Holliday Bibles  


These Bibles are from the Collection of Judge Baxter McFarland, dec and the originals appear to be in Aberdeen, Mississippi. They were sent by Julia D. Stout for posting to the Greene County Archives.

NOTE: William Holliday and his wife Nancy Carr were born in Greene County, NC


Published in 1807 and now owned by Mrs. McFarland of Aberdeen, Mississippi (not sure what that date would have been)


Wm. Holliday (son of Samuel Holliday and Elizabeth his wife) was born 20th of Oct. 1770

Nancy Holliday (wife of Wm) was born Jan. 7, 1778

Sallie W. S. Holliday (their dau) was born Dec. 30th, 1796

Frances Holliday (their dau) born July 4, 1798

Samuel & Titus Holliday (twins) born Apr. 7th 1801

John Holliday born Aug. 10th, 1803

Wm. Holliday born Apr. 7th, 1807

Robt. Holliday born Aug. 27th 1809

Eliza C. Holliday born July 8th, 1811

Emily Orrillay Holliday born Dec. 5th, 1813

Thomas Holliday born Jan. 21st, 1815


Wm. Holliday was married to Nancy Carr 15th Mch, 1796

Sallie W. S. Holliday & Richard G. Bright married 23rd Feb 1815

Frances Holliday & Josiah Garland married 21st May 1818

Titus C. Holliday married 13th May 1823

Samuel Holiday married Attelia Aldridge Jan. 9th, 1828

John Holliday & Maria Speight married 24th Oct. 1837


Wm. Holliday died Aug. 12th, 1835

Sally W. S. Bright died Dec. 26th 1866

Robt. Holliday died Mch 2nd 1820

Eliza C. Holliday died Jan. 29th, 1833

Emily Orrillay Holliday died Oct. 25th 1820

Thomas Holliday died Nov. 4th 1866


Bible located in Aberdeen, Mississippi.

Published by H. & E. Phinney in 1843


Mary Ann Holliday was born Sept. 17th 1838

Thomas Holliday was born 13th of June 1840

John Joseph Holliday was born 24th of Sept. 1843

Larua (sic) Holliday was born 3rd November 1845

Benjamin Holliday as born 17th of November 1846

Louisa May Holliday was born 14th of June 1850

Maria Speight Holliday was born 23 of May 1854

John W. Holliday was born 2nd of February 1857

Walter Raleigh and Sallie Bee twins were born April 3rd, 1861

Nancy Holliday was born 7th Jan. 1778

William Holliday was born 20th of Oct. 1770

John Holliday was born 10 of August 1803

Maria G. Holliday was born 23rd of December 1817


John & Maria Holliday were married 24th Oct. 1837

Mary Holliday and Baxter McFarland were married 15th June 1870

Wm. G. Elkin and Maria S. Holliday were married June 18th, 1879

Thos. J. McQuiston and Sallie Bee Holliday were married Feb. 2, 1887

Florence Speight and E. A. McKenney were married in Waco, Texas Jan. 5th, 1868


John J. Holliday died July 15, 1844

Laura Holliday died 3rd of Feb. 1846

Louisa May Holliday died 31st of Oct. 1859

Thomas C. Holliday died on the 6th of May 1864

Thomas C. Holliday was kelled in Virginia in the battle of the Wilderness

Col. John Holliday died March 16, 1881

John W. Holliday died March 15th 1881

Maria G. Holliday wife of Col. John Died June 22, 1896

Sallie Bee Holliday wife of T. J. McQuiston died Jan. 23, 1881

Wm. G. Elkin husband of Maria S. Holliday died Feb. 10th, 1897

Nancy Holliday died Nov. 18th 1847

Wm. Holliday son of Wm. & Nancy Holliday died November 4, 1866

Sally W. S. ? Bright daughter of Wm. & Nancy Holliday died Dec. 26, 1866

B. P. Holliday son of Jno & M. G. Holliday died Nov. 5th, 1902

Walter Raleigh son of Col. John & M. G. Holliday died May 20th, 1903

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