Kilpatrick Miscellaneous Notes  

l. A. W. (Alexander) Kilpatrick was a Mason at St. John's Lodge in l85l
3. Check Platts in Archives for Craven County - according to Elizabeth Moore
there is a parcel labeled Alexander, Francis and William Kilpatrick I have
checked the Platt Book and can't find it.
5. Chloe Kilpatrick deed of gift to beloved cousin William Kilpatrick Lane
l825 - Wayne County Deed Book l2 p 564
6. Craven Deed Book I - p l08 - Lazarus Turner (or) - NS Neuse - l738 sold


Julia has done extensive work on the Moseley family which intermarried many
times with the Kilpatrick family. Some of these marriages can't be proven, many
can be proven, but the Kilpatrick wives' parents are not known.
The Moseley and Kilpatrick families were neighbors on the Greene-Lenoir County
Lines. Although Moseley and Kilpatrick land adjoined on Moseley's Creek in
Craven, these Moseley's were of the Edward Moseley family and never lived there.
Julia has put together many notes on the Kilpatrick family and many can be
found in her book on the Moseley family. I include those notes that I did not have
or that differ with what I have.
l. Her notes on William Jr. show the following children:
a. George - md Mary Hooker
b. John J. md Sarah
c. Francis
2. Her notes on Francis, son of William Sr. show the following children
a. Louisa - md Lemuel Mewborn
b. Warren - md Mary Ann Lovick in l820
c. Francis Jr.
3. Source unknown - Susie Woodley Kilpatrick was dau of George Lovick and
Rachel Frances Mewborn Kilpatrick - her paternal grandparents were Warren and Mary
Lovick Kilpatrick and her maternal grandparents were Levi and Susannah Matilda
Parrott Mewborn - (NOTE: I think Susie was the SKG MMM)
4. Some notes taken during a visit with Mary Virginia Kilpatrick in the late
a. Sam Kilpatrick's place was originally the Grainger place
b. "Aunt Susie's grandfather Francis was the son of William Kilpatrick, Jr.
- NOTE: I find this interesting since I don't have a Francis listed for
William, Jr. MMM
c. Grandpa's brother Tom P. Kilpatrick was from Wayne Co and moved to
d. George Bryant Kilpatrick, son of George and Mary Hooker Kilpatrick
married l) Darlie Moseley Sutton and 2) Laura Greene
e. Warre Kilpatrick son of William Sr. was b l759 and married Polly Dunn
McKinney in l782. He died in l82l. He had a son James who married Lovicey Cox
ca l802
5. Information sent to her by Bill Taylor of Hookerton - Frederick Baker II
married Elizabeth Kilpatrick in l820. Elizabeth was the daughter of William B.
Kilpatrick whose other children were Rachel, William H., Penelope, George, John
L. (who married Molly Taylor) and Samuel - NOTE: Julia and I agree that part of
this is wrong - MMM
6. Infor. on William B. Kilpatrick of Lenoir County moved to Jefferson County,
Florida around l840 and died there about l843, leaving two children: Sarah
Frances (bc l834) and W. D. (bc l839). The children lived with Wm. Palmer Moseley
(their half Uncle) of Madison Co., Florida after their father's death. (Wm. P.
Moseley had moved from Lenoir County ca l840. Both of the Kilpatrick children
died in l868. Neither married.
7. Another of Wm P. Moseley's sisters, Elizabeth was married to James R. or M
Kilpatrick of Lenoir Co who died there in l834. She also moved to Florida ca
l840 with her two children, Martha (bc l830) and James M. (bc l833). Around
l844, Elizabeth Moseley Kilpatrick married Wm Spencer Murphy, her deceased sister
Julia's husband who was also a former Lenoir Co. resident. Elizabeth's son
James M. Kilpatrick, died in Florida. He had a daughter, Laura and three sons,
Richard F., James M. and William F. - no further information. - Julia has been to
Florida to check these families out.
8. Some Kilpatrick-Moseley marriages
a. Elizabeth, widow of John who died in l760 - did she marry Thomas Moseley
of Dobbs Co around l762
b. Sarah (Sallie) Kilpatrick - b l800 d l887 - md William Augustus Moseley
- son of Tully Moseley and Susanna Jones - was Sallie's father Francis
Kilpatrick - Sallie's 2nd marriage was to _____Wiggins
c. __________Kilpatrick married Patsy Moseley - bc l798 - d ca l826 dau of
Tully and Susanna Moseley. Apparently she died shortly after her marriage, and
she probably had no children.
d. James R. or M. (I think this was M - MM) - d l834 in Lenoir Co married
Elizabeth Moseley - bc l8l0 in Lenoir Co - d l873 - 74 Jefferson Co, Florida.
She was the daughter of Wm Moseley and Louisa Gatlin Baker Moseley. James
Kilpatrick and two of their four children died in Lenoir Co (James d l834).
Note: Martha (Patsy) Mewborn and Louis Kilpatrick had a son James who
reportedly moved to Florida, but this is a different James.
e. George Kilpatrick md Darthula Moseley Sutton - already covered
f. Will H. Kilpatrick (l874 - l9l9) md Alice Harper (l879-l960) daughter of
John F. Harper (my Grandmother's brother) and Lydia Ann Moseley (dau of my
Grandfather, Wylie Thomas Moseley and his first wife, Mary Ann Hardee).
g. John L. Kilpatrick - (l845-l888) son of Louis and Martha (Patsy) Mewborn
Kilpatrick md Hollon Francis Moseley - already covered under Patsy Mewborn
9. Col. Soldiers of the South - John, Easter, William Kilpatrick - all in Capt
Francis MacLlewain's Company
May 2000 - Rhem-Waldrop Papers at the archives - PC 1510.1
17 March 1853 Alexander Kilpatrick of Craven gentleman to Joseph L. Rhem of
Craven and his wife Ann - for $1.00 all my rights in a lot of land in Craven - ES
Moseley Creek corner of Lot #1 in division of land of Worry Kilpatrick dec adj
William Smith - 48 acres - being 1/4 part of the lot laid off the James
Kilpatrick in division of land of Worry Kilpatrick to which sd Ann is entitled
WIT F. C. Meets
NOTE: By 1872 Joseph L was md to a Sarah
WHO was Elizabeth Kilpatrick, Willis Shipp's grandaughter - Will c 1780
l. Superior Court Craven - 22 Jan l802 - abstracted by MMM - John and Isler
Kilpatrick vs James Pillips Jr. and Sr.
2. Superior Court Civil Action - 7 July l803 - p 79 - abstracted by MMM John
Kilpatrick vs William moore - said more did pay what he owed
OTE: may have done above
l. 2
MAUREY CO< TENN - DOUBLE CHECK - where did I get this
From History written by Dr. William Thadesus Kilpatrick - ancestor William
Kilpatrick went to Maury co Tenn from NC ca 1810
Samuel Watson, James M., Frank, Thomas, Andrew, Joshua, Harriett
Eleazer Kilptrick md Mary Cathell - 4 June 1811 - was this a child or grandson
1820 Maury Co Census
Joshua Kilpatrick bc 1775 - 1794
From Roger - NC STAR - 12 June 1828 - Edgecombe Co May Term 1828 - Henry I. G.
Ruffin exec of Lanonos Ruffin dec.
Sally Kilpatrick, Jesse H. Cobb and Olive his wife, William H. Haywood and
Nancy his wife, Theophius Edwards and Elizabeth his wife, William Henderson and
Charity Ann his wife, Sally Dupree, Frederick Jordan and Elizabeth his wife,
Catherine Evans, Orren Lamon, Elisha Battle and Olive his wife.
Not inhabitants of the State - all of the above according to Roger's notes
ate: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 15:09:36 -0600 (CST)
To: Martha Marble <>
From: Crilley <>
Subject: Re: Rufffin
Sally Ruffin Haywood Kilpatrick was a daughter of Etheldred and Mary Haywood
She was born around 1780 and died around 1842.
She first married Dr. Henry Haywood and they had:
1)John Ruffin Haywood
2) Samuel Ruffin Haywood
I don't have any info on when Henry Haywood died or when she married
Kilpatrick or even where she died or in buried. So if the Kilpatrick person
can give us his FIRST name and more info, do let me know.
What you sent is in reference to a HUGE family quabble over a rich Uncle
Lamon Ruffin (who never married) leaving everything to Henry John Gray
Ruffin.....a brother of Sally Ruffin.
All the other people in the suit or either siblings, or heirs of deceased
According to a book on the Heritage family found at LCC - Susannah Kilpatrick
wife of Alexander was the daughter of Jesse Cobb and Elizabeth Heritage. It
said they had a son General Kilpatrick of the Confederate states. Susannah sister
to Elizabeth Heritage who md John Washington

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