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All I had to go on when I started on this family research was my G-Grandfather and his brothers names and some information from that point forward in time, but as it turns out, their middle names have meant a great deal. My G-Grandfather was James Steel Wiggins and his brother William Bright Wiggins the children of William T. Wiggins and Mary C. Lyon. The main line in Lenoir (Dobbs) is solid but many of the others are from census and the location where they lived in Lenoir. If there were documents to prove or disprove the lineage I have, I would welcome it with open arms. I do not feel this is a lineage set in stone, as there may be proof on these â•?somewhereâ•?. I have not located it yet. To help keep the whole family visible is the reason for including it here. If you have documented information or oral tradition to share please contact me.

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