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 In his report, Ancestry of Barram Hart, Jonathan B. Butcher stated that Moses Hart may have been the ancestor of many of the Harts found in the Dobbs County area later. He further suggested that Moses was probably the son of William of Surry Co., Virginia.

If this was the case, then it is possible to trace the Dobbs Harts back to the immigrant ancestor. That is the purpose of this present report.

Generation 1: Henry Hart ( ? - about 1648)
Henry Hart, first of his family in Surry Co., Virginia, on the last day of August, 1635, patented 350 acres on the southside of the Maine River over against Jamestown Island called Pynie Point. This was for the transportation of himself, wife Rebecca and five other persons. Rebecca did not live long, because in 1637, he patented 250 acres in James City on the Surry side for the transportation of his wife, Elizabeth, and four other persons.

This land was also adjacent to the land of Thomas Rolfe, son of John and Pocahontas. (The Rolfe land was later purchased by Thomas Warren, who married the widow of Henry Hart's son, Thomas).

Source: John Bennett Boddie, "Southside Virginia Families" and "Colonial Surry".
Generation 2: Thomas Hart ( ? - about 1669)
Thomas married Anne Shephard, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Shephard and granddaughter of Ancient Planter, William Spencer. After the death of Robert Shephard, his widow married Thomas Warren, owner of the famous Warren House.

Thomas as son of Henry was indicated by this entry which spoke of Henry, the son of Thomas: "Henry Hart, 285 acs., Surry Co., ... 20 Apr. 1687, ... 100 acs. part of 350 acs. granted to Henry Hart, his Grandfather, by the name of Piney Point in 1635 ...."

Source: "Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 7", p. 309.

Thomas Hart patented 100 acres at Smith's Fort in Surry County. Source: Forrest King's files

Thomas' widow remarried and her second husband settled his estate. The chldren of Thomas Hart were named in that settlement: Will of Thomas Harte: Est.__7br, 1673 Legatees; Paid wife's third part. Rest due to three orphans of Thomas Harte, deceased, viz: HENRY, THOMAS, and ROBERT HART. Signed; William Newsum
Source: "Surry Co. Records 1652-1684" Book 2, page 62, by Eliza T. Davis, 1980, p. 93
Generation 3: Robert Hart (about 1666 - 1720)
Robert Hart married Priscilla Barham, daughter of Capt. Charles and Elizabeth Ridley Barham.
His will was probated in Southampton Co. Virginia. In that will, he named wife PRISCILLA. He named sons, WILLIAM who was to have the land and Plantation on the main Blackwater Swamp. William was to bring up son THOMAS who would receive two plantations. Son ROBERT was to receive a plantation and land in Isle of Wight County. He left items and slaves to daughters ANN, ELIZABETH, SARAH, MARY & PRISCILLA. He also mentioned his grandson, Robert Hart.
Source: "Wills of Surry County., Part 2"
Generation 4: William Hart ( ? - 1744)
The name of William's wife is not known.
In his will which was probated July 18, 1744 he named these children: son ROBERT who was to receive the grist mill and a plantation; son WILLIAM, land on the south side of Nottoway River - 200 Acres; son JOHN, 200 Acres of land on the south side of the Nottoway River; son MOSES, all the rest of my land on the Nottoway River, 240 Acres; son THOMAS, a plantation; daughters MARY, LUCY, SARAH.

Source: "Wills and Adminisrations of Surry Co., VA 1671-1759" by Eliza Timberlake Davis

Note particularly that sons William, John and Moses were to receive land on the Nottoway River.
Generation 5: Moses Hart ( ? - 1780/90)
Apparently, those three sons of William Hart did indeed settle the land their father gave them, and that area became Nansemond County.

In vestry records is found the following:

March 10, 1756: "We have Procesiond ....Wm Wiggins John harts Line William harts & Moses harts in the pressence of Wm wigins John hart Wm hart and Moses hart." p. 108
Nov. 29, 1758: At a vestry held in Suffolk Town for the Upper Parrish of Nansemond Co., it was instructed to pay "To Mosses Hart Do (that o after the D should be in raised and small) of Notaway Chapel 200 lbs. p. 126

Sept. 17, 1759: Edward Cary and William Hart processioned the lands in their precincts.

Some notable processions included: John Pope land, Robert Lawrence land, Moses Hart land, William Hart land, John Harts land.

Moses Harts land processioned in the presence of John Hart and Robert Carr. (Robert Carr was father to Titus Carr who was a near neighbor to Harts in Dobbs, 1790).

Also on the same day, but on the other side of Nottoway River, these were processioned: Robert Carr land, Michael Daughtries land, Thomas Edwards land, and George Lawrence land.

December 30, 1767: Processioned bounds of land that included among others: "thence to John

Harts line thence to Eliza Harts line thence to Moses Hatrs line..." (William may have died. Was Eliza his widow?). After this date, there were no more Hart entries.
Source: "Vestry Book of the Upper Parish, Nansemond County, Virginia, 1743-1793", published by The
Library Board of VA, Wilmer L. Hall, Editor, 1949

Mr. Butcher reported that Moses purchased land in Pitt Co. as early as 1771.

From this point, Mr. Butcher's report covers many of the Hart records in Pitts and Dobbs County. Also, other records are listed in my report, Harts of Old Dobbs and Pitts.

There is one additional name I might suggest that could be included in the Butcher Report. The 1781 list, "Names of Men Over Age in Dobbs County", included an entry for Moses Hart Sr. It is believed that this list was of men too old to participate in the militia. That "Sr." following his name told me there was by that time another Moses Hart around, so I would add the name of a younger Moses to Mr. Butcher's list of possible sons.

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