Jackson Family  

By Sybill HYATT

This information was found in the William I. and Claire Worthington Herring Collection. Most of it is research of Sybil Hyatt and I also have a copy. It is not known where Ms. Hyatt got the information on the early JACKSON family and it is not documented. A note in these papers indicates that information came from an old JACKSON Bible but my efforts to locate such a Bible several years were not successful. I descend from Elizabeth, said to be a daughter of Jesse JACKSON, who married Needham Moore but there is no proof she was a JACKSON. There is no indication that William Arendell had a daughter Cateran and indeed if he did, it would have been William I. Dr. Francis Hodges is of the opinion there were two generations of William's and he is inclined to think that Persis was the wife of the first one. There was an early Nathan Arendell who may have left the area and he would probably have been the son of William I also. There is an established DAR line for Nathan but there is no file and the line is an old one and probably closed out. The name Persis comes down the known lines of William Arendell II and it does not appear to come down the JACKSON line.

An early deed in Craven County indicates there was a John JACKSON with a son Jesse. John left land to Jesse in Barnwell District, SC.

First history - appears to be written by the Eliza shown at the end

Generation I - John JACKSON

John JACKSON married Cateron Arendall born Jan 1, 1752 their children:

John born 1771
Jacob born 1778
Jesse born Sept 7, 1784

A note around the above states this information came from the old JACKSON Bible.

Catheron Arendall's parents: William Arendall and Persis Garrett, daughter of Timothy Garrett and Vivacia Persis.

A note around this says - doubtful - Miss Sybill's findings

Generation II - Jesse JACKSON I

Jesse JACKSON married Susan Connelly
Their children were Katherine who md Kinian West
Elizabeth md Needham Moore
William died unmarried
Jesse II born 15 March 1814 died 9 Dec 1882 married first Emma Davis b 29 July died 11 Feb 1849 married 21 July 1841
Ann Maria - md William Croom
Susan Catherine md lst William Moore 2nd Jacob F. Parrott (no children)

Jesse md 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth Croom Whitfield - 15 July 1858 - she was born 18 July 1826 died 2 May 1887 She was the daughter of Elizabeth Moore and Redden Croom and first married William Howard Whitfield (Cousin Betty's father)
The children of Jesse JACKSON II and Elizabeth Croom Whitfield
Jesse JACKSON III (my father) born 1 July 1854 died 19 Feb 1911
Edward Stanley b 1 June 1856 d 31 Dec 1866
Emma Elizabeth (Ma Anies mother - your grandmother) - b 21 Jan 1861 married William (E.) Sutton
Samuel JACKSON - d unmarried

A note attached to this -
What I have and pass it on to you. I am a descendant on both sides of the house - but I'd count on the autheaticity of the JACKSON side (This is between us)
Much love to you and the family

2nd History

John JACKSON and Caterna (Katrinia) Arendal sons

Jesse JACKSON & Susan Connelly had 4 children - Katherine, Elizabeth, William and Jessie

Elizabeth JACKSON married Needham Moore and had 7 children

Katharine JACKSON married Kenan West and raised four children: Henry, Bracklyn, Clinton and Ann West. Ann West married John Pierce and had 1 daughter Agnes Pierce. Ann West Pierce then married John Stephenson. The children - Caro?, Mrs. Ida Harvey, June Stephenson
Doctor Wests children were Horace, Richard and Tiffany

Jessie JACKSON son of Jessie JACKSON and Susan Connelly married Emma Davis who died leaving 2 children - Ann Marie and Susan Catherine. He then married Elizabeth Croom Whitfield whose children were Jessie JACKSON and Emma JACKSON.

3rd History

Ma Nanie was daughter of Wm. Edward and Emily E. JACKSON Sutton

The dates of William and Emily are given but they are found on the William Edward Sutton Bible posted on the Lenoir Co Archives. The other information is a repeat of the above.

Appears to be a letter

In working on the JACKSON family, Mabel, Virginia Tucker etc have sent little interesting bits of information on different family members. I have made a section of my book called "Interesting facts about the JACKSON family". Did you know that Daddy Jack was the first person to cross the old Contentnea Creek Bridge? He bet Gower that he would cross by a certain date, the bridge was not completed by that date, but special arrangements were made for him to cross. He won the bet and a Stetson Hat from Gower. Now I would like to work something similar for the Taylors and Worthingtons. Like the story about U. Dave and U. Tom naming themselves. Mammy seeing the first train on the track going to Grainger Station. I am sure that there are a lot of interesting things that we could record. If you think of anything, please let me know.

I hear from Louise Mack every once in awhile. She lives in Ft. Lauderdale. She was visiting a nephew here in Char. Christmas and called us to go over to his house. She said she had nursed everyone of the Worthington men except Uncle Less. She said U. Will used to get his walking cane after her. I can remember going to his house when he was sick and standing just far enough back from the bed so he would not grab me by the crook of his walking cane and pull me up close to the bed. I remember him as looking just like the picture of Pa Tom.

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