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Contributed by Martha Mewborn Marble

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Barbara has already established the probability that at least some of the Pitt/Greene County Harts were from Nansemond County, Va. Although my probable Hart line is through the female line in Greene County, these notes will add circumstantial evidence for the migration of related families into Greene.

William Phillips lived on Eagle Swamp close to Edwards Bridge and the Greene County line.

According to the Bible of William Phillips, which can be found on the Lenoir Co Archives

William Phillips &endash; b 21 Feb 1782 d 2 Dec 1853 married on 7 May 1812 Elizabeth D. Carr b 4 March 1790 d 4 April 1836
The Bible does not give her middle name
Their children were
Stephen Carr
Jenet Hart
Drury Hart
Argen Lassiter
Martha Ann
Thomas Spencer
Elizabeth Bond
Mary Eliza
Rebecca Hart

You will note three of the children had the middle name of Hart and not knowing who the mother of William Phillips was, I started looking for Harts among the possible mothers of both William and Elizabeth. Drury Hart Phillips' tombstone gives his parents as William and Elizabeth D. Phillips.


Found this Will in Southampton County.

WILL of Drewry Hart

Book 4 p 397 - written 4 Oct 1790 - proba 10 Jan 1791 - Brother John my plantation SS Nottoway it being all my land; three Negros - Landon, Bridget, and Cesar to John Web Land son of Nathaniel Land and to Elizabeth Daughtry Carr daughter of Lawrence Carr - they are to divide equally - if they should die without issue then to my brother John Hart - Exec brother John Hart and Nathaniel Land


NOTE: Nathaniel Land and Rebecca Hart were md 8 February 1787 St. Luke's Parish and among their children was a daughter Jenet Hart Land. From another source we find Rebecca's middle name was Watkins.


Abstract from Torrance

The names point to my Elizabeth D. Carr Phillips being the Elizabeth Daughtry Carr daughter of Lawrence Carr as mentioned in the will of Drury Hart. Although Drury Hart did not give any relationship other than his brother, John, logic would indicate both Rebecca Hart Land and the wife of Lawrence Carr being siblings. It is also possible he had a brother, Robert, and a Robert in his will mentions a son Drewry. We know there was an earlier Robert in Southampton Co.


In Greene County , we find two Carr families that can be partially traced &endash; Titus Carr and Lawrence Carr. Titus Carr was the son of Robert Carr as proven in the Will of Robert Carr of Nansemond Co, Va &endash; will on both the Nansemond and Hertford Co Archives. Robert Carr md Mary Williams who had a sister who md a Daughtry. We think Robert Carr had two wives and Mary was his 2nd wife. Titus was left land in Hertford Co by his father and appears to have lived there for a number of years before moving to Greene Co. Titus had three brothers and four sisters. None of the sisters can be tracked. One brother, Joshua, stayed and died in Nansemond Co and his children are traced. The other two brothers, Robert Jr and Matthew were also left land in Hertford Co and that is where they appear to have lived and probably died. Circumstantial evidence indicates that Matthew Carr had a son Lawrence among others. A Lawrence appears on the census in Hertford and in the next census appears in Greene. We can't track Robert Jr but all of the Carrs appear to have left Hertford Co by 1810.


We know that Lawrence Carr had at least two other proven children &endash; Lawrence Parker Carr Jr who left NC for Miss. and Matthew Hart Carr b 8 May 1793 who remained in the area. The Matthew Carr Bible states his mother was Martha. There is no birth date for Lawrence Jr but he married in 1827. The dates of births for Elizabeth and Matthew and the use of the middle name Hart in Matthew's name indicate the same mother although that is not proven.


On the 1790 Nansemond Co Census we find a Ginnet Hart. On the 1786 Southampton Tax List of people who lived in that area of Nansemond placed in Southampton Co we find Jeanette Hart.


From the Records of the Nansemond Vestry Books, we know the Carrs and Harts were close neighbors along with a number of other surnames that appear in Greene Co &endash; ie Pope, Darden. It appears that Jeanette Hart was probably the mother of Drury, Rebecca Watkins, Martha and John Hart and probably others. The question was &endash; who was her husband? Barbara has already indicated three brothers, John, William and Moses inherited land in Nansemond from their father. Since the name Moses does not come down this line, I assume that either John or William would be candidates for the husband of Jeanette Hart. The name Robert also appears in this area early.


Another list member descends from a John Hart who md Argent Cannon b 1791 and had a daughter Rebecca. John and Argent also had a son Matthew.


We don't know whom the daughters of Robert Carr married but they appear to have been minors when he died. Their names were Elizabeth, Martha, Mary, and Lydia. Could one of them married a Hart and moved to Greene Co also. Given the name Carr Hart in Greene Co, this would be logical.


This shows a close relationship to the Carrs and Harts who were in Nansemond as neighbors and then appear in Greene as neighbors. In the case of the Carrs, there was a stop in Hertford but the land in Hertford and the land in Nansemond was all on the border. Somehow these people were all related but given three burned counties in a row it is a matter of speculation.

From Martha Marble

In 1789 John Hart of Southampton purchased a piece of land adj to Newitt Edwards. ( I am inclined to think that John was the brother to my Martha Hart Carr. Newitt Edwards ended up in Greene Co. Found that more than interesting.)

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