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Rouse Photos submitted by Amy B. Rich

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The first picture is Thomas "Tom" Rouse. He is the son of John Rouse and Mary Mozingo. Tom was born January 21, 1894 and died November 29, 1935. He married Eva Ginn. Eva was born September 24, 1894 and died February 09, 1955. The couple had six children.

Willie Rufus Beaman married Mollie Rouse March 4, 1904. She was born September 29, 1882 and died January 10, 1951. In the photo Mollie is holding Willie James Beaman who was born September 15, 1942. He was the son of Jim Beaman and Annie Lee Davis. That would make him the grandson of Willie and Mollie. Judging by the age of the baby I would say the picture was taken in the Spring or Summer of 1943.

George Washington Beaman/ Beamon he was born August 3, 1852. I haven't found his parents yet. He married Alice Ann Walston. Alice was born November 23, 1847. They had five children. Estelle Beaman (she married Ben Rouse born Jan 23, 1884 died Sept 27, 1960 son of John Rouse March 20, 1859 died Oct 15, 1918 and Mary Mozingo Nov 20 1858---died Sept 12, 1941), Willie Rufus Beaman born August 2, 1880-- died November 11, 1954 (he married Mollie Rouse born Sept 29, 1882 died January 10, 1951 sister of Ben Rouse.), Birt Beaman born Oct 9, 1885) Ivey Beaman she was born May 13, 1890, and Mammie Mary Elizabeth Beaman she was born Dec 17, 1887 she married an Unknown Sutton.

I think they lived in the Greene-Wayne County area. I will also be sending the pictures of Estelle Beaman Rouse and Ben Rouse that I have recently acquired.


This is a picture of Willie Rufus Beaman (the son of George Washington Beaman and Alice Ann Walston) and Mollie Rouse (the daughter of John Rouse and Mary Mozingo). Please don't let the title of the jpg throw you off. The cousin that sent these is new to genealogy and she seems to have gotten confused on this one. My Dad has had this picture for ages and told me it was Willie Rufus and Mollie Rouse. Willie Rufus lived with my father and his family before Willie Rufus died. Thanks again.


This is the picture of Ben Rouse. The son of John Rouse and Mary Mozingo. He married Estelle Beaman the daughter of George Washington Beaman. Thanks!

This is the picture of Estelle Beaman Rouse that married Ben Rouse. She was the daughter of George Washington Beamon and married the son of John Rouse and Mary Mozingo. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Bessie Rouse Howell Phillips, Joseph (Joe) Rouse, and Sadie Rouse Reeves.

Not sure when the photo was taken.

Sadie Rouse Reeves married William (Pete) Reeves she was born Feb. 28, 1887 she died April 8, 1968. William (Pete) Reeves was born March 18, 1884 and he died July 5, 1973.

Bessie Rouse Howell Phillips married (1) Lonnie Howell she was born 1889 she died 1949.

Lonnie was born Nov. 24 1893 and died Feb 24, 1957. She later married Alex Phillips.

Joseph (Joe) Rouse married Emma Taylor. He was born April 9, 1903 and died June 22, 1969. Emma was born July 31, 1908.

I have more information on the people in the photos children. Have anyone contact me if they would like more.


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