Kilpatrick Cemeteries  







A. KILPATRICK CEMETERY - near Dingle Kilpatrick Smith's house on the

Greenville Hwy out from Kinston
Lewis Kilpatrick - b 8 July l8l9 - d l7 May l906 - original stone is broken,
but both pieces are still at the cemetery
Patsy Mewborn Kilpatrick - b l6 Sept l825 - d 27 Oct l867 - this is a new
stone - the original is gone
Lewis Kilpatrick - b 6 May l8l9 - d l7 Nov l906 - this is a new stone put there
probably at the same time as the new one for Patsy
Ann (Lane) Kilpatrick wife of Lewis - b l Oct l838 - d l6 May l892
John L. Kilpatrick - b 3l Aug l845 - d 27 May l888
Fannie H. Kilpatrick - wife of J. L. - b 28 March l846 - d l8 May l88l
Mevia Adelle Kilpatrick - daughter of J. L. and Fannie Kilpatrick - b l Oct
l877 - d 28 July l882
Susan wife of Lacy Phillips - b l4 Oct l82l - d l9 Nov l905 - NOTE: the dates
differ from what is in the James Kilpatrick Bible if indeed Susan was the
daughter of James Kilpatrick
Julia wife of J. F. Braxton - b 26 April l834 - d 3 April l9l2 - NOTE: daughter
of James Kilpatrick
Ralph L. Kilpatrick - b 5 Feb l875 - d 9 Jan l93l
Mattie I. Kilpatrick - b 23 May l892 - d l9 Jan l942 - NOTE: she was a Sasser
from New York and a well known songwriter
C. L. Rountree, Sr. - b l April l848 - d 26 July l924
Louisa E. Kilpatrick wife of C. L. Rountree - b 30 Sept l850 d 24 Dec l9l2
C. L. Rountree, Jr. - b 28 Jan l88l - d 4 Feb l9l9
Robert T. Brooks - b l882 - d l93l
Gladys Braxton Cummings - b l894 - d l976 - NOTE: her mother was a Kilpatrick
Mary M. daughter of C. L. and L. Rountree - b l2 Aug l869 - d 2 Aug l870
Hannah B. Rountree daughter of C. L. and L. Rountree - b 4 Sept l873
Ray Rountree son of J. H. and Pattie Ives Rountree - b 9 Aug l899 - d l0 July
B. KILPATRICK CEMETERY - « mile beyond British Chapel Church
Lottie Louise daughter of Zelph and Sudie H. Kilpatrick - b 5 Feb l922 d 6 Nov
MOTHER - Kathleen Kilpatrick Rigsbee - b 24 July l9l8 - d 29 March l968
Arlene Frances daughter of Zelph and Sudie H. Kilpatrick - b 2 March - d 29
March l926
Zelph H. Kilpatrick - b l5 Jan l876 - d 4 Jan l948
MOTHER - Sudie Hill Kilpatrick - b 2 June l896 - d 24 March l984
Nina Kilpatrick - b 8 Oct l876 - d 27 Oct l9l6
Margurite R. Kilpatrick - b 27 Sept l9l2 - d 5 Feb l9l5
John W. (Washington - MMM) Kilpatrick son of A. (Alexander - MMM )W. and S. E.
Kilpatrick - b 9 Dec l850 - d 20 March l899
Elizabeth Daughety MOTHER wife of J. W. Kilpatrick - b l5 May l855 - d 6 Feb
Jesse Pierce Kilpatrick - b l8 July l904 - d l4 Dec l9l8
Addie Marine Kilpatrick - b l7 Jan l886 - d 5 Sept l967
James Lewis Kilpatrick - b 29 Nov l873 - d ll Jan l956
NOTE: Addie and James were the parents of Dingle Kilpatrick Smith - James was
the son of John W. Kilpatrick
I have not looked up all of the Kilpatricks in this Cemetery
William James Kilpatrick - b 23 Dec l843 - d 27 Jan l9l0 - CSA Comp E 27th
Regiment Enlisted 20 April l86l NOTE: son of John J. and wife Annie Harding - b
l8 Jan l848 - d 26 Aug l90l
Sarah J. Kilpatrick - b 20 June l872 - d 2 Dec l947
John R. Kilpatrick - b l3 May l885 - d 6 Oct l885 ****check dates
William James Kilpatrick - son of M. H. and Alyse - b 27 April l904 - d 2l May
Maggie W. Witherington wife of Isaac Kilpatrick - 27 July l872 - d l0 Feb l95l
Isaac Kilpatrick - b 2 March l883 - d l0 June l962
Isaac Lee Kilpatrick son of Isaac Kilpatrick - b l0 Feb l907 - d l6 Feb l957
From Vol II, Pitt County Gravestone Records, l962 by Jeanette Cox St. Armand
pages 90-9l - sent to me by Ima Mewborn.
Paul Kilpatrick - b 9-l-l886 - d ll-27-l947
Jesse Kilpatrick - b 5-l0-l884 - d l0-l0-l945
Edward Kilpatrick - b 4-25-l877 - d 3-5 l945
Frances E. - b 6-2-l848 - d 2-4-l888 (wife of John B. Kilpatrick)
John B. Kilpatrick - b 2-6-l836 - d 9-11-l909
C.S.A. 3rd Sergt Company E, 27th Reg Inf. Enlisted 4-20-l86l
Daniel Kilpatrick - b ll-2-l875 - d 8-7-l898
Annie M. - b 3-3-l822 - d 7-8-l823 (daughter of P. P. Kilpatrick)
Penelope P. - b 6-29-l830 - d 9-3-l858 (wife of S. B. Kilpatrick)
S. B. Kilpatrick - b 4-3-l83l - d 6-23-l896
C.S.A. Pvt., Comp. K 27th REG. INF ENLISTED 4-26-l86l, PROMOTED lst CORP
Sarah Elizabeth Kilpatrick - 7-5-l874 - d 4-30-l93l
George Bryan Kilpatrick - b 9-25-l866 - d 7-27-l923
Louisa B. - b l-22-l833 - d 2-8-l888 (wife of Lemuel H. Mewborn)
Lemuel H. Mewborn - b 3-20-l836 - d 9-l6-l872
C.S.A. 4th CORP., COMP. E 4lst REG. ENLISTED 7-4-l862
Hallon Elizabeth - b - 4-2-l84l - d l0-l868 (wife of John B. Kilpatrick)
William P. Kilpatrick - b 7-32-l829 - d ll-l0-l862
Mary E. - b 4-3-l839 - d 9-1-l858 (wife of Levi A. Mewborn)
Bryan Burney - d ll-5-l856 - 73 years, 5 months, l6 days
John Burney ESQ - b l0-l2-l804 - d 4-6-l856 (died in Brunswick County)
Sarah - b 9-29-l827 - d 7-1-l856 (wife of J. J. Kilpatrick)
Barbara - b 7-1-l856 (daughter of J. J. and Sarah Kilpatrick)
John J. Kilpatrick - d 9-l2-l855 aged 29 years, 2 months, 5 days
(son of William and Penelope Kilpatick
John C. - d 4-1-l849 ll years, 2 months, l5 days (son of J. J. and Sarah
William D. Tucker - b 8-4-l8l7 - d 2-l4-l876 (son of Calvin and Caroline
C.S.A. PVT., COMP. D, 3rd REG, Enlisted 7-l5-l862, Discharged
Joshua R. - d ll-l7-l848 - 2l years, 7 months, l4 days (son of J. J. and Sarah
Elizabeth - d 4-l3-l855 - 56 years, 6 months, 4 days (wife of Bryan Kilpatrick)
Bryan Kilpatrick - d 5-4-l848 56 years, 4 months, 25 days.
Lewis Burney - d l-25-l844 - 56 years, ll months, l9 days
Sarah W. - d 9-9-l854 l6 years, 6 months, 27 days (daughter of Jesse and
Rachel Noble)
Rachel Noble - b l2-9-l802 - d 6-25-l860 - (wife of Jesse Noble) daughter of
Simon Burney and Louisa Pugh
Jesse Noble age 6 days (son of Mary and Frederick Harding)
W. F. Mewborn - b l0-l0-l860 - d 4-8-l923
J. C. Kilpatrick - b 5-l-l844 - d 25 Dec l899
wife Sarah - b 8 Nov l86l - d 30 May l904
John R. Kilpatrick - b 4 Nov l892 - d 7 June l9l0

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