Levi MEWBORNE Family

Contributed by Mrs. JONES & son

Written on back:
A Family picture of 1895-taken at Coble's studio in Kinston, N.C.-from left to right the man with the shell belt is Noah PALMER of Baltimore, brother of my father's first wife. He was an official in the Knickobocker Candy Co. which later became the Nestle Co.- Mr. Jack PARROTT, my mother's brother was next, then Mr. ROGER'S my half sister's husband, then my father James Marion MEWBORNE, with his hand over the second string of bass, his brother Levi MEWBORNE, then Johnny, his son Mike of Charleston, S.C. holding the second Canada goose and last my half brother and pal Palmer.
Signed: Bruce MEWBORNE

Written at bottom of picture:
A 1900 Photograph of my half sisters Glenn and Susan and half brothers Hyman and Palmer and my father seated.
Coble Studio
Kinston, N.C.

Note-L-R: Mary Glenn MEWBORNE, Susan M. MEWBORNE, James Hyman MEWBORNE & Noah Palmer MEWBORNE, children of James Marion MEWBORNE & his first wife Eliza A. PALMER. Seated is their father James Marion MEWBORNE, son of Levi MEWBORNE and his 2nd wife Susannah Matilda PARROTT.

To Mrs. Annie P. La ROUQUE
Affectionately, Your brother
J. M. MEWBOURNE, age 46 yrs.
Aug. 11th, 1894

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