Kilpatrick Lines  

Easley/Isler/Easler KILPATRICK - son of Alexander KILPATRICK
Francis KILPATRICK - son of William KILPATRICK Sr.
John KILPATRICK - son of Alexander KILPATRICK
LANE - husband of Charity KILPATRICK 
Warre KILPATRICK - son of William KILPATRICK Sr.
William KILPATRICK - son of Alexander KILPATRICK
William KILPATRICK Jr. - son of William KILPATRICK Sr.


I am of the opinion that his name should have been Easley which was his
mother's maiden name; however, in Craven County it is usually spelled Easler or
Isler. It appears he was the oldest child as he was an adult while living in
Va. He was a witness to his cousin John Easley's Will in Goochland Co on l9 Aug
l746. He moved to Craven County after his father. It is not known when he was
born but it had to be by l725 and he died between l795-l796. His wife was
Sarah, surname unknown, and as they were married for some 50 years, it can be
assumed she was the mother of his children. She married James Phillips by l796. I
find it great fun to look for "skeltons in the closet" and Sarah provided the
first really juicy skelton.
She obviously had a son by James Phillips bc l760 while married to Easley
Kilpatrick as is proven by the following:
found by Lenore Phillips Smith
The Petition of James Phillips, Jr. of the County of Lenoir humbly --- to your
Honorable body that he was the natural son of a certain Sarah Kilpatrick and
born some considerable time as your petitioner is informed before a marriage took
place between his mother and James Phillips the reputed father of your
petitioner. Your petitioner further shows to your honoarble body that he has already
been called and known and transacted all his business by the above name. But
your petitioner being informed that there might possibility hereafter arise some
dispute and he be injured in his battle to property which he had already a
right hereafter acquire by that name is therefore induced to apply to your
honorable body and pray that you will pass an Act confirming him in the name which he
has heretofore born and granting him such other relief as is usual in similar
cases and your petitioner as in duty bound shall --pray.
This compiler has done extensive work on the Phillips family. As far as
we know this James was the son of Thomas and Isabella Phillips and was born in
Prince George County, Virginia before his parents moved to N.C. James also had
another son Reuben and there are several transactions in the
Johnston/Dobbs/Lenoir Counties Grantor Index between James Sr. and James Jr. and Reuben.
"On l0 July l750 he petitioned for a grant of 450 Ac in Johnson County and
on 30 September l75l for an additional 400 ac. He removed to Johnston County
by l2 March l752 when 400 Ac adjoining his late fathers' Jones tract were
surveyed prior to issuance of a land grant to him l3 April l752. Easley sold this
tract to his brother John 7 February l753. On l0 May l760 he received a grant of
400 Ac in old Dobbs County on the upper side of Wheat Pocoson near the line of
Tho. King. On the l780 list of Dobbs County taxables, Easley's property like
that of most of his neighbors was valued at 400 pounds. On 4 March l786 he
entered a land claim for l00 Ac adjoining his own land on the upper side of Wheat
Pocoson where he had resided for 26 years." From Mrs. Neuhauser's article.
I have done extensive work on many families who lived in what we call the
Contentnea Neck area and have found that most of them continued to go to New
Bern to handle some of their legal transactions even though the area was actually
in Dobbs County and later Lenoir and Greene. For that, we can all be thankful.
Also, the District Court was located in New Bern and many court cases were
tried in Craven County. Again, we can be thankful. In Mrs. Haun's Abstracts of
the Craven County Court Records, we can find the Jones Tract purchased by
Alexander Kilpatrick mentioned again and again.
In addition, I have found additional Records in the Archives in Raleigh that
mention this case.
a. The Clerk of the Court in Glasgow County gives John Coward, Justice,
power to call before him Sarah Phillips concerning what she may know relative to
the controversy between William Kilpatrick and John Grainger. l8 Jan l796

b. Clerk of Craven County appointed John Holliday to take the depositions

of Samuel Moore, David Vance, James and Sarah Phillips relative to William
Kilpatrick vs John Grainger. March l798

c. Sarah Phillips, witness, examined before Jacob Lassiter, Justice of the

Peace, Greene county, in behalf of William Kilpatrick, says that in the
lifetime of Easler Kilpatrick, her former husband, perhaps 53 or 54 years past, her
former husband employed a surveyor James Varnum to survey a tract of land...and
they came within sight of the house where William Kilpatrick now lives. l798
NOTE: Sarah had to be off at least 5 years on her dates according to when
Easley came to NC
d. Dispute between the Kilpatricks and Phillips - Sarah Phillips and Mary
Phillips to come as witnesses as well as Patience Phillips. Patience said when
she was l4 or l5 she was at the house of Isler Kilpatrick (doesn't say when she
was l4) - John Varnum was surveyor and according to Sarah Phillips this was
surveyed c l750. Patience gave this statement in l800.
From the collection of Elizabeth Moore
Possible children of Easley and Sarah Kilpatrick
l. Rachel - b by l760 - she was named in her uncle John's Will in l760.
nothing further is known of her and she is the only proven child.
2. Easley - documentation for this possibility
a. defendant in James Phillips vs Easler Kilpatrick - l793-l803
It is not clear if this was Easley Sr. or Jr and there is no exact date

b. plaintiff in John and Isler Kilpatrick vs James Phillips, Sr. l80l-03 -

in this case Isler and John called themselves "brothers". Easley Sr. was dead
by this time
Again to quote Mrs. Newuhauser - "Litigation between the families of James
Phillips and Easley Kilpatrick began as early as July l793, when Phillips lost a
trespass case against Kilpatrick in Lenoir County. The land in question lay
south of Great Contentnea Creek near Mill creek. Phillips claimed a l40 ac tract
under a patent granted to Lewis Conner commonly called Coll. Dry's which
overlapped a portion of the l760 grant of 400 Ac to Easley Kilpatrick. Because
litigation with Phillips over the elder Kilpatrick's 400 Ac grant continued with
John and Isler Kilpatrick as plaintiffs, it can be assumed that both acquired
rights in the controversial tract as the son and heirs of Easley Kilpatrick." I
find it interesting that with all the litigation between James Phillips and Isley
Kilpatrick, the latter's widow should marry the former.
c. Abstract - William Moore vs Jn. Kilpatrick - July Term l80l -
Isler Kilpatrick made the oath that he is attorney in fact for his brother
John Kilpatrick, the defendant who lives in South Carolina. That it was not a
sum of six pounds that was due from Moore to the said John but the quantity of
eight hundred weight of pork which the said Moore promised to pay John on the
exchange of horses, and which pork at the time it became payable was worth thirty
shillings per hundred which was the sum to wit twelve pounds from which the
Justice gave judgement without any interest.
The defendant further said that the said Moore did not insist on the length of
time before the Justice who tried the warrant (can't read next few words) but
on the contrary admitted the promise and only claimed the payment of the six
pounds to William Kilpatrick as a discharge of the contract. The defendant does
believe that William Kilpatrick was received the six pounds on behalf of John
Kilpatrick nor does he believe that the said William had any authority to
receive the said debt.
d. In the "Case of the Pale Blue Sow' in l80l, Isler Kilpatrick served on
the jury while Ezles and Easter Kilpatrick were witneses so there was more than
one Easley in the 3rd generation although I think the two witnesses were really
one person.
Easley might have moved from this area as he can't be documented in later
records. I suspect he may have moved to South Carolina although one Easley moved to
Duplin County c l8l0. This appears to be the one that married Sarah Fife -
Marriage Bond Date 27 April l789. I think the Duplin County Isler was probably
the son of William. South Carolina Census Records show one Easley on the l800
Darlington County Census along with a John and one on the l8l0 Sumter County
Records with a John. I don't know if this was Easley Jr. or a son of John. I have
only looked at the Index for South Carolina and not the actual Census.
3. John - documentation for this possibility - d 21 August 1825 according to
Bible Records of son Easley - md Ann - Bible does not say she was the mother
but says wife of John - d 30 nov 1818
a. See b under brother Easley -

b. John took William Moore to Court in l80l for money that William owed him

for the sale of horses in l784. This document states that John had moved to
South Carolina. South Carolina Records show John on the l790 Census in Camden
District, Chester County with one male over l6, l male under l6 and 2 females. A
John was in the Revolution in the same Company as Alexander. A John was on the
l800 Darlington County Census with Easley and on the l8l0 Census for Sumter
County with Easley.

l. Abstract of Document - John Kilpatrick vs William Moore dated 8

April l80l - Craven Co Superior Court Records
William Moore about the month of April l784 became indebted to John Kilpatrick
upon an exchange of horses, in the sum of 6 lbs. Soon after John Kilpatrick
moved to South Carolina and directed William Moore to pay the money directly to
William Kilpatrick and Moore swears he did in November and demanded a receipt,
but William Kilpatrick being an unlettered man, James Moore, brother to William
wrote the note and witnessed it but the note did not specify the amount paid.
A short time after John Kilpatrick returned to N.C. and received a warrant and
James Moore had removed to the (can't read - looks like Southward), and William
Kilpatrick denied he had ever received the money. The magistrate gave
judgement against the defendant for twelve lbs being the amount of original debt and
fifteen years interest.
John and this Easley appear too old to have been children of William, but would
be about the right age to be sons of Easley.
New Bern District Ejectments Box 3 - Easlar Kilpatrick had sons Easlar and John
a. Easley Kilpatrick - Bible records - b 8 Nov 1782 d24 May 1861 in
Darlington Co, SC md Mary Cooley daughter of John Cooley who dc 1796 - according to
estate records in Darlington Co, SC in 1841- Mary - b 20 March 1783 - d 9 Marh
1. Harriet M. Kilpatrick - 6 August 1806
2. William H. Kilpatrick - 7 November 1807 - moved to Ala
3. John Bright Kilpatrick - 17 Oct 1809
4. Mary Ellis Kilpatrick - 6 June 1811
5. Thomas Boyd Kilpatrick - 20 Jan 1814
6. Robert S. Kilpatrick - 15 May 1815
7. Martha Ann Kilpatrick 16 October 1816
8. E. S. Kilpatrick - 27 May 1819 -
9. Elias F. Kilpatrick - 25 April 1823 - d 10 October 1904 md on 1 November
1845 Eliza A. Parnell b 17 December 1827 d 2 July 1909
a. Thomas Lorenzo Kilpatrick - b 30 June 1847
b. Mary Frances Kilpatrick - b 11 July 1849
c. Sydney Capers Kilpatrick - b 5 August 1852
d. Eliza Ann Kilpatrick - b 11 December 1853
e. Margaret Elizabeth Rebecca Kilpatrick - b 3 November 1855
f. Sarah Martha Kilpatrick - b 9 March 1858
g. Selina Adeline Kilpatrick b 15 May 1861
h. William James Kilpatrick - b 5 June 1867
i. Elias Fletcher Kilpatrick - b 9 June 1870
4. Alexander - Mrs. Neuhauser places Alexander under Easley based on his
receiving the deposition of William Kilpatrick, Sr. in l802 in his position of
Justice of the Peace. I have placed this Alexander under William as I think he was
the same Alexander who was co executor of William's estate. It is entirely
possible that both Easley and William had sons named Alexander.
In the l790 Census for Pendleton County, S. C. there is an Alexander with 4
males over l6, 2 under, 4 females and l2 slaves. An Alexander and John were in
the same unit in the Revolution. A further study of South Carolina Records might
determine if this Alexander was any relation of the Alexander of Craven County.
It is possible and probable that Easley Sr. had additional children that can't
be documented at this time. From all evidence available, it does not appear
that any of Easley's sons stayed in the Dobbs County area. All males in the next
generation that are documented appear to be sons of William. In the third
generation there are several John's that can't be connected with a father at this
time. We must remember a lack of records in Dobbs/Lenoir/Greene Counties make
this a difficult task.
Craven County Deeds for Easley - from notes of SKB
l. Plot Isler Kilpatrick 400 Ac Johnston County NS Great Contentnea at a
hicory or mill run formerly James Jones line runs metes and bounds l3 April l752

2. Plot shows: Manoah Patrick l60 A - Isler Kilpatrick 400 A mill pond dead

hicory on Mill Run proved to be James Jones beginning corner by oath of R.
Weatherington. James Jones Patent 268 A - l5 Dec l738 - SKB shows no date

3. Ezlo Kilpatrick (or) John Kilpatrick (ee) - 50 lbs proclamation money 400

Ac in Johnston County, SS Great Contentnay Creek and NS of Mill Swamp 7 Feb
l753 - wit Edward Fitzspatrick, Wm Lewis, Joshua Miller - copied from Clerk's
Loose Papers -

4. Plot - Isler Kilpatrick - 400 A Johnson county NS Great Contentnea, a

hicory or Mill Run, formerly James Jones line - l3 April l752
Plot shows Manoah Patrick - l60 A Isler Kilpatrick 400 A - Mill Pond, proved to
be James Jones beginning corner by oath of R. Weatherington, James Jones patent
l5 Dec l738 - Copied from Clerk's Loose Papers
l. 27 July l803 - p 5 - John and isler Kilpatrick vs James Phillips Jr. and
Sr. and James and Thomas Summerall - Phillips' are found guilty - Summeralls' are
found not guilty.

2. 22 Jan l802 - John and Isler Kilpatrick - vs James Phillipr Jr. and Sr.

3. 27 July l803 - p 79 - John Kilpatrick vs William Moore - Moore did pay what

he owed to Kilpatrick


According to his Obituary in the Raleigh Register, Francis was born c l774.
He died on 23 February l8l4.
OBIT: Raleigh Register Friday March 25th, l8l4
Deaths Major Francis Kilpatrick -----February 23rd., Lenoir County
"At his seat in Lenoir, on the 23rd Major Francis Kilpatrick, in the 40th year
of his age. The Major has left a wife and a numerous family of children to
lamant his death, and it may be said with equal truth that he has left a large
circle of friends to console with them for the loss of this worthy man who may be
justly ranked among the patriots of the present day, for although he was a
members of the General Assembly at the time war was declared against Great Britain
and held the appointment of Major of Cavalry yet such was his love of country
and his determination to support its rights that he accepted the appointment of
Captain of the Lenoir Volunteers, and in that office like every other office
which he filled through life, acquitted himself with honor."
Francis was on the voters list for Greene County in l793 and he would have
had to be 2l years old to vote. As often is the case for men during these
years, his age in the paper was incorrect, as a better birthdate would be l765
l770. I suspect he was one of the youngest children. He lived in Greene and
Lenoir Counties; therefore, there are no records for him. As far as I know there
is proof of only one child, Louisa. The descendants of Warren Kilpatrick are
sure they also come down this line.
An aunt of Jeff Kilpatrick wrote "Major Francis Kilpatrick was the father of
Warren W. Kilpatrick who married Mary Ann Lovick on January 25, l836. Warren W.
Kilpatrick was my grandfather" signed S. K. B. I can make some wild guesses
based only on names for some possible daughters but there is not any good
circumstantial evidence to back these guesses up. Census records indicate at least
three sons, but we can't even be sure how many as he died before the l820 Census
and I can't find Rachel after l8l6.
He lived with his father on the l790 Census, was at least 2l years old in
l793 and appears to be married in l800 living in Greene County. The male who
was l0-l6, the female over 45, and one of the other older females in his
household are unknown. He would not have had children over the age of l0 at this
time. No doubt they were relatives of his or his wife's. By l8l0 there were 3
male children and three female children that were probably his. Again an older
man and woman would not have been his children. There may have been one or two
other children born between l8l0 and l8l4 when he died.
There are few records for Francis. We do know that he was in the N.C.
General Assembly and that he served in the War of l8l2. He was obviously well
liked and respected by his peers. Both Francis and Alexander were Masons in
Greene county in l799. He did not appear to be a wealthy man for on the l8l6 Greene
County Tax List, his widow, Rachel, only had l33 and l/3 Ac. There may have
been more, but his children would not have been of age yet so this was probably
all he had. What happened to all that his father had? Rachel was not on the
l820 Census - what happened to her? Did she remarry or die? If it was the
latter, then who did her minor children live with? As already stated, I think they
lived with their Uncle Alexander Kilpatrick. I think William B. Kilpatrick and
James Kilpatrick were also his sons. The B. probably stood for Bryan. It is
interesting there was no Hugh or other Pugh names. Again, we regret his heirs
were not listed in the Moses Grifin Supreme Court Case like the other heirs who
were deceased.
Francis was a chain bearer on 7 Sept l798 during a survey of the Jones
tract in a dispute between William, Sr. and John Grainger. He was, along with
Alexander, executor of his father's estate. As stated before, William Jr. did not
die until after l8ll when his son George was born. This would mean the William
who died in l808 was William, Sr.
The Lemuel Mewborn Bible states that Lemuel married Louisa Kilpatrick
daughter of Francis and Rachel Pugh Kilpatrick. The Pugh Bible says Rachel was born
in l767 which would make her several years older than Francis if his birthdate
was l774.
l. Louisa bc l804 - md Lemuel Hardy Mewborn, Sr. on 4 September l823
see line under Lemuel Hardy Mewborn
2. Warren W. Kilpatrick bc l8l0 - md Mary Ann Lovick - according to family
a. George Lovick Kilpatrick - md Rachel Frances Mewborn
l. Frances Kilpatrick - bc l868
2. Warren Kilpatrick - bc l870
b. A. Jefferson. - b l85l - according to Elizabeth Moore
l. Frank L. Kilpatrick - b 6 Feb l894 - according to Elizabeth Moore
c. Susan Kilpatrick - bc l848
3. Sarah (Sallie) - b l8 Nov l800 - d 8 June l887 - md William Augustus
Moseley, Sr. - information from Julia Combs - Sarah was a Kilpatrick, but her parents
are not known. They named their eldest son William Francis so it seems logical
to place Sarah under Francis.
4. Mary Kilpatrick - md Wiley Kilpatrick of the Warre line - md on 29 March
l82l according to Craven Co Marriage Bonds. Again she was a Kilpatrick, parents
unknown. Her age is right to be a daughter of Francis and she named a son
5. William B. Kilpatrick bc l790 - l800 - are there are NO hints to the
parents of William B. Kilpatrick. I think William Jr.'s sons are all identified.
Because his name was William, I suspect he was a grandchild of William Sr., not
of Isler and the middle initial could stand for Bryan. Julia Combs has sent
most of the information we have on William B. who moved to Florida.
Julia writes " William B. married Sallie Baker who was the daughter of
Frederick Baker and Louisa Gatlin. Louisa Gatlin Baker md 2nd William Moseley and
they were the parents of William P. Moseley. Two children known born in Lenoir
Co: William D. b ca l839 and Sarah Frances b l834. According to the Census,
there were others. The family moved to Jefferson Co. Florida by l842. The
parents died soon afterwards and the children lived with Wm. P. Moseley in Madison
Co., Florida until their deaths both in l868."
William B. had numerous land transactions as evidenced by the
Grantor/Grantee index before he moved to Florida.
The Census Records are of interest. According to them, he was born no
later than l800 and by l794. He was living by himself in l820 in Lenoir County.
In l830 there were two older males living with him, one his age 30-40, and one
20-30. There was just one adult female and several young females. According to
the Lovit Hines collection, we know he and Sarah were married so these men
could have been his or her brothers. As Warren is not listed in the Census, he was
probably the male 20-30. In l840 there is still a male who could not have been
his son living with him and a female.
At no time does it appear his brother James lived with him.
The Lovit Hines Collection has two items on William B.
a. William B. and Sally R. Kilpatrick - 28 Sept l826 - sold to Walter Dunn
- 300 A for $l500 - NS Neuse on Briary - the division in between Sally and
William and Thomas and Elizabeth Campbell - adj to William Witherington and a tract
purchased by Kilpatrick of Rolland Moore and Isaac Barwick. Julia Combs says
that Sally and Elizabeth Campbell were sisters, daughters of Frederick and
Louisa Gatlin Baker.
b. Roland Moore sold to William B. Kilpatrick - SS Briery - on 24 July
l82l. FO by patent to Solomon Witherington then to John Moore then to Robert
6. James M. Kilpatrick - again, this information is from Julia Combs. James
dc l834 in Lenoir County, married Elizabeth Moseley bc l8l0 in Lenoir County - d
l873-74 in Jefferson Co. Florida. She was the daughter of Wm Moseley and
Louisa Gatlin Baker Moseley. James Kilpatrick and two of their four children died
in Lenoir Co. Elizabeth and the other two children, Martha and James M. moved
to Madison Co in the early l840's along with her brother and sisters. Shortly
thereafter she married her deceased sister's (Julia) husband, William Spencer
Murphy. Julia writes that Martha (Patsy) Mewborn and Louis Kilpatrick had a son
James who went to Florida, but this is not him although the names James and
Martha indicate the Louis line. There is nothing to suggest that this James was a
son of Francis, and I put him here because he has to go somewhere. James is
listed on the Lenoir County Census as is his widow Elizabeth before she moved to
Florida. Maybe someone has further information on him.
I hope that someone has some information about the parents of both William B.
and James that would help us put them in the right order.

John Kilpatrick was probably born in Goochland or Henrico Co., Va and died in
Dobbs Co, N.C. with a Will in l760. He married Elizabeth, surname unknown, who
may have married 2nd a Moseley according to Julia Combs. We are thankful he
left a Will as it names his brothers and one child for each. It is too bad he
didn't include all his nieces and nephews. He remembered one child of his four
brothers-in-law, but did not give the names of their wives or state whether they
were the brothers/sisters of his wife or the husbands of his sisters. They
could have been all one or the other or a combination of each. I am inclined to
think these four men were husbands to the daughters of Alexander Kilpatrick. A
check of Henrico Co., Va. Records proves that at least Henry Turner lived there
with the Kilpatricks.
Abstract of Will: 25 shillings each to brother Isler Kilpatrick's daughter
Rachel Kilpatrick; brother William Kilpatrick's son Warre Kilpatrick;
brotherin-law Henry Turner's daughter Hannah Turner; brother-in-law Aaron Grizzard's
daughter Lucy Grizzard; brother-in-law Alexander Harper's son Francis Harper;
brother-in-law Thomas Carter's son Alexander Carter; bay colt to cousin John Turner;
rest of estate to wife Elizabeth except land to be equally divided between her
brothers and sisters and my brothers and sisters; land to be sold at wife's
death and money divided equally between above named nieces and nephews. Executors,
wife Elizabeth Kilpatrick and Henry Turner. Witnessed by Manoah Patrick and
Henry Turner. Will written l8 March l760 probated July Court l760.
The four brothers-in law named with their one child each are;
Henry Turner - daughter Hannah Turner
Aaron Grizzard - daughter Lucy Grizzard
Alexander Harper - son Francis Harper
Thomas Carter - son Alexander Carter
l. torn deed - John Kilpatrick (or) Wm. Kilpatrick (ee) - 50 lbs proc. money -
200 Ac on SS of Great Contentnea Creek and NS Mill Swap - adj Manoah Patrick's
corner - Deed of sale proved in open Court Feb l759

2. Ezlo Kilpatrick (or) - John Kilpatrick (ee) - 400 Ac in Johnson SS of Great

Contentnay Creek and NS Mill Swamp - 50 lbs - 7 Feb l753 - wit Edward
Fitzpatrick, Wm Lewis, Joshua Miller - copied from Clerk's Loose papers - Craven County
3. Henry Turner, Executor of John Kilpatrick to William Kilpatrick - 58 lbs
five shillings proclamation money - NS Wheat Swamp including a Plantation that
the said John formerly lived on and holden by patent granted to Ezlo Kilpatrick
dated l752 for 400 Ac of land, and water, woods - part of a patent for 240 A -
Wit - William Hooker, Elisha Coward - Clerks Loose Papers - SKB

Charity Kilpatrick, daughter of William Sr and his 2nd wife Chloe Coward, probably
died before l847 as she was not named in her husband's Will - md Sampson Lane -
They lived in Wayne County in l8l8 and appear to have continued to live there. Samson
Lane had a Will in WayneCounty dated 2l May l847 - son William K Lane; Elizabeth
Faison daughter; grandaughter Louisa who md William C. Bryan
Of course, you're welcome to use it. The one thing I'd want to add (not
really a Kilpatrick thing, though) is that William C. Bryan's and Mary
Elizabeth Lane's son John's death certificate lists his mother's maiden
as Mary Elizabeth Lane--that's how I initially confirmed that she was a
From: Sue Guptill <>
To: "Martha Marble" <>
In response to your last e-mail:
Actually, this is the story of William C. Bryan:
This William Bryan's son, [referring to William W. Bryan, married to Olive
Croom] William C. Bryan (who always seems to have signed his name as Wm. C. Bryan)
was born on 16 December 1811 in Wayne County. He has often been confused in
records in Pamlico/Craven County with William G. Bryan, Jr., who married Mary
Elizabeth Gooding, and who was several years older than Wm. C. Bryan. Wm. C. was
married to Mary Elizabeth Lane, adding to the confusion. (See Gatlin Cemetery
for birth date).
In 1835 William C. sold his share of his father's estate to his
stepfather, Elijah Smith for $400.23
In 1843 and 1845 William K. Lane, son of Samson Lane, sold Wm. C. Bryan a
total of 494 1/2 acres of land adjoining his own land. In 1848 Samson Lane's
will left William C. Bryan "who married my granddaughter Louisa" 2 Negroes and
approved an exchange of 2 others, apparently to keep a family of slaves
Wm. C. Bryan married Mary Elizabeth Lane by 1848. This was evidently the
"granddaughter Louisa" referred to above in Samson Lane's will. There are
strong ties throughout William C. Bryan's life with William K. Lane and his son
James S. Lane (and Samson Lane was William C. Bryan's first guardian). I
speculate from this (but cannot confirm) that Mary Elizabeth Lane was William K. Lane's
daughter and James S. Lane's sister. William and Mary had 4 children: Susan
Elizabeth ("Bettie"), born June, 1848; John, born 6 June 1850; James, born 1855;
and Franklin ("Frank), born 7 July 1857.25
In 1850, William C. Bryan was listed in the census of Wayne County in the
district "North side of the Neuse." He was 38 years old, and his occupation
was "Clerk of S. C." [Superior Court]. His real estate was valued at $3000. At
that time, he and Mary had 2 children. Also in the household were a woman
named Argent Waters (apparently the sister of William C. Bryan, listed above in
William W. Bryan's will as Argent Bryan), aged 40, who was blind; a 17 year-old
boy named Gabriel Shearard, who was a student; and a 20 year-old free black man
named James Carroll, who was a farm hand.26 Slave schedule census records for
1850 show William C. Bryan as owning 17 slaves ranging in age from 2 to 50.
There were 10 males and 7 female.27
In 1860, William C. Bryan was listed in the Goldsboro district, Goldsboro
Post Office in Wayne County. His occupation was farmer and his real estate was
valued at $7750 and his personal estate was $12,000. By this time there were 4
children. Argent Waters still lived in the household, and there was a 28
year-old man named Wm. Daniel who was listed as an overseer who could not read or
write.28 Slave schedules for that year listed Wm. C. Bryan as owning 24 slaves
ranging in age from 1 to 56. Fourteen were males and 10 were females. He had
3 slave houses.29
William C. Bryan was apparently first elected clerk of Superior Court in
Wayne County in 1849. At that time he, along with Wm. K. Lane and Waitman
Thompson posted performance bonds of $1000 and $4000 (on the same day). These bonds
were renewed every year through 1859. Amounts varied from $1000 to $15,000.30
On 5 October 1853, George V. Strong, newly appointed clerk and master of
Court of Equity, Wayne Co., placed a performance bond for himself. Other
bondsmen were Richard Washington, Jno. Wright, E. (Everitt T.) Smith, Richard Manley,
Wm. C. Bryan, and George Moses. Total bonds on that date were $14,000. This
bond was renewed on 1 October 1855 with the following bondsmen: George V.
Strong, Jno. Wright, Wm. K. Lane, W. C. Bryan, G. C. Moses.31
In 1860, Wm. C. Bryan, while still living in Wayne County, bought 887
acres of land jointly with Jas. S. Lane "of Craven County, late of Wayne Co." from
Wm. E. Ferebee in what is now Stonewall.32 In 1867 they divided the land, and
Wm. Bryan's share included 60 acres "containing his residence."33 This means
that the Bryans moved to the Stonewall area between 1860 and 1867. (Actually
Wm. C. Bryan was mentioned in a deed in which he was a trustee as living in Wayne
Co. on 1 November 1862).
Much of the land that William C. Bryan owned in Wayne County was in an
area called Webbtown, between White Hall (now Seven Springs) and Goldsboro, and on
Stoney Creek which was in the same area. When Union troops were marching up
the Neuse River toward Goldsboro to join Sherman's troops from Fayetteville and
Terry's troops from Wilmington, they met Confederate resistance (briefly and
ineffectively) in Webbtown and Stoney Creek.34 At that time the Bryans were
living in Goldsboro, but most of the property was still in the Webbtown area. It
is possible that this property was destroyed or so damaged that it was not
usable any more. Possibly that is why the family moved away from the area to the
Jackson (Stonewall) area.
Wm. C. Bryan was not allowed to vote in the 1867 United States election
because he was a magistrate who had "given aid and comfort to the enemy."35
(See North Carolina Extant Voter Registrations of 1867.).
On 9 March 1868 in response to a judgment against William C. Bryan
regarding debts owed in Wayne County, the sheriff of Craven County was ordered to
seize the lands of William Bryan in Stonewall and sell them to pay the debt. The
property was sold to John R. Smith of Wayne County. In 1868, William C. Bryan
declared bankruptcy, and James S. Lane was named the assignee in bankruptcy and
William Bryan's property was granted to Lane to sell. The deed states that
this includes all land in Craven and Beaufort county, about 4000 acres including
land at the head of Vandemere creek in Craven County and land at the head of
Jones Bay in Beaufort. I find this baffling, because I have not found any
evidence that William ever bought land in Craven County other than the Stonewall land,
nor could I find any transactions in Beaufort County.36
In the 1870 census Wm. C. Bryan is listed in the Alfred's Store district
of Craven County as a farmer with real property worth $2000 and personal
property worth $550.37
On 30 January 1871 William C. Bryan bought back the land in Stonewall that
he had sold to John R. Smith in 1868. The deed states that the land was
"heretofore granted to Wm. K. Lane [on 9 June 1868] as trustee for Mary E. Bryan and
others." 38
In 1873 William C. Bryan had a crop of cotton stored in his field, which he
was afraid would burn, so he arranged to store the cotton with C.S. Fowler and
James S. Lane (his brother-in-law or cousin-in-law, whom he had originally bought
the Stonewall land with), owners of a local cotton mill. On 24 February 1873
the cotton mill burned to the ground, destroying the crop. William C. Bryan sued
Fowler and Lane for negligence. He presented evidence that when mill hands went
into the gin area to get warm, it was the habit of the overseer to burn cotton
fibers off of their clothes as they went in. Sometimes a spark of fire would
still be on the mill hand's clothes, and it was contended that such a spark might
have started the fire. William Bryan lost this case, which he eventually
appealed to the state Supreme Court (and still lost).39
Wm. Bryan's will left 100 acres of land in Stonewall to each of 3 of his
children: Bettie, James, and Frank, with the rest of the land in Stonewall to
be used by his wife until her death, and then to be divided among those 3
children. He left his son John his property in Goldsboro; John was the executor of
the estate.40
Wm. C. Bryan's son Frank died the same day he did, on 2 May 1879. He was
21. In the settlement of Wm. C.'s estate, there were credits to the estate as
follows: Cash on hand, cash from property sold, collections from notes, and
payment from F.P. Bryan's estate of $123.55. Total credits were $1350.41.
Debits included several notes owed, totaling $243.25.41 Since there was a credit
in the estate from the F. P. Bryan estate, Frank died earlier in the day than
William, making William his heir. A deed dated 21 May 1879 states, ". . .
whereas our beloved brother Frank P. Bryan died unmarried and without issue before
the death of our beloved father . . ." and goes on to allow John W. Bryan a
share of Frank's estate.42 William C. Bryan's will states that the land in
Goldsboro was John W. Bryan's entire share of his estate; William obviously did not
consider the possibility that one of his children would predecease him, so that
the land in Stonewall would only be divided 2 ways, rather than 3, so that
Bettie and James would have a proportionately larger share than John. This deed
divides Frank's 100 acres among all 3 of the surviving children, and similarly
divides the life estate of Mary E. Bryan.
Wm. C. Bryan is buried outside of the fence of the Gatlin Cemetery. He
was not related to the Gatlins. My grandfather, James Leon Gatlin, says that his
family bought that land from Wm. C. Bryan in about 1900. Wm. C. Bryan was dead
in 1900; Bradford Gatlin bought it on 21 January 1889 from John W. Bryan acting
as commissioner for his mother, Mary E. Bryan; this was her life estate.43
Wm. C. Bryan and Frank were already buried there; maybe that is why the Gatlin
family members have been buried on that property.
John W. Bryan moved back to Wayne County, possibly before his father's
death. A handwritten letter dated 29 December 1879 in Pamlico Co. miscellaneous
papers to "Jim" in regard to certain legal issues in Pamlico County indicated
that he was an attorney in a firm, Grainger and Bryan, located in Goldsboro. He
represented Pamlico County in a lawsuit that went to the state Supreme Court,
and which he won.45 On 1 December 1881 he sold the land he was deeded in
Stonewall for $550.46 Land records in Wayne County after 1883 show him as a resident
of Wayne Co., buying and selling land. Some of the deeds in which he is
grantor list his wife, Bela, and his mother, Mary E. Bryan.47 It appears that after
they sold her life estate in Stonewall, she moved back to Goldsboro and lived
with her son John and his family.
John W. Bryan died on 17 May 1919 shortly before his 69th birthday. His
death certificate lists his occupation as "Stewart at State Hospital, Goldsboro,
NC." The cause of his death was "stricture of bowel" which he had had for 2
years, 11 months and 27 days. The contributary cause was "Tuberculosis of bowel
and lungs" which he had had for 25 years.48 John's wife Bella (Bela) died in
1957 at the age of 97. They are both buried in Willow Daile Cemetery in
Goldsboro. There are a Paul R. Bryan and Winifred B. Bryan buried beside them,
possibly their son and daughter or daughter-in-law.49
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As to Goose Creek, no I didn't know that that was where William and Ann were; I
haven't gotten that far back looking at deeds for the Bryans in Craven Co. In
my research of the Gatlins and Millers, though, I've noticed a pattern of people
moving from the Swift Creek area to the Goose Creek/Broad Creek area. Sometime
I want to try to look at the dates of the earliest of deeds in Goose
Creek/Broad Creek for several people and see if there are connections with those people.
There seem to be so many directions to take to put together information--I wish
I had more time! What was the name of the woman who md. one of the Gatlins? I
have a lot of Gatlin information, some in dispute with other researchers.

The name Warre has been written in several ways - Warre, Worry, and later
Warren. It probably should have been Warsham after his mother's brother Warsham
Easley. The name Warren comes down even today.
Warre was b by l760 and dc l82l with a Will. He first md Polly McKennie on 27
Dec l782 (Craven County Marriage Bonds) and 2nd Lovicy. It is not clear in
most cases who the mother of his children was as both may have had children by
Warre. Warre moved to Craven County and he and his family are well documented
there with land records and Wills. According to land platts, copies in my
possession, his land was right on the Neuse River and adjoined the Moseley and Lane
families. Julia Combs said the Edward Moseley family owned this land, but never
lived there. For this reason, it is doubtful any of the Kilpatrick/Moseley
marriages down this line were Edward Moseley's family, but were Moseley's of
Lenoir County. Because there are so many records in this branch, it has helped in
fitting the Lenoir and Green County branches together by process of elimination
if nothing else.
l. Charles Hollingsworth of Beaufort (or) Worry Kilpatrick (ee) - SS Neuse
River, Moseley's Creek, 326 A, part of a patent to Edward Moseley in l728; 359 A
on the SS of Neuse, patented by James West. Wit Stephen Harris, George Lane -
proved Dec l787 - Deed Book 28, p 4l0 - This appears to be when Warre moved to
Craven County
2. Grant to Worry - 93 Ac SS Neuse and ES Moseley's Creek, to Tyer's line 24
Nov l793
3. Grant to Warrey - for ten lbs for every l00 Ac paid into the Treasury, 93
Ac in Craven on SS Neuse, ES Moseley's Creek at the mouth of said creek Grant
Book 2 p 289 - 24 Nov l790
4. Worry (or) - John West (ee) - l0 lbs - 40 Ac SS Neuse on the River Swamp
between Moseley's line and the River opposite where the said John West now lives.
- Deed Book 32 p 560 - 8 March l794
5. Thomas H. Daves, Esq (or) - Worry Kilpatrick (ee) - Lands of Lewis
Kilpatrick, dec - fell to Sally Kilpatrick as heir at law of Lewis Kilpatrick land on
East Side of Moseley's Creek, a cypress in Lovick's Line, on the creek Bank and
run south to Worry Kilpatrick's corner in said Lovick's line to Solomon
Patrick's corner, Lovick's line, 50 A conveyed to Lewis Kilpatrick by Frederick Isler
Cox and Samuel Cox - Book 42 - p 299 - l5 Jan l82l - SKB
6. Lucas B. Herritage (or) Worry Kilpatrick (ee) - land called Slate Landing
beginning at a gum on the SS of Neuse to Fred Cox's corner - 6ll 8/l0 Ac for
$l000. l4 Dec l8l9 - Book 4l p 39 - SKB -
loving wife Leovicy two beds and furniture, two cows and calves, six ewes and
lambs, two sow and pigs, two horses called Snap and Twig, two plows and geer,
one maple desk and third of my household and kitchen furniture including that
already mentioned. I also lend her my dwelling house and negro woman Hue, during
her natural life - Secondly, I give unto my son James, the one half of my
manor plantation lands beginning at the East side and running up Moseley's back
line, then a line parallel with the lower line to the River, so as to include one
half of said lands, also one third part of a tract of land on the cypress pond
patented by James West, also negroes Jack and Edmond, to him his heirs and
assigns forever Thirdly. I give unto my son Wiley the other half of my manor
plantation lands including my dwelling house and improvements, also the third part
of my lands on the cypress pond, also one negro man called Ben and one boy
called Silas, and after the death of wife, also the negro woman Hue, to him, his
heirs and assigne forever. - Fourthly, I give unto my son Worry my plantation
known by the name of the Jones Land, also three hundred dollars to be paid in cash
by my sons James and Wiley one hundred each twelve months after the lawful time
of paying my debts and fifty each twelve months after that, also one negro girl
called Lucy, also one third of a tract of land on the cypress pond, to him, his
heirs and assigns forever. - Fifthly, having already given a portion to my son
John I now give him ten shillings to him and his heirs forever - Sixthly, I
give unto my grand daughter Sally Kilpatrick, one negro girl named Harriet and two
hundred and two dollars in cash to her and her heirs and assigns forever. - I
also give unto my son Wiley the land that I bought at the sale of my son Lewis,
dec on conditions that he pays Sally the above mentioned two hundred and two
dollars with interest from the time of my decease. I leave all my property not
above mentioned, etc to be equally divided between my sons, James, Wiley, and
Worry. I appoint William McKinney and James Kilpatrick Executors to this my
Last Will and Testament. - 27 Aug l82l
Worry's widow Lovicey appeared and dissented this Will.
Warre probably had other children, especially daughters but these are the ones
listed in his Will. The Census Records do list females and one Marriage Bond
has to be the daughter of Warre. According to the Census three sons were born
by l790.
l. Lewis Kilpatrick - d l8l7 - Estate Records in Craven Co. He was probably
the son of Polly as William McKennie was the Administrator of his estate. He md
Mary (Sally) ________.Craven County Court Records, March l8l7 - Mary Kilpatrick
widow of Lewis Kilpatrick, says her husband departed this life since the last term of
Court and Administration granted to William McKinney. Prays for dower.
a. Sally Kilpatrick - bc l8l6/l8l8 - she was an infant when her father died
2. James Kilpatrick - b 2 Sept l789 - son of Polly - md 28 Nov l8l5 to Lovicey
Cox daughter of William Cox and Lovicey his wife - she was b 6 Feb l80l. Some
of the Bible Records still exist for James and Lovicy and are included in this
booklet. There may be more records, but I do not have a copy of them. James
moved to Lenoir County.
a. John C. Kilpatrick - b 8 April l8l7
b. Lewis Kilpatrick - b 8 July l8l9 - d l7 May l906 - md Martha (Patsy)
Mewborn, daughter of Lemuel H. and Louisa Kilpatrick Mewborn. The original
tombstone for Patsy is missing from the Kilpatrick Cemetery; however, the one for
Louis is still there, but broken. New stones have been placed for both, but the
dates do not agree with the original tombstone. Louis was a member of the
Masons and the Methodist Church. He was a highly respected member of his
l. John Lewis Kilpatrick
2. Louisa Elizabeth Kilpatrick
3. Bryant Cox Kilpatrick
4. James L. Kilpatrick
5. Levi Kilpatrick
UNDER THE MEWBORN SECTION (not posted online yet)
Lewis md 2d Ann Lane of Craven County in l878
l. Robert Lee Kilpatrick
2. Ada Kilpatrick - md a Wilcox
3. Ralph Kilpatrick
4. Albert Kilpatrick
NOTE: I have not followed these children, but many descendants still live in
Lenoir County
Lewis md 3rd - Nettie Worthington in l894
No Issue
c. Louisa Kilpatrick - b 7 April l822 - may have married Phileteus Nelson
d. Susan Kilpatrick - b l5 Oct l824 - md l) Columbus Dunn 2) Lacy Phillips
e. Guilford Kilpatrick - b 28 Feb l827
f. Elizabeth Kilpatrick - b 22 April l829
g. Hollon Kilpatrick - b 26 Sept l83l - may have married John B. Kilpatrick
h. Julia Kilpatrick - b 26 April l834 - md l) Jesse Bruton
l. Speight Brock Bruton - see line under Martha (Patsy) Mewborn section
md 2) J. Frank Braxton
l. Clyde Rountree Braxton - md Daisey Rountree - see line under Martha
(Patsy) Mewborn section
i. Patsy Kilpatrick - b 2 Jan l83
j. Henry Kilpatrick - b 24 Jan l840 - probably the Henry who died during
the Civil War
k. Nancy Kilpatrick - b l6 Sept l842
3. Wiley Kilpatrick - bc l794 d l838 - maybe the son of Warre's second wife -
md Mary Kilpatrick on 28 March l82l (Craven County Marriage Bonds) who may have
been a daughter of Francis Kilpatrick. Wiley's estate records are in Craven
County in l838 and states that all his children were under the age of 20.
l. Book 55 p 479 - l4 Feb l842 - John B. Dawson, Sheriff to James Kilpatrick
re lands of Wiley Kilpatrick, dec which descended to: Frances, Lovick, Jane,
Ellinor, Mary, Charles Kilpatrick - heirs at law of Wiley Kilpatrick
land on SS Neuse River, two tracts of 3426 Ac/359 Ac conveyed to Worry
Kilpatrick by Charles Hollingsworth by Deed 8 Aug l787 - also other tracts, one for 30
A purchased by Wiley Kilpatrick from Durant H. Lane, 20 Dec l823, land on
Moseley' Creek, Lewis Kilpatrick's upper corner, other tracts
Clues as to Wiley's mother and his wife's parents come from the names of his
a. Frances
b. Lovick
c. Jane
d. Ellen (Ellinor) - md Samuel Lane - 22 Feb l848 (Craven Marriage Bonds) -
line can be traced
e. Mary - bc l833
f. Charles
4. John Kilpatrick - probably moved back to Lenoir County as he can't be
traced in Craven and there are several Johns in Lenoir and Green Counties that
can't be traced.
5. Warre Kilpatrick II
bc l790-95 d l830 - md l7 April l8l8 (Craven Co. Marriage Bonds) to Patsy
She md 2nd Samuel Avery. Warre's estate records are in Craven in l830.
l. 7 March l830 - - Daniel Lane, Levi West, Richard Carlton, William Griffin,
Jacob Rhem, William Smith, Daniel Smith, Kenion West, J. B. Cox, James Prevatt,
William P. Biddle and Luke Russell to lay off to Patsy Kilpatrick one third of
plantation of 200 Ac on Moseley's Creek whereof Warry Kilpatrick, dec, died
seized and posessed, beginning in the line of said Warry Kilpatrick's line near
gates of the mill of J. B. Cox running to the main road, to Carlton's path, to
line of John Collins, Moseley's Creek, to Cox's line - 350 A more or less - also
mansion house - Copied from Clerk's loose papers, Craven County - SKB

2. Court Records - Feb Term l83l - Patsy Kilpatrick petitions for dower in

lands of Worry Kilpatrick who died _____day of _____l830 leaving his widow and
five children: William, Worry, James, Alexander, and Patsy. Worry Kilpatrick died
seized of l500 Ac of land on Moseley's Creek. Prays for guardian to be
appointed for children and for dower to be allotted - papers in Clerk's Loose papers -

3. Book 54 - p 408 - Nov Term l840 - partition of lands of Worry Kilpatrick

among heirs - Ann Kilpatrick, James, William M., Worry, Alexander W. Kilpatrick -
land on Moseley's Creek, Allegator Branch, Little Creek. SKB

4. Oct l839 - petitioners requested a partition of Worrey's Negros; Samuel

Avery and wife Patty, William, Alexander, Worry, James, Ann Kilpatrick by their
next friend James Kilpatrick - infor from Julia Combs
a. William M. Kilpatrick
b. Warre III bc l824 - md Elizabeth Bond Phillips b 20 Oct l826 daughter of
William and Elizabeth Daughtry Carr Phillips of Lenoir County (Supreme Court
Records of William Phillips' Estate in Archives) - Warre probably had a 2nd wife
as Elizabeth appears to have dc l858
c. James P. Kilptrick - not traced
d. Alexander W. Kilpatrick - d l853 - md Susan Washington daughter of
William A. Washington. She md 2nd William C. Pittman and had two children Philetus
Clay and William Franklin Pittman. Estate records for Alexander can be found
in Craven County.
l. Deed Book 56 - p 93 - 25 March l84l - Alexander W. Kilpatrick (or) to
William P. Biddle (ee) - for $60.00 land on SS Neuse, ES Moseley's Creek on or near
swamp called Wildcat and Cypress Pond, being one third of a larger tract of
land owned by the elder Worry Kilpatrick and after his death was divided between
the three sons James, Wiley, and Worry, and the said Alexander in the division
of his father's land made in l840 fell heir to his father Worrys, part of said
tract of land as by reference to the division may be made to appear - SKB

2. Administration bond to the State of N.C - John M. McKinney's Administration

bond in the sum of $l0,000.00 - l3 Sept l853 - Alexander W. Kilpatrick, dec -
Sureties: K. T. West, James Kilpatrick

3. l854 - March l0 - Widow's dower laid off to Susan Kilpatrick widow of

Alexander W. Kilpatrick by commissioners: Samuel Simpson Biddle, J. S. Kenion T.
West, Isaac B. Cox, John Gooding - from Clerk's Loose Papers SKB

4. W. L. Kilpatrick in account with Edward, James and John Kilpatrick minor

heirs of Alexander W. Kilpatrick late of Craven County, dec - account returned
Dec Term l858 - by Warry L. Kilpatrick - SKB

5. Guardian Bond of Warry Kilpatrick to the County of Lenoir in the sum of

$9,000.00 - l3 Dec l859 Guardian to Edward, James and John Kilpatrick, minor
orphans - Clerk's Loose papers - SKB

6. In Dec l856 Edward, James, and John received land in Craven and Lenoir Co

adj to James Kilpatrick and Wm Pugh and others - infor from Julia Combs
Children of Alexander
l. Edward Kilpatrick
2. James Kilpatrick
3. John Washington Kilpatrick - descendants in Lenoir County today some
live where John Lewis and Patsy Mewborn Kilpatrick lived and are buried in the
same Cemetery. - line can be traced.
6. Polly Kilpatrick bc l785-l788 md Holston Roberts - Marriage bonds - Craven
Count - md on 2l March l806 I can't prove she was a daughter of Warre Sr.,
but it is probable.
William Kilpatrick - probably born in Goochland Co. Va by l736/37 (New Bern
District Ejectments - Box 3 - William Kilpatrick age 65 or 66 on l4 June l802 in
Greene County) - dc l808. William may have been one of the younger children of
He died after the l800 Census. Tradition in the Loftin family said Chloe
Coward was the wife of William but there was nothing to prove this. One of his
grandchildren was named Chloe and the Cowards were close neighbors. There was also
a Chloe Kilpatrick in the Wayne Co Deed Book. In l993 information was sent to
me from North Carolina Supreme Court Case #l60 Bryan vs Griffin l8l8 that
proved Chloe Coward was the mother of most of William's children.
Moses Griffin of Craven County son of Solomon and Sarah Bryan Griffin died
without children, with no brothers and sisters according to the Case (however,
members of the Griffin family said he did have sisters) and his large estate was to
be divided between the heirs of his aunts and uncles. This document has more
genealogical information in it than any one document I have ever seen. The list
of names goes on for three pages. The document states that Solomon Griffin
had a sister Anna or Ann who married William Coward. Anna would have been the
aunt of Moses Griffin. Anna Griffin and William Coward had among other children,
a daughter Chloe who married a Kilpatrick. There is no doubt that Chloe md
William as John's wife was Elizabeth and he had no children, and Easley's wife was
Sarah. Those were the only three Kilpatrick's of that generation. The document
lists Chloe children: William, Francis, Chloe, and Alexander Kilpatrick, and
Charity Lane. William and Francis were dec in l8l8. In every case where an heir
was dead a list of their heirs was given EXCEPT in the case of Francis and
William Kilpatrick. This is too bad for our line, but at least this document
exists to at least prove William's wife.
Extensive work on our Griffins has been done by Ray Griffin and he has
published a book, but it is on the later family. After his book was published, he was
able to document this line back into Northampton Co., Va. Much work has also
been done on the Coward line by various people. Information on these families
will be included in this study.
Neither Warre nor Easley are listed as children of Chloe. This leads me to
believe that William was married twice and had two sets of children. I have
changed this study to so indicate. Chloe must have been the 2nd wife as there is no
doubt that both Warre and Easley were much older than Francis and William, Jr.
William's land was on Wheat Swamp on the dividing line between Lenoir and
Glasgow Counties when Dobbs was abolished. He was a fairly well-to-do man and on
the l780 Taxable List was worth l973 lbs while his brother and most of his
neighbors were only worth 400 lbs. He had approximately l000 Acres on both sides of
Wheat Swamp Creek and south of the Great Contentnea.
William served as a Lieutenant in the Revolution under Captain John Garland in
Company C. He was commissioned 4 Oct l775 by the Provencial Council of N. C.,
certified by the Chairman of the Committee of Dobbs and served with his
neighbor John Grainger. It would be nice to establish a DAR line for him, but without
the Lemuel Mewborn Bible, that may not be possible.
Colonial Records of N.C. - Book l7 p 650 - William Kilpatrick Rev Pension
William a wounded soldier be allowed 20 barrells of corn - William of Pitt Co - did
not have to pay Poll Tax
Census Records indicate William had at least five sons and two daughters and I
think all can be proven except for Easley. I am of the opinion that all the
Kilpatrick's who still live in the area descend from William and his sons Warre,
William, Jr., and Francis.
Francis and Alexander Kilpatrick were Co-executors of a William's estate and
several documents can be found at the Archives under the Court Records regarding
his estate. I can't prove which William the estate records are for; however, I
am inclined to think they were for William, Sr. and will go on this premise
unless proven otherwise. William Jr. had one son, George who was bc l8ll and this
would indicate he did not die until after l8ll.
a. To the Sheriff of Wayne County from Craven Co - Sheriff directed to take
the bodies of George Lane and Sampson Lane to New Bern to answer Alexander
Kilpatrick and Francis Kilpatrick Executors of William Kilpatrick of a plea that
they render the said Alexander and Francis the sum of sixty three pounds eighteen
Shillings and four pence which to them they owe and from them unjustly detain
to their damage fifty pounds - March l808
b. Alexander Kilpatrick, Francis Kilpatrick and Solomon Patrick (William's
brother-in-law) are held and firmly bound to George Lane and Sampson Lane
(William's son-in-law) in the just and full sum of fifty pounds which was paid -
January l808. Alexander, Francis and Solomon were Exec. of William Kilpatrick
NOTE: Solomon Patrick was William's brother in law, and Sampson Lane was his
son in law
Children of William Kilpatrick
Married lst unknown
l. Warre Kilpatrick - b by l760 - d l82l - md lst Polly Mckennie on 27 Dec
l782 - md 2nd Lovicy. Line followed in this booklet.
2. Isler Kilpatrick - as there were two Easlers or Isler's in the area of the
same generation there can be no doubt one of them was William's son. This may
have been the one who married Sarah Fife - Bond date 27 April l789. The name
Amos apears in the Fife family. Isler, from his marriage date would have been
one of the older children. I am inclined to think this Isler moved to Duplin
a. Duplin Deed Book 4A p 262 - 7 Nov. l8l0 - James Hall (or) - Ezler
Kilpatrick of Lenoir County - 450 lbs 548 Ac. on the river to the Bridge adj John
Brock part of patent to William Dickson, Archibald Gillespie and Andrew Mcintire
in l763 - 80 Ac ES of Northeast River adj James Gillespie - l00 Ac ES
Northeast River except for 1 Ac for a church - wit John Hunter, John Best

b. Duplin Deeds - Book 2 p 89 - Sarah Kilpatrick daughter of Easler


c. W. F. Kilpatrick to Thomas Kilpatrick - W. F.'s wife was Martha A.

d. Book 22 p 2l2 - Amos Kilpatrick to son Thomas - on Stockinghead Swamp -


e. Names in the Deed Index for Duplin - Amos, Easler, Sally, Thomas,

William F., Sarah Wilkins

f. Tombstone information - Sarah Kilpatrick - b 28 June l828 - d l7 April

l896 wife of William Wilkins; Lavina Kilpatrick - b 5 Jan l825 d l867 wife of
Joseph Boone

g. l830 Census - only Amos - males: l 5-l0; l l0-l5; l 30-40: females

l under 5; l l0-l5

h. l850 Census - only Amos 54 farmer born in Lenoir Co, Mary 54, Sarah 2l,

Thomas l7, Eliz l6, Mary C l4, William 9
William md 2nd Chloe Coward
l. William Kilpatrick, Jr. - b by l770 - d after l8ll - md Penelope Pugh.
Line followed in this booklet.
2. Francis - bc l770 - l774 - d 23 Feb l8l4 - md Rachel Miriam Pugh, daughter
of Hugh and Elizabeth Bryan Pugh. He was probably one of the youngest of
William's children. Line followed in this booklet. (NOTE: Egbert Rouse sent me the
name Miriam.)
3. Chloe Kilpatrick - d after l8l8 - d after l825 The only information I have
on her is a Deed of Gift to her beloved cousin William Kilpatrick Lane in l825
- Wayne Deed Book l2 p 564. In this case cousin meant nephew. In l8l8 the
Court Case said she lived in Lenoir County but she may have moved to Wayne County.
4. Alexander - b by l772 d after l8l8 - md Susan d l2 Jan l8l8 aged 43 years
ll months, 2l days - this would have her born c l774 - served as co
administrator of his father's estate. He was a Justice of the Peace in l802 and served
as a member of the General Assembly from Greene County in l804. His brother
Francis also served in the General Assembly. His wife, Susan, and son Alexander
are buried in the old cemetery in Kinston and most likely Alexander was also
buried there, but the stone is no longer in existence. I do not think there are
any male descendants of Alexander in this area, although he did, according to
the Census Records, have other males living with him.
Looking at what Census Records are available, one can come up with any
number of interesting possibilities, none of which are provable. Alexander was on
the Glascow Tax List in l793 which means he would have been born no later than
l772. In the Census of l790, he is not listed, but appears to be in his
father's household. The same is true for the l800 Census. We can't tell from the
Census if one of the females from l6 to 26 would have been his wife or sisters.
There is no l8l0 Census, but he is on the l8l6 Tax list with 323 Acres, l white
pole and ll Black poles. On the l820 Census he is listed in Greene County with
l male 0-l0, l male l0-l6, l male l6-26, and one male over 45 who would have
been Alex; he had l female 0-l0; l female l0-l6; l female 26-25; and one female
over 45. In l8l4,
Alexander's brother Francis died with a number of smallchildren. Either his
widow remarried, died and the children moved in with someoneelse or they
could have all moved in with someone else - maybe Alexander. There
are several male Kilpatricks who would have been the right age to be children
of Alexander or Francis who have not been identified; however, not the number
indicated by the l8l0 Census for Francis and the l820 Census for Alexander. I
suspect William B. who moved to Florida c l840 and James who died in Lenoir
County, but whose wife and children moved to Florida were children of Francis and
moved in with Alexander. William B. was born between l795 and l800 and was
living by himself in l820. Alexander did not have any children until after l800.
a. Alexander J. Kilpatrick - d April 24, l837 - Aged 23 years 8 months this
would put his birthdate as September l8l3
5. Charity Kilpatrick probably died before l847 as she was not named in her
husband's Will - md Sampson Lane - They lived in Wayne County in l8l8 and appear
to have continued to live there. Samson Lane had a Will in Wayne County dated
2l May l847 - son William K Lane; Elizabeth Faison daughter; grandaughter
Louisa who md William C. Bryan
a. William Kilpatrick Lane
b. Elizabeth Lane - md ________ Faison
one of his children had a daughter Louisa
It appears to me that most of the Kilpatrick families in Craven, Lenoir, Pitt,
and Green Counties today are descended from William or from his sisters.
l. 2l Jan l803 - p 63 - William Kilpatrick vs Willis Grainger - trespassing
found not guilty

2. l789 - Thomas Blackledge assignee of William Kilpatrick vs Matthew Mason

and William Beck


William was born by l770 and died after l8ll when his son George was born, but
before l8l6. There is no Greene County Census for l8l0. In l8l6, William was
not listed on the Census, but Penelope was with 6 Black poles and 250 Ac. He
md Penelope Pugh who was b l773 and was the daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth Bryan
Pugh. They lived in the Contentnea area although her estate records can be
found in Greene County. William was on the l790 Census with no children. In Bill
Murphy's book - Estate Records of Greene County - there is an Elizabeth
Kilpatrick's estate with the division of Negroes on 4 Sept l84l. I have not seen the
original document, but Elizabeth has to be Penelope as the death date is right
and among the heirs listed are proven sons of William and Penelope. The list
of their children comes from the estate records and some are backed by Cemetery
Records. It is possible Elizabeth could have been a daughter of William Sr.,
but with slaves it is not probable. If she were a sister, then the heirs would
have been living brothers and sisters. There may have been other children, but
they would probably not have had heirs. One possible exception is William B.
Kilpatrick who can not be placed with parents. He was born c l800 and would
probably have been the grandson of William Sr. He moved to Florida c l842. He
was not listed in Elizabeth Kilpatrick's estate, but he may have already moved to
Florida and Negros were hard to transport. Penelope was on the l840 Greene
County Census being between the age of 60 and 70 with one male aged 20-30 and one
female aged 20-30 living with her. She does not appear on the l850 Census.
l. Bryan Kilpatrick - bc l792 - d 5 April l848 - md Elizabeth Burney daughter
of Simon and Louisa Pugh Burney - She was the granddaughter of Hugh and
Elizabeth Bryan Pugh. She was bc l799 - d l3 April l855. This family lived in Pitt
County and Greene County. Both are buried in the Kilpatrick Cemetery near St.
John's and they are found on the Census Reports.
a. William P. Kilpatrick - b 3l July l829 - d l0 Nov l862 - listed in
Census Records and buried in the Kilpatrick Graveyard - lived with Lemuel and Louisa
Kilpatrick Mewborn on Census of l860. Was a carpenter.

b. Simon Burney Kilpatrick - b 3 April l83l - d 23 June l896 - md Penelope

b 29 June l830 - d 3 Sept l858 - probably a cousin. They are buried in the
Kilpatrick Cemetery and are found on the Census Reports. Simon was in the Civil
War according to his tombstone - CSA - Pvt Comp K 27th Reg Reg Inf - enlisted l6
April l86l promoted to lst Corp.
l. Sarah Elizabeth Kilpatrick - b 5 July l874 - d 30 April l93l buried
in Kilpatrick Cemetery and on Census Report

2. George Bryan Kilpatrick - b 25 Sept l866 - d 27 July l923 - buried

in Kilpatrick Cemetery and on Census

c. Louisa Penelope Kilpatrick - b 22 Jan l833 - d 8 Feb l888 - md Lemuel

Hardy Mewborn, Jr. - b 2 March l836 - d l6 Sept l872. He was in the Civil War -
CSA 4th Comp - Comp E 4lst Reg. The Census of l860 does not list Louisa as
the wife, but a Susan. It is not known if the Census taker wrote down the wrong
name; however, no one in this line is aware of it if Lemuel married twice.
This family lived in the St. John's Church area.
l. Lemuel Bryan Mewborn
2. W. Frank Mewborn
3. Rachel Elizabeth Mewborn
4. Mary Louise Mewborn
5. Walter Mewborn
6. William Clarence Mewborn
NOTE: See additional details under Lemuel Hardy Mewborn, Jr. under the Mewborn
d. William B. according to Census - probably not so

e. Mary Elizabeth - b 3 April l839 d l Sept l858 md Levi Mewborn. She is

buried in the Kilpatrick Cemetery.
OBIT: Abstracted by Russell King - from The American Advocate l855-l859 Died:
at home of Lewis Kilpatrick, Lenoir Co Sept l, l858, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth
Mewborn, wife of Levi A. Mewborn and daughter of late Bryan Kilpatrick - age l9
years, 3 months, 28 days
f. John Bryan Kilpatrick - b 6 Feb l836 - d ll Oct l909 - CSA - 3rd Serg,
Company E, 27th Reg. Inf. Enlisted 4-20-l86l - md l) on 8 Feb l866 Hollon
Elizabeth Pridgen daughter of James and Hollon Tucker Pridgen - b 28 April l84l - d
l Oct l868. On the l860 Census in Pitt County under Lemuel Mewborn, Jr. are
two Kilpatrick men - William and John R. aged 24 years old, a schoolteacher. I
am of the opinion that these two men were brothers of Louisa Mewborn and the R.
in John's name should have been a B. John is buried at the Kilpatrick
Cemetery. There are Bible records for this family in Bill Murphy's Bible Records,
Volume #III.
l. Lena Kilpatrick - b l6 Nov l866
md 2) on 7 Nov l871 Frances E. Rhem, daughter of Edward and Mary Rhem b 26
June l848 - d 4 Feb l888
l. Lula Kilpatrick - b 25 July l874 - d 23 Jan l945 - md W. G. Chapman -
b 3 Feb l872 - d l934
a. Alton S. Chapman - b 8 Oct l901
b. Janie M Chapman - b 24 Dec l905 - d l4 July l972
c. Fannie Rhem Chapman - b 2 Oct l906

2. Daniel Kilpatrick - b 2 Nov l875 - d 7 Oct l898 - buried in

Kilpatrick Cemetery - Census

3. Edward Kilpatrick - b 25 April l877 - d 5 March l945 - buried in

Kilpatrick Cemetery - Census

4. Lucy Kilpatrick - b 27 Nov l878 - Census

5. Moses Kilpatrick - b 28 Sept l880 - d 25 Dec l943

6. Emma Kilpatrick - b 30 Dec l88l

7. Isaac Kilpatrick - b 2 March l883

8. Jesse Kilpatrick - b l0 May l884 - d Oct l945

9. Paul Kilpatrick - b l Sept l886 - d l945

2. John J. Kilpatrick - bc l797 - d Dec l855 Census Records put his birth
about l797 - he md Sarah - last name unknown - her age is wrong also. There are
estate records for John J. in Pitt County in l858. C. R. 079.508.4l at N. C.
Archives. Widow Sarah - children Penelope; John House and wife Catherine; and
three minor children - Francis M., William James, and Sarah J. B. William Pugh
was guardian of the minors. John House was the Administrator. John J. and
Sarah are buried in the Kilpatrick Cemetery and the stone says he was the son of
William and Penelope.
a. Joshua R. Kilpatrick - b l827 - d l7 Nov l848 - buried in Kilpatrick
b. Penelope Louisa Kilpatrick - b l830 - d after l858 - Census and estate
c. Catherine Kilpatrick - bc l834 - md John House - Census and estate
d. John C. Kilpatrick - - b l838 - d l April l849 - buried in Kilpatrick
e. Francis M. Kilpatrick - bc l84l - Census Records and estate records
appears never to have married and lived with sister Sarah
f. William James Kilpatrick - b 23 Dec l843 - d Jan l9l8 - md Annie Harding
- buried at St. John's - Census and estate records - CSA Company E, 27th
Regiment - Enlisted 20 April l86l
l. Virginia Kilpatrick - b l870
2. Sarah J. Kilpatrick
3. William J. Kilpatrick
4. Anne C. Kilpatrick
5. Mabel Kilpatrick
g. Are ? Kilpatrick - bc l844 - Census Records
h. Sarah J. B. Kilpatrick - bc l847 - Census Records and estate records
appears never to have married and lived with brother Francis
i. Barbara Kilpatrick - d l July l856 - buried in Kilpatrick Cemetery
3. Chloe Kilpatrick - md a Bruton - from estate records of her mother
4. George Kilpatrick - bc l8ll - md Mary Hooker - Mary had estate records in
Greene Co. This list of children is exactly the same that I have seen for a
William B. Kilpatrick that I think did not exist.
a. William H. Kilpatrick - bc l849 - estate records
b. Samuel Kilpatrick - md Mary Taylor widow of his brother John - estate
c. George Bryant Kilpatrick - estate records - md l) Darthula Moseley
No Issue
md 2) Laura Green
d. Penelope Kilpatrick - md a Worthington - estate records
e. John Lyman Kilpatrick - died before his mother - md Mary Taylor estate
l. Paul Kilpatrick
2. George Kilpatrick
f. Elizabeth Kilpatrick - according to Census - died - no heirs
g. Rachel Kilpatrick - according to Census - died no heirs
NOTE: I think there are a large number of descendants of this family who live
in Hookerton, N.C. I gather there is some confusion in this family on their
Kilpatrick line.
5. Penelope Kilpatrick - d after l84l - nothing else known

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