475.00, Celia 450.00, Penny 475.00, Harry 725.00, Hester 525.00, Starlin 750.00, Vina 450.00, Margaret 400.00, Henry 450.00, Richmond 75.00, Thurston 255.00, Serh 300.00, Peter 650.00, Amos 700.00, Fortune 450.00, Lucy 380.00, Jimmy 200.00, Allen 725.00, Phillis 400.00, William 400.00, Minty 525.00, Sam 525.00, Ive 275.00, Manda 225.00, Martha 150.00.

5 horses, 30 cattle, 2 yoke work oxen, 119 hogs, 18 stacks fodder, 300 barrels corn, 25000 seed cotton, set blacksmith tools, set carpenters tools, 4 raw hides, 3 sythes and cradles, 1 cany plows, 3 side harrows, 1 old wagon, 1 sulkey and harness, 1 jack screw and shingle knife, 1 cross cut saw, 4 shovels, grind stove, ??tools,/hoe and grubbing hoe, hand axe and broad axe, dutch fan, wheat threasher, straw cullen, 2 tin head irons, 3 empty cask, 2 pr. balances, steelyards, 3 shot guns, household furniture, 4 tables, 2 bureau and 2 chest, 1 clock and 1 looking glass, dressing glass and candle stand, 4 beds furniture and 3 bedsteads, 1 cupboard and contents, 1 safe and contents, 19 chairs, Bible and 3 vol. Bunyan Wks, 35-40 other books, 1 baking frying pan, coffee pot,


page 217 and 1/2 page 218 is listed with buyers of the estate.

page 218 lower is a writ of Division:

The State of Alabama Morgan County.. To any Sheriff in the State of Alabama Greetings You are hearby commanded to summon LAWSON GARNER, JONATHAN ORR, MATTHER W. TROOP & DRURY STOVALL to act as commissioners to allot and set apart all the negros belongin to the estate of JAMES WIGGINS, desceased except Starlin and Penny (who were purchased at the sale) and also the following real Estate of said decedant, to wit:

Section 1(?) Township 8, Range 5W, NE 1/4 of S1 T8 R5W except 10 acres,s 1/2 of NE 1/4 of S12 T8 R5W, NE1/4 of NE 1/4 S7 T8 R4W, E1/2 of NE1/4 of NW1/4 of S31 T8 R4, SW1/4 of S31 T8 R4 except 10 acres, among the heirs and legatees of the said James Wiggins, deceased to wit:

Joseph Herring in right of wife Anna
The heirs of Bright H. Wiggins, deceased
The heirs of Matthew Wiggins, deceased
William McDonald in right of wife Lucy
George Wiggins, Jacob Wiggins, Jesse Wiggins, John Wiggins
William P. Key in right of wife Harriett
John T. Aycock in right of wife Mary
and Susan Wiggins and you with said Commissioners are also commanded to make a full report to Orphans Court to be held on the 4th Monday in February next. Herein fail not and have you then and there this precept. Wit: Tom Price Clerk of said Court at Office in Summerville 28th Day of January 1850.

Sheriff's Return Executed this writ by summoning Jonathan Burleson, Drury Stoval, Jonathon Orr and Lawson Garner 7th day February 1850 William P. Terry, sheriff.

Commissioners Report
State of Alabama, Morgan County.. To the Honorable William H. Campbell Judge of Orphans Court , the undersigned commissioners summonded and sworn in obedience to the following writ report that they assembeled at the late residence of James Wiggins, deceased and proceeded to value all the property shown by the Administrators alloted

Wm. McDonald in right of wife: one negro valued $633.33 and the N1/2 of W1/2 of SW1/4 of S31 T7 R4 valued at $1.75 per acre and to have $265.12.

To William P. Key in right of wife Harriett:

one negro man Peter valued $627.66 and the S1/2 of W1/2 SW1/4 S31 T7 R4 valued at 1.75 per acre and $265.00

To John R. Wiggins

Abram, Betty, Seah and Margaret valued at $663.33 and the NW1/4 of S6(?) T8 R4 valued at $1040.00 and pay the estate $280.88

To George Wiggins

SW1/4 of S6 T8 R4 valued $251.57

To Susan Wiggins, Henry, Celia and child valued at $1150.99 and E 1/2 of NE 1/4 of S1 T8 R5 valued at $700 and to pay estate $402.71

To Jesse Wiggins

SE 1/4 S6 T8 R4 and the NE1/4 of NE1/4 of S7 T8 R4 valued at $980.00

and to pay the estate $10.62.

To John T. Acock, negro girl Vina valued at $585.33 and the NW 1/4 of S31 T7 R4 except 10 acres on the west boundry valued at $$225 and to receive $188.12

To Joseph Herring in right of wife, Milly and child valued at $633.33 and E1/2 of NE 1/4 of S12 T8 R5 and the W1/2 NE1/4 S1 T8 R5 except for ten acres, say 1 hundred and fifty acres valued at $380.00 and to receive $68.77.

To Jacob L. Wiggins, girl Lucy valued $553.33 and NE 1/4 S6 T8 R4 valued at $720.00 and to receive $138.12. Your Commissioners would further report that the heirs of Matthew Wiggins have received the sum of $366.15, an unequal division and Bright H. Wiggins had received $462.97 over a proportionable part in said estate and the discrepancy in the different amounts of each legatee was created by their having received a portion of their distributive share previous to this division, all of which is respectfully submitted on this the 9th day of Feburary 1850.

W.P. Tems Sheriff Lawson Garner, Jonathan Orr, Drury Stovall

Note: Jonathan Orr was in Noxubee County, Mississippi at some time, living there, near his brother? Simon who continued to live there but Jonathan moved, back to Morgan Co. Al.? From Lucille Reeves, Editor of Noxubee County Historical Society newsletter. Is this the same man?

In some research notes on Herring's (James Grandparents) it is said that they brought the same place names from Bertie County to Dobbs, and some from back in Isle of Wight Co. VA and do not know if this is coincidence or what but just east of Hartselle, AL is Somerville and a Hopewell Cemetery in Morgan County. In Morris Co. NJ there is a Hopewell Township and in Middlesex County NJ is a Somerville and on the Millstone River near Princeton (now Mercer but was Somerset Co.) is a town Kingston, which is the name of the town in NC. It was originally Kingstown (NC) but after the Revolution they changed it to Kinston.


Burial: 1849, Herring Cemetery, 3 m. W.of Hartsell, Al.



She came from North Carolina and was not yet born when the part called Craven County was formed in 1712. Johnston County was formed in 1746 and covered the area which was to become Dobbs in 1758 and remain so until Lenoir was formed in 1791 and Dobbs was discontinued. The county lines have probably changed to some extent since but none so drastically as then.

In 1878 the courthouse in Kinston (Lenoir) was set on fire. The only records saved were in Register of Deeds Office. In 1880 the building used as temporary courthouse burned and all deed books burned except the Grantee (Buyer) Index. The Deed Index has been reconstructed to show land ownership.

Lenoir County Deed Book 22 page 230 shows land bought by Susan Wiggins from Stephen Lassiter between 1746-1810.

Book 22 was for old Deeds registered under the requirment of Act of Assembly. This is probably this Susanna and perhaps her full name is Susan Ann/Anna as this is probably her father. Her father has the same name at least, but I have not checked enough records in this area to know if there is more than one. With a full check of land deeds, this can probably be determined.

I have not seen any other records on Susanna till the death of her husband, and death of two sons previously and in time she became Guardian of the minor children, then her own estate papers.

Her own Estate: Probate Court Record Book 19 page 31-33 7th January 1862.

55 15 Feb. 1862
149 17 Feb. 1862
461 14 March 1866
Book 20 329-333
Book 21 383 and 475
Book 22 228 10 April 1866
Book 25 255 and 281
Book 27 102-104
Book 33 239-240
Book 34 46

Book 19 page 31.. This day came John Wiggins son and heir of Susanna Wiggins, late of said county, deceased and made application to the court to appoint William D. Harper, the Sheriff of said court, Ex officio Administrator of the Estate of the said Susanna Wiggins. It appearing to the satisfaction of the court that forty days have elapsed since death of Susanna Wiggins.

page 32 William T. Walts, William T. Orr and Willis F. Orr be appointed appraisers and to report back to the court in sixty days.

Two more entries on this page report an amount set for slaves be filed and then the Sheriff files the Appraisers report.

page 33 The Sheriff and said Appraisers/Commissioners have leave to sell all the personal property, except the slaves, of Susanna Wiggins Deceased, late of this county. Following this there are arrangements for what type credit allowed and where and when notices are to be posted of sale.

page 36 Sheriff makes application to the court to sell negro woman Penny belonging to said Susanna. That 2nd Monday in February be set to hear application and notices be posted.

page 52 The judge being fully satisified that all requirments have been made, does grant them leave to sell the negro woman Penny at public outcry to highest bidder with notice given on courthouse door and two other places.

page 55 15 Feb. 1862 Sheriff and appraisers made report on the sale of personal property (except slave) and report filed.

page 149 17 Feb. 1863 Sowell Jennings Sheriff is hearby appointed as Ex officio Admr. of Estate of Susanna

page 155 this is again William D. Harper, late Sheriff of county has filed his vouchers and accounts and ask for final distribution of estate and ask court to set a date. He filed a statement under oath of the heirs at law and distributes to said estate and which it appears that James H. Wiggins, Mary Wiggins, Matthew Wiggins, Frances Wiggins, Bright Wiggins,(Matthew/marked out) Walter Wiggins, Josephine Wiggins, James Aycock and Sarah Ann Aycock are minors under age of twenty one. It is ordered that Henry M. Mason be appointed to represent the minors in the settlement and did appear in court and accept appointment.

page 170 The sheriff and commissioners appeared and it was proved satisfoctory to court that notice had been posted for final settlement. Total of account was $1472.87 cents and entitled to credits to the amounts of $1192.22 leaving a balance of $282.65 in the hands of the late sheriff and due the estate.(If I read this correctly it then says) that the late sheriff Sowell Jennings be awarded the sum of $282.65 and be discharged.

page 461 John Hart Sheriff of said county appointed to Ex officio Administrator of the Estate of Sunnah wiggins

Book 22 page 228 and 229 April 10,1866 this day come John Hart, Sheriff and makes his report in writing giving the Inventory of notes and accounts belonging to the said estate which was sworn to and ordered to be filed and recorded. and consisting of notes, bonds which have come to his knowledge.

(I am taking these out of order to put various notes of people together)
J.R. Wiggins note $84.00 due 1858
J.R. Wiggins bond 51.05 due 1863/53?
J.R. Wiggins note 51.00 1856
J.R. Wiggins note 51.00 1860
J.R. Wiggins note 65.00 due $1.00 1860
F.M Calloway 15.00 1862
F.M. Davis 100.00 1862
Mary J. Herring 100.00 1863
A.H. Harris bond 41.45 1863
Ann Herring bond 36.70 1863
Lucy McDonald 43.50 1863
S.A. Herring 140.00 1863
J.L. Wiggins 210.00 1860

This is a total owed the estate of Susanna, mostly by her children and grandchildren $978.70 and due Probate court of Morgan County, Alabama $282.65.

April 1995

From the way these notes are put together it seemed they owed Susanna but in the next series of papers copied it appears that Susanna owes these notes. More study to be done.

In Book 20 page 463 1863 these heirs are listed James (H), Mary, Matthew, Mary, Eliza J. married John Brown, Frances, Bright ,Walter, James and Sarah Ann Aycock, James Wiggins, William Wiggins, Marcella Carter married ___Carter, Mary Ann House, wife of William B. House, Josephine W. Wiggins, Jesse Wiggins, Anna Herring, Lucy McDonald, Susan Harris, Harriett Key.

Another page names these as non residents of Alabama: James, William, Jesse Wiggins, Marcella Carter and Mary Ann House. Also mentions these minors: Frances, Bright, Walter, James and Sarah A. Aycock and Josephine W.(Josephine had earlier been in Marshall County MS but she is not included as a non resident of AL.)

In Feb. 1869 only minors listed are Matthew, Josephine, James and Sarah Aycock and Jacob L. has died and his Administrator is mentioned.


Burial: 1861, Herring Cemetery, Morgan County, Alabama

    iv. GEORGE WIGGINS, b. Abt. 1775.
12. NANCY ANN4 HERRING (MARY3 BRIGHT, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born 7 December 1753 in Dobbs County, North Carolina, and died in Sumner County, TN. She married ROBERT TAYLOR 18 April 1771 in Dobbs County, North Carolina. He died in Sumner County, TN.


    i. HERRING5 TAYLOR, b. 4 February 1772, Dobbs County, NC; m. SALLIE       COTTON.
    ii. BETSY TAYLOR, b. 15 October 1773, Dobbs County, NC; m. LEONARD       DUGAN.
    iii. LUCY TAYLOR, b. 3 September 1775, Dobbs County, NC; m. (1) WHITEHEAD       JOINER; m. (2) JAMES WHITEHEAD.
    iv. ROBERT TAYLOR, b. 11 March 1777, NC; m. MARGARET KIRKPATRICK.
    v. KEZIAH TAYLOR, b. 11 April 1778, NC; m. JESSE SKEEN.
    vi. MANOAH TAYLOR, b. 27 September 1779, NC; m. ELIZABETH TAYLOR.
    vii. BENJAMIN TAYLOR, b. 6 March 1781, NC; m. CATHERINE KEIRING.
    viii. JOHN TAYLOR, b. 13 September 1782, NC; m. BARBARA BEASON.
    ix. ANN TAYLOR, b. 6 August 1783, NC; m. DAVID BRADLEY.
    x. NANCY TAYLOR, b. 6 August 1783, NC.
    xi. POLLY TAYLOR, b. 23 May 1787, NC; m. JOSEPH MCGLAUGHLIN.


13. BRIGHT4 HERRING (MARY3 BRIGHT, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born 1755 in Dobbs County, North Carolina, and died April 1828 in Montgomery County, Tennessee. He married SUSANNA Abt. 1773. She was born Abt. 1760, and died 1857 in Montgomery Co., TN?.


Evidently this family moved to Sumner Co. TN, then Christian Co., Ky then settled in Montgomery Co. TN. near Clarksville.

Will of Bright Herring (from abridged copy in Herring Tidbits II)
Will rendered April term 1828
I Brite Herring of Montgomery Co. TN make this my last will and testament I give my wife Susanna Herring eastern part of a track of land I now live on, including houses, orchards... and western boundry, to have during her natural life and after her decease to my son Albert Herring... I also give Susanna 4 negros by name Dick, Daniel,____and Silas. I also give her negros Rose and her child Betsy during her life and after her death to son Bright Herring.
Whereas my son Simon Herring, now deceased, has already received several hundred dollars, also a negro man Abram which was more than equal portion of my estate...therefore I leave his heirs four dollars.
I give to son Spias Herring a portion of the land I now live on, also one negro man named Barret...
I give son Benjamin Herring land where he now lives, 213 acres, also negro man named Elias and negro girl named Heather......
I give son James Herring all land where he now lives that I purchased, also a negro man named Lewis and a negro girl named Jinann.
I give son John Herring the balance of land where I now live on and a negro boy named____.
Ratifies that Albert will inherit land left to Susanna during her life I also give Albert a negro girl named Lelah....
Whereof I have set my name appointing my two sons Benajmin Herring and James Herring my true and lawful attorneys.
David_____, Jurat
John E. Pollard, Jurat
Bright Herring (seal)


In the 1840 census of Montgomery Co. TN is listed
James Herring 0130002-111001 (Making him born 1790-1800)
Benjamin Herring 01110001-0011001 (born 1780-1790)
Mrs. L. Herring 000001-0011001
Owen Herring 00002-0001 (born 1810-1820)
Spiras Herring 00110001-0011001 (born 1780-1790)
This fits the Spiras Herring of this family. Wonder what happened to the rest to them?

Children of BRIGHT HERRING and SUSANNA are:

    i. BRIGHT5 HERRING, b. 1774, Dobbs County, NC; m. RHODA.
    ii. JAMES HERRING, b. 1778.
    iii. SIMON HERRING, b. 1782; d. Bef. 1828, Montgomery Co., TN.


Simon was killed while serving as Sheriff of Montgomery Co. TN. He had heirs, (Perhaps 4? So as to be $1.00 each?RP) Herring Highlights II by James Grimwood, Houston, TX)


    iv. SPIRUS HERRING, b. 1784; m. POLLY HATCHER7, 15 February 1819, Christian       Co., KY.
    v. JOHN HERRING, b. 1787.
    vi. BENJAMIN HERRING, b. 9 May 1790, New Hanover Co., NC?; d. 14 October       1860, Montgomery Co., TN; m. RACHEL NEVILLE WHITFIELD, 27 June 1815.
    vii. ALBERT HERRING, b. 1792.

14. GRAVES4 BRIGHT (SIMON3, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1769 in Craven Co. NC, and died Abt. October 1803 in Lenoir Co. NC. He married CATHERINE SHEPPARD 6 September 1789 in Dobbs County, NC8, daughter of BENJAMIN SHEPPARD and MARTHA ?JONES?.



Listed "of Dobbs" in a land deed 1789 and of Glasgow, (Now Greene) in 1795.

Craven County Book 27 page 172, 9 November 1789

Graves Bright of Dobbs, Gent. for 33 pounds to Silas Sears Stevenson a tract of land on south side of the Neuse and north side of Batchelors Creek to William Brice Fonvielle line, 250 acres & conveyed to John Lovett and by him to William Little and to Richard Graves, grandfather to another Richard Graves desc. of Craven Co. and willed by him to Graves Bright of Dobbs county the patent dated 11 Nov. 1719 and by said Graves Bright to S.S. Stevenson. Wit: William Henry, William Brice Fonvielle, proved Dec. term 1789 Samuel Chapman CC.

Book 32 page 314 Craven County 28 March 1795 Graves Bright of Glasgow (now Greene) to Spyers Singleton for 495 pounds 15 shilling current money, land on Batchelor's Creek and Jumping Run and being land Richard Graves deceased, devised by LW&T to said Graves Bright (except 200 acres which Graves sold to Silas Sears Stevenson) 1500 acres. Wit: Susanna Purse, Mary Purse

N.B. Mrs. Ann Crawford's life estate is excepted in the forgoing deed signed Graves Bright.

The heirs mentioned of Simon, Graves brother came to be attached to Graves for more than one reason but the names of Benjamin and Martha as Bright children had been non existant until this family and it is logical to assume Catherine would name 2 of her children after her parents.

In the will of Richard Graves, the Uncle of Graves Bright through his Mother made his will 3 May 1774 and leaves his nephew, Graves Bright, son of Simonthe land and mills where I now live known by the name of Jumping Run, with all lands adjoining thereunto in sundry patents, with all my household and kitchen furntiure also my negro boy Quash, all my feather beds after the death of my wife Ann Graves, which said lands, negros, and other things mentioned I give to my nephew Graves Bright, his heirs and assigns forever.He also leaves to Graves and another nephew the upper part of a tract where my father last dwelt and also leaves to him my boy Gabe, my negro boy Jem. This will was proved the 4th day of June 1774 in Craven Co. NC.

The above reference to life estate of Mrs. Ann Crawford evidently is Richard Graves wife Ann who remarried to a Crawford.

Graves Bright is listed on the 1793 Voters Records of Greene Co. NC as listed on the Greene Co. Archives web page.

Graves Bright m. Catherine Sheppard (b. c 1770/72) the daughter of Benjamin Sheppard of Dobbs Co. and his 1st wife ELIZABETH RUFFIN.
Elizabeth Ruffin was the dau of Shff Samuel Ruffin of Edgecombe Co. & his wife Sarah McWilliams.
Edgecombe Co. records show that Benj. Sheppard & 1st wife Elizabeth
Ruffin had 4 daus, namely, Catherine, Mary Gray, Nancy b. 1776, &
Elizabeth (Betsy) Sheppard [my ancestor].
Benjamin Sheppard's Bible record is at the Greenville Library.
Unfortunately, the pages for his 1st marriage were torn out. He was b. 1751 - d. 1 Oct 1798, family Bible.
Born in 1751, he likely didn't marry Eliz. Ruffin until c 1769/70, at earliest, thus the date for their dau Catherine b.c 1770/1772, in which case, Catherine & Graves Bright's dau Nancy Bright would not have been born c 1775 but I haven't any definite dates for Catherine Sheppard.
Edgecombe Co., NC, Court Minures, May 25, 1779:
BENJAMIN SHEPPARD appointed guardian to his own children: CATHERINE, MARY, NANCY & BETSY
(Betsy marked through) ELIZABETH SHEPPARD for them to receive their share of the estate of their grandfather SAMUEL RUFFIN, deceased...
And again: Feb. 27, 1782: BENJAMIN SHEPPARD appointed guradian of his children CATHARINE, MARY, ANNE, & ELIZABETH SHEPPARD for estate to them by the death of SARAH & GRAY RUFFIN. By the way, Catherine (Sheppard) Bright md (2)Benjamin Evans&# Ruth Fentress



    i. NANCY?5 BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1775; d. Bef. 1804, Lenoir Co., NC; m. JAMES       HOOKER.


This is probably the James Hooker listed in the 1793 Voters Records in Greene Co. found on the Greene Co. nC Archives web page.


    ii. ELIZABETH BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1779; m. WILLIAM LOVICK.
    iii. MARY BRIGHT9, b. Abt. 1781; m. ? HOUSE.
    iv. RICHARD GRAVES BRIGHT10, b. Abt. 1782.
    v. MARTHA BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1787.
    vi. BENJAMIN BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1788.
    vii. SALLY BRIGHT, b. Abt. 1790.


15. JAMES4 BRIGHT (SIMON3, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1770, and died 29 June 1840 in Pensacola, FL. He married ELIZABETH LOVICK 13 June 1796. She died 15 August 1858 in Pensacola, FL.



In the manuscript by William D. Bennett of NC received from NC State Library

"Bright's of Lenoir Co. NC" is given the name Ann Heritage Bright as their daughter born 22 August 1799, but it is not given in the Bible Record of Dobbs by Wm. L. Murphy. There is given a daughter Henrietta Elizabeth Bright 21 February 1812. Both are daughters, according to Francis R. Hodges.

 He received 500 acres and 160 acres, 2 tracts of land in fathers will.

Burial: 1840, St Michaels Cemetery, Penn. FL
Burial: 1858, St. Michaels Cemetery, Penn. FL
    i. HENRY5 BRIGHT, b. 2 August 1797, Lenoir County, NC; d. 14 October 1811, Lenoir       County, NC.
    ii. ANN HERITAGE BRIGHT, b. 22 August 1799, Lenoir County, NC; d. 6 February       1857, Pensacola, FL; m. NICHOLAS H. MITCHELL.
    iii. THOMAS GRAVES BRIGHT, b. 12 October 1801, Lenoir County, NC; d. 17       August 1837; m. NANCY ANN JONES, 10 January 1822.
    iv. MORTIMER BRIGHT, b. 27 June 1804, Lenoir Co. NC; d. 11 November 1848,       Pensacola, FL; m. FRANCES E. LOVICK, 26 November 1827; d. 25 May 1842,       Pensacola, FL.
    v. EMMA BRIGHT, b. 17 February 1807; d. 23 August 1889, Pensacola, FL.
    vi. SALLY BRIGHT, b. 9 April 1809; d. 14 April 1851, Pensacola, FL; m. JAMES E.       LLOYD, 2 August 1848; d. Pensacola, FL.
    vii. HENRIETTA ELIZABETH BRIGHT, b. 21 February 1812, Lenoir County, NC;       d. 25 May 1846; m. JAMES E. SIMPSON, 20 April 1843.
    viii. LUCIUS MONTGOMERY BRIGHT, b. 14 January 1814, Lenoir County, NC; d.        31 August 1846, Pensacola, FL.
    ix. HENRY AUGUSTUS BRIGHT, b. 5 January 1817, Lenoir County, NC.
    x. MARY CAROLINE BRIGHT, b. 5 January 1817, Lenoir County, NC; d. 16 May       1901, Pensacola, FL; m. BEN FERREL.
    xi. ALEXANDER HOUSTON BRIGHT, b. 1 September 1819, Lenoir County, NC.

16. ELIZABETH4 BRIGHT (SIMON3, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1775 in Dobbs County, NC. She married WILLIAM LOVICK, son of GEORGE LOVICK. He was born Abt. 1768, and died 1 May 1856 in Lenoir County, NC.


      i. MARY ANN5 LOVICK, b. 1812; d. 1880, Lenoir County, NC; m. WARREN         KILPATRICK, 25 January 1836, Lenoir County, NC.

17. SIMON4 BRIGHT (JAMES3, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born 1793, and died October 184911. He married RACHEL DAWSON, daughter of THOMAS DAWSON.



18. MARY4 BRIGHT (JAMES3, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1785. She married HENRY THOMAS PRIDGEN, JR., son of THOMAS PRIDGEN and MARY RUFFIN.


    i. JAMES5 PRIDGEN, b. 29 November 1801, Lenoir Co., NC; m. HELEN TUCKER.

19. JOHN4 BRIGHT (STOCKWELL3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1760, and died 1807 in Craven Co., NC. He married MOURNING.

Notes for JOHN BRIGHT:


Book 29 page 47, 2 November 1790, Samuel Smyth to John Bright for 130 pounds 100 acres on north side of Swift Creek and east side of Maul's Run part of a plantation for 185 acres and c with Lewis Bryan Wit: Wm Smythe, James Gatlin, proved June court 1791, S. Chapman CC

Book 38 page 424, Jennett Bright of Craven for love and affection to loving brother James Bright , furniture and negros. Wit: Sally Taylor proved March term 1813 J.G. Stanly CC

Book 43 page 322, 20 January 1823, Simon Bright, planter for $500.00 conveys to Polly Bright (Mary) a tract of land on east side of Swift Creek beginning at Maul's Run being the dividing line between Jennet Wiggins, said Simon Bright running with said line over the road to John Bryan's line and 119 acres. Wit: James Bright, John Bright proved August Court 1823

Book 44 page 445, 27 December 1825

Mary Bright of Craven to John Dawson for $600.00 a tract on north side of Swift Creek, and North side of Maul's run formerly belonging to John Bright deceased 238 acres Wit: Moses Ipock, Seth Chapman prove at May Court 1826

Deed Book 48 page 11 23 Sept. 1828 between William Bright, James Bright, Robert Bright, Joseph Wiggins and Jennet his wife all of Craven of one part and William Bright of Pitt of the other part, we the said William, James, Robert, Joseph Wiggins and Jennet his wife for the sum of $5. paid by William Bright one tract on the north side of the Neuse River about 6 miles above Newbern containing 100 acres. Also another tract joining this tract of 100 acres the east side of said tract containing 100 acres which said tracts were willed away by William Bright near 70 years ago, reference to said will, will more nearly show. Witness John B. Dawson and William Bright, signed by William Bright and Robert Bright.

This is where they buy back the land sold by Elenor Bright, Francis Nickles and Mary Nickles. (Book 1 Page 608-609) see notes on Elenor.

Deed Book 52 page 324 Nathan Whitford and wife Hannah and Jennet Wiggins all of Craven sell to Denum Mumford of Newbern land containing 200 acres in Craven on East side of Neuse joining lands of Shadrack Gatlin, Riley Caten, and Dorum Mumford for 30 dollars, land which descended to Hannah and Jennett from their grandfather Stockwell Bright. (abstracted by Agness Gunter)

Witness:L Slade, Bryan Whitford Hannah Whitford was privately examined as to her free consent

Deed Book 54 page 180 14 May 1838 Nathan Whitford and Elizabeth Wiggins, both of Craven, Nathan Whitford pd E. Wiggins $30. for land on E. side of Big Swift Creek distinguished in the estate of John Bright Sr. by #3 in the division among heirs. John Bright Sr. to Jennett Wiggins and transferred from Jennett to James Bright and from James Bright to Elizabeth WigginsWit: David Willia, Bryan Whitford,, Elizabeth X Wiggins

Book 54 page 321 9 March 1840 between Joseph Wiggins and Levi Wayne land on N. side of Neuse on south side of Swift Creek. 100 acres for $150.00 Beginning at Reedy Branch and running south 46 degrees, west 98 poles to a tree the north 65 degrees west 150 poles to a tree then north 46 degrees 72 poles then north 77 degrees east 101 poles to a tree then to the beginning, containing 100 acres belonging to a patent granted to Shadrack (Stockwell) Bright 1 May 1772

Wit: M.N. Strict and John Bryan, May Court 1840 Joseph X Wiggins

Craven County Clerks Loose Papers:

conditions of Hiring negros belonging to minor heirs of John Bright desc. 1 Jan 1820 hired out by Samuel McCafferty guardian to said children.
Nace, Ruth....John Bright
David...Noah Knox
Harriett..Simon Bright
Fred., Peggy, Aaron, Minerva....... Hannah Bright
Mourning Bright widow of John Bright; William, John, James, Jennett, Simon, John,... Hannah, Polly, and Robert, 3 youngest children of said deceased.
Mouring Taunt

Hannah Bright was minor in 1815.

Account of Sales of John Bright deceased filed March 1808 mentions Mrs. Bright, James, William and Jennet Bright and Lewis Bryan Admr.

Craven Co. deed Book 52 page 151 18 July 1836 (Abstracted by Agness Gunter)

James Bright of Craven and Elizabeth Wiggins.. On 23 day of may 1812 Jennet Wiggins by deed of that date duly proved certain lands and negros described in her own right or maiden property being about to enter into bonds of matrimony with Joseph Wiggins and the comtemplated marriage was shortly thereafter solomnized did by deed of date above convey for love and affection to James Bright her brother title to certain lands, negros and personal property which said deed was intended as a marriage settlement the said Wiggins her intended husband being in debt whereas the said property has been enjoyed since that date by Elizabeth and her husband Joseph and family.

I James Bright for one dollar paid by Elizabeth Wiggins land on east side of Swift Creek and Maul's Branch containing 119 acres it being the land that was alloted her the said Janet Wiggins that belonged to her father John Bright, also all slaves to the said Elizabeth Wiggins in trust to the only use of said Janet Wiggins and to be the absolute prorety of the said Jennet in case her service her husband Joseph Wiggins and case she die first the the said property to be to the use of children of Jannet equally divided among them. 18 July 1836
wit: Jno Carter, James Taylor signed James Bright proven same date

John Bright is listed in 1790 Craven Co. census with himself and wife and 2 males under 16.

Children of JOHN BRIGHT and MOURNING are:

    i. WILLIAM5 BRIGHT, b. 1787; m. MARY.


1778- after 1833

Land deed in Book 50 page 118 has William and wife Mary in Pitt Co. NC in 1833.

    ii. JAMES BRIGHT, b. 1790.
    iii. JENNETT BRIGHT, b. 1792, Craven Co., NC; m. JOSEPH WIGGINS, 19 July       1812, Craven Co., NC.
    iv. ROBERT BRIGHT, b. 1793; d. 1842, Craven Co. NC; m. MARY COUWAY, 4       January 1831, Craven Co. NC.
    v. SIMON BRIGHT, b. 1795; d. 1852, Craven Co. NC; m. (1) DELITHA DUNN, 29       October 1835, Craven Co. NC; m. (2) GEORGIANA EVERENTON, 11 February 1847,       Craven Co. NC.
    vi. MARY BRIGHT12, b. 1797.
    vii. JOHN BRIGHT, b. 1798.
    viii. HANNAH BRIGHT, b. 1799, Craven Co., NC; m. NATHAN WHITFORD, 10       October 1822, Craven Co., NC.



1. Sec.of St (NC) Original Wills, Elizabeth Handcock, Loose Papers, NC Archives, says Simon Bright (her son) is brother in law of Francis Hodges, mentions her daughter Ledey (Lydia) Handcock and two daughters of Lydia, Elizabeth and Mary.

2. Wills of Hyde Co. NC, written 29 march 1735, no probate date listed, Wife Anna only heir mentioned.

3. Will in Hyde Co. NC, Wm. Doab Bennett said in his manuscript"Bright's of Lenoir Co." his will written 28 Nov.1731 proved March 1731/32, mentioning sons James and Simon.

4. Will in Craven Co. NC, written 12 January 1754 proved 6 November1754, see William Bright notes for copy and more details.

5. New Bern Records, Deed Book 19, 309.

6. 1830 Lenoir Co. NC census, list Mary in 80-90 year old bracket, not listed in 1840.

7. Christian Co. KY Marriages, Says Spiras Herring married Polly Hatcher, daughter of Uriah Hatcher on date given.

8. Treasurers & Comptrollers papers County Settlement NC Archives, The report from the Clerk of Court listing state Taxes collected for 1789 gave names of grooms with marriage license issue, no bride included.

9. Bright's of Lenoir Co. by Wm. Doab Bennett, says Mary is mentioned as Mary House and has died but has heirs.

10. Simon Bright vs Jesse Cobb, Richard G. Bright is a Minor in 1802.

11. 1850 Mortality Schedule Lenoir Co. NC, listed having died Oct 1849 at age 57.

12. Craven Co.NC Land Deed Records , Book 44, 118, John's Estate papers list her as Polly but land deed cited shows her as Mary.

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