This has been an interesting family to research. There are good documents for a few but not very many during the time period needed. The documents in Old Dobbs County are gone, so if any are to be found they are at the NC Archives or in private hands. Oral tradition has been a big factor in the history of this family, but with each telling, it sometimes gets a little different until some is completely wrong. This has been dealt with in a few places where documentation has been found. I have tried to give sources on most of the records found, either as direct sources or in the notes. There are many to thank for the history being as complete as it is and hope I have not left out people who have contributed information. If so it was not intentional. When parts of this family moved to other areas, then records of great importance can be found. I am sure many more records are out there, waiting to be located. If there are areas of this family history that are in error or need additions to, please contact me. I would like to have some documentation to add your information to the family history.

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