Bartholomew Fields  

Generation One

1. Bartholomew1 FIELDS was born in 1762 in Dobbs County, North Carolina (Pension Record of Bartholomew FIELDS; Copy of original in my possession.). He married Heathy (FIELDS). He died on 30 Jan 1845 in Dale County, Alabama (Ibid.).
According to his Rev. War Pension, his mother was a sister of John Cotton. His father is not proven, but he assumed to have been
Brittle. The ages of Brittle's assumed children support his being married two times. The name Bartholomew FIELDS is found in
Surry/Sussex Co, Va and is consistent to being a brother of Brittle. The name DeWitt appears in both the Bartholomew and Shadrack
lines indicating the name was from the FIELDS family. It is possible that Bartholomew married married a Herring before leaving Dobbs
County - the name Matchet is a Herring name.
The Pension record indicates he only had one child, Dicey, but the Darlington County, SC records indicate he had other children. The
research on this line was done by John Andrews of Darlington County, SC and some by Eletha G. Mauksch of Scales Mound, Illinois.
Was Ephraim his son also? And what about Mary who married John Thomas and had children Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Susan, John W.,
Martha A., James M. Robert and Henry B. Mary and Matchet were members of the same church in Darlington. Some of the Thomas
family moved to Navarro County, Texas.
The 1790 Darlington census shows Bartholomew, William and Ephraim F. One person thinks that John with the Will was a son of
Ephraim instead of Bartholomew. John had a son, nephew and grand nephew with the name of Ephraim. This person (sent a letter to R.
C. FIELDS many years ago) states that Matchet was a member of Mt. Elon Baptist Church near Lydia.
NOTE: Although Dicey is stated to be the only child of Bartholemew, she probably wasn't as it appears she had brothers.
Abstract from a copy of the original
Statement, Treasury Department, The United States
To Dicey Newman, only child of Bartholemew FIELDS, decd pensioner of the Mobil Ala Agency per ? of Congress of June 7, 1832 For
his pension from Mar 4, 1842 to Jany 3? 1845 at $20.00 per annum
Feby 9, 1857 by Ed. ? Matyhews, Clerk
Examined Feb 14, 1857 by Jos. T. Adams
Statement by R. E. FIELDS, Clerk of Court of Dale County that Bartholemew FIELDS was a resident of Dale county, in Alabama and died
there in the year 1845 on the 30th day of January and he had the following named child or children - Dicey Newman
Signed on January 13, 1857
21 January 1839 - Dale County - before William Harper Judge of the County Court - Bartholomew FIELDS, a resident of Dale County -
aged 77 years on 24 June 1839 - makes the following oath as an amendment to a declaration which is on file in the pension office date
24 March 1837:
I volunteered in the state of North Carolina then Dobbs County under the Command of Capt Creal and served under him one month in
the Town of Kinston - we were called into service under the Command of General Richard Caswell and General William Caswell our
head Commander of the above named County. To the best of his recollection he entered into the above named service either in the
month of January or February 1779. The claiment further states that to the best of his knowledge that in the month of March 1779 he
then volunteered under the command of Colonial John Heritage in Dobbs County now Lenore and I served under the Command twelve
months, John Garland being my Captain. We rendavozed at Kinsgston then marched to Cross Creek now Fayetteville for the purpose
to make the Tories and defected persons that was brought in to take the oath of allegeance to the United States; from thence we
marched high up on Peedee from thence to the Town of Charlottie. At this place I was left with the sick. The army marched into the
upper part of the State of North Carolina and on there return I joined the Army and then we were stationed at Hanging Point below
Newborn. Here we were stationed for about Three months we were then marched to the Town of Newborn to guard the prisioners.
Here ? we nearly under our Town of ?? we then marched to Kingstown and discharged. The claiment further states he also served as a
volunteer under the Command of Capt Sharad Barrow Three weeks and had some engagements with the Tories and British. One took place at Sandreses Bridge on Trent River. General Caswell with his dragons was mostly in the engagement; in a few days after we had
a skirmish at a Bridge below: I think by the name of Randols Bridge in a short time after this we wounded some of the British which
was out a Bee ? hunting which we took prisners and I carried them to Kingston the date of the above named service not recollected but
I think this happened in the latter part of the year 17680 or the forepart of 1781. The claiment further states that he served as a
volunteer under the Command for Capt Orman Two months perhaps within the last mentioned date but by reason of the great loss of
and old age, I cannot say positively for the above named service I claim a pension. I will here State that I volunteered in the above
named service in the State of North Carolina, Dobbs County. The aplicant further states that there is no living witness within has
knowledge whereby he can prove the above named service.
Answers to interrogations
1st - I was Born in the State of North Carolina, Dobbs County in the year of 1762
2 - I have no written record of my age but I recollect that I was sixteen years old at the time the sun was in total eclapse
3 - North Carolina, Dobbs Co - I have lived in South Carolina, Darlington County from thence I moved to the State of Alabama, Dale
County where I now live
4 - I volunteered in every instance
5 - I was well acquainted with Capt Coleman and the - first couple of letters torn -listing master, John cotton, who was my Mother's
6 - I receive a discharge at the end of the twelve mnths served from Major Allen which discharge I have lost
7 - I will here state that Bennet Bizzel of this County has frequently seen and read my discharge and I know of no person who doubts
my vanasity ??
I hereby relinguish every claim whatever to a pension or an annuity except the present and I declare that my name is not the pension
Roll of any Agency in any state only on that of the Agency in the State of Alabama worn to and subscribed this 21 day of January 1839
Signed Bartholomew (B) FIELDS
(signed with mark)

State of Alabama, Dale County - 21 August (no year) - before William Harper, Judge - appears Bartholomew FIELDS, resident of the
State of Alabama - aged seventy three years - makes the following oath to obtain the Benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th
That he entered the Services of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein state.
This deponant sayeth that he was under the Command of Col. John Heritage and Maj. Allen and Captain John Garland. The day of the
month not recollected. He entered the service thereabout the first of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and
seventy nine and he was discharged in Kingston about the first or second of December in the same year above mentioned. He served
in the County of Dobbs and in the State of North Carolina and he enlisted in the service in the same mnth above year above mentioned
and marched from thence to the Town of Charlottee in the state aforesaid from thence to Fort Hanging Point from thence to Newborn
in the same state. Relinguished every claim to pension or annunity and declares that his name is on no other roll.
A letter from John Maseck, Col - Dale County - no indication to whom it was addressed. He indicates that the Declaration given by
Bartholomew FIELDS was not received by the War Department and his father and Bartholomew FIELDS have attended court and given
another declaration. He hopes this will be resolved.
22 January 1839
Statement of Benjamin Heldreth and Samuel Newman, Clergymen - they know Bartholomew and know his age to be 76 and he served
as a soldier in the Revolution.
21 January 1839
William Harper, Judge, found Bartholomew to be a Rev. War soldier
21 January 1839
Bennet Bizzell of Dale County testified in his behalf. Bizzell stated he had seen the Discharge papers about 10 years earlier
Moses Matthews and Willis Stewart also gave depositions in his behalf. They had been his neighbors in the State of South Carolina.

Heathy (FIELDS).
It is not known if she was the mother of his children. It is possible she was a Herring.
Children of Bartholomew1 FIELDS and Heathy (FIELDS) were as follows:
  2 i. Dicey2 FIELDS married Samuel Newman (Ibid.).
  3 ii. Mary FIELDS married Bennett Bizzell.
        Bennett Bizzell gave a deposition for the Pension record and was living in Dale County. Various
        sources, including the history of the Bizzell family, give her husband as Bennett and her as the
        daughter of Bartholomew.
  + 4 iii. John FIELDS, born circa 1784; married Elizabeth Mixon.
  + 5 iv. Bartholomew FIELDS Jr, married Rebecca (FIELDS).
  + 6 v. Matchet FIELDS, born 30 May 1799 in Darlington County, South Carolina; married Elizabeth Rhodes.
  7 vi. William FIELDS.
        Bartholomew gave his son William a gift of land in Darlington County and John and Bennett Bizzell
        were WIT.

Generation Two

4. John2 FIELDS (Bartholomew1) was born circa 1784. He married Elizabeth Mixon. He died in 1858 in Darlington County, South
John is not proven to be a son, but probably was. In his will, John mentions Bennett Bizzell being his brother-in-law. John FIELDS and
Bennett Bizzell were wits on a number of deeds for Bartholomew in Darlington County.
His Will was written 14 November 1820 but not probated until 20 November 1858. It is my understanding that he had extensive Estate
Records which names all his children, but I don't have a copy.

Elizabeth Mixon was born in 1791. She died in Darlington County, South Carolina. She was buried in Mt. Plesant Cemetery,,
Darlington County, South Carolina.
Children of John2 FIELDS and Elizabeth Mixon were as follows:
  8 i. John C.3 FIELDS married Mary (FIELDS). He died on 6 Feb 1852 in Darlington County, South Carolina.
  9 ii. William FIELDS died before 1858 in Darlington County, South Carolina.
  10 iii. Redden FIELDS married Elizabeth Capeland. He died before 1858 in Darlington County, South
  11 iv. Ephraim J. FIELDS married Martha (FIELDS). He died before 1868 in Darlington County, South Carolina.
  12 v. Ira Bright FIELDS married Mary (FIELDS). He died before 1868 in Darlington County, South Carolina.
  13 vi. DeWitt FIELDS died after 1871.
  14 vii. Henretta FIELDS.
  15 viii. Mahala FIELDS.
  16 ix. Harriet FIELDS.
  17 x. Jane E. FIELDS.
  18 xi. Carun H. FIELDS.
  19 xii. Lydia FIELDS married Abijah Alexander.
  20 xiii. Ann Christmas FIELDS.
  21 xiv. Mary E. FIELDS married Robert M. Reynolds.

5. Bartholomew2 FIELDS Jr. (Bartholomew1) married Rebecca (FIELDS). He died circa Nov 1864 in Darlington County, South
Bartholomew had a Will, written 28 October 1861 probated 11 November 1864. He mentioned his brother Matchet FIELDS.

Children of Bartholomew2 FIELDS Jr. and Rebecca (FIELDS) were as follows:
  22 i. William3 FIELDS.
  23 ii. Mary FIELDS married James Key.
  24 iii. John FIELDS.

  25 iv. Martha FIELDS married Unkown Harrel.
  26 v. Alexander FIELDS married Milley (FIELDS).
  27 vi. James FIELDS.
  28 vii. Patience FIELDS married Unknown Haguewood.
  29 viii. Mahala FIELDS married Unknown Howell.
  30 ix. Wesley FIELDS.
  31 x. Ann FIELDS.

6. Matchet2 FIELDS (Bartholomew1) was born on 30 May 1799 in Darlington County, South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Rhodes.
He died on 30 Jan 1885 in Darlington County, South Carolina, at age 85.

Elizabeth Rhodes was born on 24 Aug 1809. She died on 12 Sep 1886 in Darlington County, South Carolina, at age 77.
Children of Matchet2 FIELDS and Elizabeth Rhodes were:
  32 i. Curtis3 FIELDS was born on 11 May 1848. He died on 12 Dec 1904 in Darlington County, South
        Carolina, at age 56.

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Prepared by Martha Mewborn Marble

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