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The Bibles and the Will of Thomas Holliday are posted on the Greene County Archives.

HOLLIDAY FAMILY compiled by Judge Baxter McFarland – 1919

The coat of arms of the Hollidays, Hollydays etc, is described as follows: Shield sable, three helmets, argent, garnished on a border of the last crest: A demi-lion, rampart, resting his pawn on an anchor azure. Motto: Q?uarta saluti (one fourth for salvation)

In 1725, Thomas Holladay resided in James City County Virginia and about 1729 removed to Chowan County, North Carolina. He was probably native born but the date of his birth has not been ascertained; circumstances, however, show that he lived in Virginia for many years; he died in North Carolina shortly after Sept 8, 1744 – the date of his will – at quite an advanced age.

There was a Thomas Holladay in Virginia in 1648 as shown by a judgement record in York County and that name appears in Eastern Virginia records for many years later. The names Thomas, John, Samuel, and William were more common in the Holladay, Holliday and Hollyday families in those days and for many generations later than any other names, especially among the descendants of Thomas Holliday (next line cut off) -nthony & Marshall Holladay lived in that part of Virginia and before 1661 the former married the widow Brewer an extended account of whose descendants is elsewhere given in this volume.

The given name of testator Thomas Hollyday first wife probably was Hannah, they had several children. In 1732 he married Mrs. Mary Hinton widow of Col. John Hinton who then had 11 Hinton children but seems not to have had Holladay offspring. Her Hinton children had many prominent descendants.

The line of Thomas Holladay has not been ascertained. Doubtless he was closely relation to the Virginia Holladays or some of them but in what degree does not appear.

The Will of Thomas Holladay of Chowan Co, North Carolina bears date August 30th, 1744 and was witnessed September 8, 1744 at Aden House, Bertie County, North Carolina by John Thach, John Nichols, and Prudence Garrett.

The Testator's was quite "scratchey" as though he was too feeble from age and infirmity to write naturally.

In his Will the testators mentions as son Wm., daughters Hannah Warren (2), Elizabeth Burton (2), Mary Hutson (Hudson) (2), grandsons Hardy Holladay Hudson (3), Thomas Holladay Hudson (3) and John Holladay Hudson (3) apparently sons of his daughter Mary Hudson (2) who is appointed executrix. Testator evidently having already provided for his children mentioned in the will, as he gave each only five shillings sterling in lawful money of Great Britain – the entire estate therein disposed of was given to the "aforesaid boys". The will was recorded at Raleigh (bottom line cut off) There remaining to show the date of testators death, which evidently occurred shortly after the will was witnessed.

This genealogical account relates alone to some of the descendants of the son of the testator mentioned in the will – William Holladay (2). He was born in James City County near the end of the 17th century – the precise date is unknown. He then married Elizabeth ----. Where his sons perhaps some of his daughters were born, then removed to Chowan County North Carolina and became the owner of many tracts of land including "Holladay Island" an island in Chowan River, named for his father containing about 400 acres, conveyed to him by his father after whose death he removed to Tyrrell County, North Carolina, where he acquired much land and became owner of many slaves and much other personal property; he died between April 23rd and some time in June 1754 his will was dated April 23, 1754 witnessed by John Bennet and William Soane proven at the June Term 1754 of the county court of Tyrrell Co. & recorded at Raleigh. He appointed as executors his sons Thomas (3), Samuel (3) besides whom he mentions in his will son Joseph (3) and daughters (without naming them or indicating how many) the will bequeaths and devises to his wife Elizabeth and their children many tracts of land a number of slaves and much other personal property. Devising his manor plantation, besides other land, slaves and personalty to his son Samuel (3); his wife Elizabeth long survived him and was interred beside him on their "manor" plantation. Hannah Warren, the testator's sister, is mentioned in his will; the name "Hannah" is handed down in every generation of Thomas Holladay's descendants: William's (2) sons Thomas (3) and Joseph (3) had descendants as probably did his daughters or some of them, but their lines have not been available – (rest of line cut off) descendants of his son Samuel (3) are herein given.

Samuel Holladay (3), William's (2) son and one of his executors was born about 1728 in James City Co, Virginia; on November 14th 1763, he married Elizabeth Duggan (sic) daughter of John Duggan Sr. of Tyrrell County, North Carolina and he and his wife Elizabeth had issue: records show that he was a large land owner in Tyrrell County & Martin County. He removed to that part of Dobbs County, NC later included in Greene Co disposing of his lands in Tyrrell & Martin Counties and purchasing land in Greene where he resided upon his plantation on Contentnea Creek ten or twelve miles east of Snow Hill, the county site and died there at an advanced age in 1811; this plantation on which is the family place of interment, perhaps is still partly owned by his descendants. He was an energetic, successful businessman and a prominent citizen. Samuel (3) and his wife Elizabeth who died in 1819 had sons, John dsp (4), William (4), Thomas (4), probably another Samuel dsp (4), daughters Hannah (4) married Robt. Hart and had issue many children and descendants, Frances (4) married William Coward and had issue son William (5) married and had prosperous & wealthy son (5) who married and had descendants; a daughter (5) Frances married Dr. ___ Harding of Nashville, Tenn. a distinguished physician and they probably have descendants. (NOTE: I find this a little confusing –mmm)

Samuel Holladay (3) and wife Elizabeth had a daughter Sarah (Sally) (4) born May 19, 1773 died Mch. 29th 1821 married March 10, 1793 Willis Dixon (1765-1843) and had issue: son Samuel (5) removed to Mississippi and married Elizabeth (Betsy) daughter of Gen. Jesse Speight and Mary (Polly) May his wife both elsewhere herein mentioned, and left issue who have living descendants – a son Thomas Dixon (5) removed to Mississippi and Married ___ Koger, daughter of Rev. Joseph Koger ( a distinguished Baptist minister, Captain CSA) and had issue, a daughter Elizabeth (6) (Betty) married Hon. Walter Price, a prominent prairie planter & member of the Mississippi Senate and left Issue: Thomas Dixon (5) and wife had a son Major Joseph Koger Dixon (6) a gallant Confederate staff officer educated at West Point. Samuel Holladay (3) and wife Elizabeth had a daughter Rhoda (4) married Dr. Charles Carr (1775 – 1819) (nephew of Nancy Carr Holliday hereinafter mentioned) and had issue; daughter Elizabeth (Betsy) (5) married George Pheney Lovick a grandson of General Richard Caswell (1729 - 1789), an eminent statesman, Revolutionary patriot and Governor of North Carolina, one of the ablest of her many able statesmen and had issue now extint. Dr. Charles Carr and Rhoda his wife had a son Dr. La Fayette Carr (5) who married and left descendants in Southern Mississippi: Samuel Holladay (3) and his wife Elizabeth had a son Col. William Holliday (3 sic) (as he and the other descendants of Samuel Holladay spelled the name born Oct. 20, 1770 in Greene (then a part of Dobbs) County, NC, married March 15th, 1796 Ann (Nancy) Carr (1778 – 1847) of Greene County, daughter of Titus Carr (1743 – 1799) and his wife Winifred Stevens of Southampton Co, Va. Nancy Carr Holliday's brother Elias Carr was grandfather of Elias Carr, governor of NC 1892 – 1896. Titus Carr was a son of Robert Carr (1808 – 1773) of Nansemond Co, Va who came when quite young with his brother Thomas Carr (1680 – 1748) Carr was originally spelled Kerr as they were descendants of that famous Scotch "Border" Clan, from the Borders of England and Scotland to America; the latter married Mary Dabney settling with his father Thomas Carr in Albemarle Co, Va. And was ancestor of the celebrated Dabney Carr (1743 – 1773) whose wife, Martha Jefferson, was sister of President Thomas Jefferson.

Robert Carr (1708 – 1773) settled in Nansemond Co, Va, married Mary Williams in 1735 and had issue four sons & four daughters with many descendants. Robert Carr was a prosperous, wealthy, honorable gentleman; his son Titus (1743 – 1799) married Winifred Stevens of Northhampton (sic) Co, Va and removed in 1785 to that part of Dobbs Co, NC later included in Greene Co, where he died. William Holliday (4) was a capable man of affairs, an influential citizen, owned a large estate in lands, slaves & other property, and held a high position socially & politically, and was Col. Of militia & twice elected to the House of Commons (1812, 1813). He and his wife Nancy had issue – ten children, three of whom died young, dsp, their daughter (Sally) Sarah (5) born Dec 30th 1796 in Greene Co, NC, died Dec 26th 1866 married Richard G. Bright of Greene Co Feb 23, 1815; he served two terms in the NC House of Commons, was a prominent, useful man and citizen, died in 1823; they had children several of whom died young dsp – a daughter Mary (6) married John R. Wooten & perhaps has surviving descendants.

Col. William Holliday (4) and wife Nancy had a daughter Frances (5) born July 4th 1798 died March 10th 1867 married May 21st, 1818 Josiah Garland, brother of Hon. A. H. Garland an eminent lawyer & statesman, Gov of Arkansas, Attorney General in President Cleveland's Cabinet, and member from Arkansas of the Confederate Congress. Josiah Garland and his wife Frances (5) had issue but the line is now extinct. Col. Wm. Holliday (4) and his wife Nancy had a son Samuel (5) born April 7th 1801 died Dec 26th, 1864 married Jan 9th, 1828 Attelia Aldridge, aunt of Gen. Cadmus Wilcox a famous Confederate Major General and Col. John A. Wilcox, Lt. Col of the celebrated 1st Mississippi Regiment commanded in the war with Mexico by Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States.

Samuel Holliday (5) and wife Attelia had issue several children, died young – dsp – their daughter Ann H. (1837- 19--) married last Hon. A. W. Ferrell a distinguished lawyer, statesman & politician of Austin, Texas, Col of a Confederate Cavalry regiment and was Ambassador to Turkey in President Cleveland's Administration. Samuel Holliday (5) & wife Attelia had a daughter Betty (6) married Albert Prewitt ??? of a prominent Mississippi family had issue some of whom survive in Texas – Leonidas (6) & William (6), two son of Samuel Holliday (5) & wife Attelia left descendants in Texas.

Wm Holliday (4) & wife Nancy had a son Titus (5) (1801 – 1823) (twin with Samuel) who married ____ Edwards had issue one daughter Ann Titus Holliday (6) married Benj. F. Fortson, a wealthy Mississippi planter – had children who left descendants in Ark.

Col. Wm Holliday (4) & wife Nancy had a son Col. John Holliday (5) late of Aberdeen, Miss. Born in Greene Co, NC Aug 10th 1803, removed in 1836 to Lowndes Co., Mississippi where Oct 24 1837 he married Maria Grimes Speight born Dec. 23, 1817 near Speight's Bridge, Greene Co, NC died in Aberdeen, Miss June 22, 1896, daughter of Gen. Jesse Speight (1798 – 1847) & wife Mary (Polly) May. Jesse Speight was a son of Seth Speight of Greene Co, NC and his wife Elizabeth Vines of Pitt co, NC. Seth Speight's paternal ancestors came to NC from Nansemond Co, Va early in the 13 (sic) century. Gen. Speight was in 1822 a member of the NC House of Commons, Member of the NC State senate 1823 – 1827 continously. He was appointed brigadier-general of NC militia, was member of NC Constitutional Convention of 1835 which framed a new constitution. He removed in 1837 to Lowndes County, Mississippi where he was soon elected to the legislature, becoming speaker of the House and later president of the senate (1840 – 1844) and in the latter year the legislature elected him Unity States Senator. He died May 1, 1847 before the expiration of his term. Jefferson Davis was appointed to serve out his unexpired term. Gen. Speight's wife Mary (Polly) was a daughter of Benj. May Jr of Pitt Co, NC who served many years in the two houses of the NC legislature with distinction, succeeding his father, Major Benj. May, Sr. who was a Col. In the War of 1812 with England. The wife of Benj. May Jr was Penelope (last line cut off) – who removed to NC from Norfolk Co, Va. Finally settling in Pitt Co. Gen Jesse Speight had besides Mrs. Holliday, a daughter Penelope who married Col. Thomas Cannon, planter of Lowndes Co and had issue - a daughter Sallie married Oscar F. Bledsoe they had 3 children -–Mary Lou, Oscar Cannon – Oscar Jr married Lulie Aldridge grandaughter of senator J. Z. George 0 Mary Lou md Dr. McGehee?? – Cannon died young --- another daughter of Gen. & Mrs. Jesse Speight was Elizabeth married Samuel Dixon. Son Benjamin died in Washington, DC. Son Joseph married Josephine Previtt, moved to Waco, Texas – Descendants living in Texas.

Col. John Holliday (5) and wife Maria Grimes Speight – had four sons and three daughters who reached maturity – one son, two daughters died young.

Mary Ann oldest born Sept 17th 1838 near Aberdeen, Miss married June 15th 1870 Hon Baxter McFarland died at her home in Aberdeen Nov. 7th 1906. Their children were – John Baxter married Julia Jordan, Tom Holliday, Anne Holliday and Ben married 1st Jean Hatson 2nd Donie Sykes Napier.

Capt. Thomas C. Holliday born June 13, 1840, a graduate of U of NC, was killed at battle of Wilderness when sent with a message to reinforce the right. He was a member of Col. Van Dorn Reserves, 11th Miss. Reg. CSA.

Benj. P. Holliday (6) son was born Nov. 17, 1846 died No. 5, 1902, joined a Cavalry Co with Forrest when quite young (CSA). Successful Prarie planter.

John W. (6) son graduate of University of Ala – lawyer – died March 15th 1881. Walter Raleigh & Sallie Bee twins were youngest children – Sallie Bee married Tom McJuiston. Maria Speight Holliday (6) daughter born May 19, 1854 married Wm. G. Elkin (1832 – 1897). They had two children – Maria Holliday and Adelia Lucas. Maria Holliday married Julian T. ?? Evans. They had three children, Maria Juliette, Julian Tompkins Jr and Carolyn Holiday. Adelia Lucas married John Moorman Gilmore. They had two boys John Moorman and Chris Williams Elkin.


Additional information on two separate sheets that are very faint. Some of this is a repeat but some is additional and only that is included.

Elizabeth Carr daughter of Dr. Charles Carr and Rhoda Holliday was born Oct. 7, 1797 d Jan. 9, 1857 in Aberdeen, Miss. Married George Pheney Lovick who died Nov. 4, 1845. Their daughter Mary A. Elizabeth (1824 – 1895) married Joseph George Pendleton b Dec 10, 1817, d Oct 17, 1869 – married Nov 2, 1841. They had son George LaFayette b 5 Sept 1842 d July 19, 1843 and a daughter Virginia (Jennie) born April 16, 1844 died Apr 20, 1869 married Dr. A. J. Simmons ??? (last name not readable). They had a daughter Mary Virginia b April 17, 1869 d Nov.8, 1869.

Jennie Pendleton Simmons ?? lived only a few days after the birth of her daughter



Thos. Holyday confessed judgement to Thos. Bamsay the attorney for Richard Hopkins for seavin hundred pounds of tobacco & cash to be paid the 2nd Oct. next with case with Execution.
Date of Order – 1648 July 24
Deeds, orders, wills No 2, page 383

Joseph Rings will of date 1698 Dec 3 witnessed by Will. Babb, Ezra Cottle and Thos. Holliday and also a codicial to said by the said witnesses
Date of probate 1802 May 18
Deeds, orders, wills No 12, pge 105

Thos. Holliday Boatwright to him apprenticed Abram Royster to learn ye said mistery or occupation of boatwright to dwell & serve for & during the space & for me seven years now next coming. During all which time the said Abram his said master well & faithfully shall serve his secrets, keep his commands lawfully every where in said Collony gladly doe & faithfully apprectice he shall beare & behave himself
Date of Order 1706 Jan 8th
Book H ?? No 13, page 51

Toby, a negro boy belonging to Thos. Holliday be brought into Court & adjudged 14 years of age 1710 July 24

Edmund Holladay orphan of Henry Holladay apprecticed unto Samuel Abell chairmaker 1782 Sept 3
Deed No 6, page 194

Shaderick Jones arresting Thomas Holliday to this court in an action of Debt & not further prosecuting suit is dismissed
1704 June 24
Deed No 12, page 229

In the action of Debt between Thomas Holliday plf & Edward Cooper def on the plf motion the order for an attachment agst the def est is cont until the next court 1714 July 19

The action of Defg between Thomas Holliday plf & Edward Cooper deft is dismissed 1714 Sept 21

I certify that after the date 1714 Sept 21 the name of Holyday Holliday or Holladay disappears from the records in my office
T. T. Hudgins, Clerk

1907 Sept 23

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