North Carolinians


Alabama Portraits Prior to 1870

compiled by

The Historical Activities Committee

for the

National Society of the Colonial Dames of America

in the state of Alabama


Colonel Isaac CROOM
of Lenoir Co., N.C.
"Magnolia Grove"
Greensboro, Ala.
Unidentified artist. c. 1845
Oil on Canvas 24 x21
Sitting quarterly left, hands resting on chair arms.
Hazel eyes, dark hair, regular features. black stock, white wing collar. Lawyer and planter, president of Ala. Historical Society. Ala. Agricultural Society. Helped found University of South, Sewanee, Tenn. Married Sarah A. PEARSON. Inherited by niece of Mrs. CROOM, Sarah Pearson HOBSON. Owner: The HOBSON Family, "Magnolia Grove", Greensboro.
Mrs. Isaac CROOM
(Sarah A. PEARSON) 1797-1875 Of Lenoir Co., N.C.
"Magnolia Grove" Greensboro
Unidentified artist c. 1845
Oil on Canvas 24 x 21
Dark eyes and hair, black dress, low cut neckline with vestee and collar insert. Hands resting in lap.
sister of Chief Justice Richmond Mumford PEARSON, N.C. She and husban built "Magnolia Grove" classic revival architecture. Made state shrine 1943 in honor of great-nephew, Admiral Richmond Pearson HOBSON, Spanish American War hero, inherited by neice, Sarah Pearson HOBSON.
Owner: The HOBSON Family, "Magolia Grove", Greensboro.

William Whitfield CROOM
of Quincey, Fla: Eutaw, Ala. by Nicola MARSCHALL, c. 1860
Oil on canvas, 29 x 24
Elderly gentleman in dark suit, while facing forward. Wavy hair, high forehead.
Son of General Wm. CROOM and Mrs. CROOM
(Elizabeth WHITFIELD)
second married Julia STEPHENS, moved to Eutaw, he lived during & after Civil War, inherited by great grandson.
Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Stephens Gaillard CROOM, Mobile.

Of White Hall, Wayne Co;
Lenoir Co., N.C.
Unidentified artist c. 1810
Oil on Canvas, 24 x 19
Thick gray hair, brown eyes.
Dark suit with white waistcoat, shirt, stock & bow tie, middle years.
Inherited Rockford Plantation, Lenoir Co.
Captain in Rev. War. In house of Commons. Trustee of University of N.C.
Married in 1789 to Winifred BRYAN daughter of Nathan BRYAN. Parents of General Nathan Bryan WHITFIELD.
Inherited by great great granddaughters.
Owners: Misses Eleanor & Alice WHITFIELD. Demopolis.
(Winifred BRYAN)
Of New Bern, Lenoir Co., N.C.
Unidentified artist, c. 1810
Blue eyes, curly hair covered with cap of lace and blue ribbon.
Blue dress with sheed fichu of three wide folds. Black velvet ribbon tied in bow around neck.
Daughter of Nathan BRYAN, who represented Jones Co.,N.C. in House of Commons 1787-1794.
Mother of General Nathan Bryan WHITFIELD. After the death of husband, she was married again in 1819 to Gen. William BLACKLEDGE, Craven Co. Inherited by great great granddaughters.
Owners:Misses Eleanor & Alice WHITFIELD, Demopolis.

General Nathan Bryan WHITFIELD
Of Lenoir Co., N.C.; Demopolis, Marengo, Ala.
Unidentified artist c. 1830
Oil on canvas 29 x 24
Blue eyes, fair complexion, brown hair.
Wearing black suit, white stock & shirt.
Was graduated from Univ. of N.C. at age of 17.
At 19, was seated in N.C. Senate.
When he became of age he was commissioned major-general.
Settled in Marengo Co, where he built home called "Gainswood", which was used as headquarters by Gen. Leonidas POLK during Civil War.
Inherited by Lucy Sharpe MCCALL.
Owner:Mrs. Willard MCCALL, Birmingham.
Mrs. Nathan Bryan WHITFIELD
(Elizabeth WATKINS) 1801-1846
Of N.C., Demopolis, Marengo Co., Ala.
Unidentified artist c. 1835
Blue eyes, brown hair. Wearing dark dress with long sleeves. White lace vestee & collar with embroidered ruffle. Lace cap has double ruching around face. One hand showing.
Portrait inherited by Lucy Sharpe MCCALL from Natalie Whitfield SHARPE.
Owner:Mrs. Willard MCCALL,Birmingham.

Doctor Bryan Watkins WHITFIELD
Of Rockford, Lenoir Co., N.C.
Attributed to Nathan Bryan WHITFIELD
Date unknown. Oil on Canvas 24 x 20.
Hazel eyes, brown hair. Dark suit, white shirt, wing collar, not tie.
Graduate of Univ. of N.C. 1840 with A.B. degree followed by M.D. degree. Won honorary A.M. degree Univ. of Ala. Was surgeon in Confederacy. Married Alice FOSCUE in 1858. Inherited by great grandson.
Owner: Jesse George WHITFIELD, Birmingham.

Of N.C. & Demopolis, Ala.
Unidentified artist. Date unknown
Oil on canvas 30 x 25
Dark Hair, brown eyes. Black suit with white shirt, wing collar, white stock. Tall & slender. Was married in 1834 to Mary Ann WHITFIELD, sister of Gen. Nathan Bryan WHITFIELD. Wealthy planter with large land holdings in Ala., Miss. Inherited.
Owners: Misses Eleanor & Alice WHITFIELD, Demopolis.
Sons of Mr. & Mrs. Gaius WHITFIELD
Of Demopolis, Ala.
by William FRYE, c. 1851.
Oil on canvas 47 x 36
Three boys, all barefooted, pictured out of doors. Two older ones wear dark jackets, white shirts, long trousers. Youngest one in white dress with narrow sash.
Boys are James Bryan (1842-1914)
Bryan (1844-1862) and youngest,
George (1848-1871)
All three served in Confederate State Army. Bryan died of camp fever at age of 18. Rose window in Trinity Episcopal Church in his memory. James received medical degree at Univ. of Penn. Their mother was Mary Ann WHITFIELD, sister of General Nathan Bryan WHITFIELD. Inherited by grandson of James Bryan WHITFIELD.
Owners: Mr. & Mrs. James Whitfield BIRD, Forkland.

Source: Georgia State Archives
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