COMPOSITE MAP OF KINSTON, NC 1762-1850 submitted by Clair Hadley

See Key below for identification
Key for Composite Map
1. Christian Church. Built Ca.1843.
2. Store built by John Washington after 1810. Known later as Blount Store and King Store.
3. John Washington home. Built after 1810. Known later as St. Charles Hotel.
4. Possible site of Anglican chapel, 1762. Some evidence indicates chapel located on Lot 29.
5. Possible location of tobacco warehouse, 1762. Was located on 1and 1/2 acres that became town lots 29, 30, and 31.
6. Dibble Brothers Carriage & Buggy Factory, 1850.
7. Nichols Store. Built ca. 1836.
8. Moses Patterson Store, 1850.
9. R. L. Collins home, 1850.
10. Tailor shop of R. L. Collins, 1850.
11. W. J. Pollock Hotel, 1850.
12. Dallam Caswell home after 1810.
13. Market house, 1850.
14. Dr. John L. Taylor home and office, 1850.
15. St. Mary's Episcopal Church, 1840's.
16. Possible site of Ambrose Jones home, 1800.
17. Possible location of wharf, 1762. Dotted line shows river bank before erosion created gully into King and Heritage streets.
18. Dr. William A. Holland house and store, 1830's.
19. R.W. King Store 1845.
20. Loftin Hotel, 1850. Lot known earlier as "old King corner." May have been site of Thomas King home, 1800.
21. First courthouse. Built 1784-1785.
22. Second courthouse. Built 1830.
23. Possible home of William McBean, 1800.
24. Possible home of Joseph Elliot, 1800.
25. Store believed to have been run by Richard Caswell, Jr. 1783-1784; by Jesse Cobb, 1790s; known to have been operated by (John) Davis, (George) Kornegay, and (Nicholas) Hunter in 1835.
26. Boarding house run by Mrs. Perry, 1850.
27. Store built before 1845. May have been operated by John Washington ca. 1800-1810. Run by Stephen White in 1845. Known as (John H.) Peebles Store by 1850's.
28. Office. Construction date unknown. Was part of John H. Peebles's business complex.
29. Site of John Washington home 1800-1810. Disappeared before 1865. William C. Fields built new house on site between 1875 and 1880.
30. Home built ca 1790 by Simon Bright III. home of Elizabeth Cobb ca.
1807-1820, Abner Pearce 1824-1827, George P. and Phoebe Pearce Lovick 1834-1845 and John H. Peebles family 1846-1920s. Now known as "Harmony Hall."
31. Jail lot. Established, 1784. County jail and stocks.
32. Steam mill, 1849.
33. Blacksmith shop, 1849.
34. Home of John Lovick ca. 1796-1801. Probable home of Richard Caswell, Jr. 1782-1784 and temporary residence of Francis Child 1787-1788.
35. Home of John Gatlin and wife Susannah Caswell Lovick Oatlin. Moved here sometime after 1810. Long known as Gatlin House. Occupied by Dr. Richard G. Cobb in 1850.
36. Home of John Herritage. Believed to have been one of first homes built in Kinston. Became home of William Croom after Hcrritage's death in 1792. Sold to Abner Pearce in 1820. Pearce sold to Nathan C. Blount in 1823.
37. Home of Jesse Cobb. Believed to have been one of first houses built in Kinstcn. Later a boarding house known as "old castle."
38. Cemetery identified in records as "Cobb Grave Yard." Lot belonged to Jesse Cobb but other prominent Kinston residents buried there. Wall not erected until 1933.
39. "Red House." Pre-Revolutionary construction. An early home of Richard..
    Caswell (governor). Occupied by Secretary of State James Glasgow 1777-1779. Site of county court meetings 1779-1784. Home of John Gatlin in..
    1800. Bought by Abner Pearce, 1823. Pearce sold to Dr. Reuben Knox in..
    1824. Later owned by Dr. William A. Holland.
40. Cemetery of early origin. Graves unmarked and not enclosed. Subsequent owners did not care for graves and vestiges of cemetery virtually gone by late nineteenth century. Believed associated with Caswell family.

41. Home of Alexander Nichol, Scottish merchant. Built in 1836.

42. Home of Walter P. Allen, ca. 1835. Partially built in street.
43. Home of Dallam Caswell in 1790s. Home of Pinkney Hardee for over forty years.

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