Theophilus Hill to Isaac Hill Jr. 139 acres, 1763  
Isaac Hill Jr. to James Stanton, 139 acres, 1782

Theophilus Hill Deed to Isaac Hill Jr. 139acres, 1763

This Indenture Made the 10 Day of October in the Year of our LordChrist One Thousand seven Hundred and Sixty three between TheopelusHill of Edgecomb County and province of North Carolina of the onepart and Iaac Hill juner of Dobbs County the other part PlanterWitnesseth that the said Theopelus Hill for and in Consideration ofthe Sum of Tenn Pounds Current Money of Virginia all ready in Handpaid by the Said Iaac Hill juner the Receipt Where of the SaidTheophelus Hill Do hereby Acknowledge and Him fully SatisfydContented and paid Have Bargined Sold Alined Enfoeeffed and Confirmedand by these presents do Bargain Sell Alin Enfeeoff and for EverConfirme Unto the Sd Iaac Hill and to his heirs and assigns for Evera Certain Track or parcell of Land Situate Lying and being in theCounty of Dobbs and provence of North Carolina Containing byEstimation One Hundred and Thirty Nine Acres of Land be the Same Moreor Less Which Sd Land Was Granted to Robert Simms by a Deed BearingDate the Twentyeth Day of April in 1754 Butted and bouned asfolloweth Viz: Beginning at a Read Oak Runing thence So. 120 Pole toa Hickory thence E. 186 Pole to a White Oake on the Creek thence theVarious Courses of the Creek to the first Station To Have and to Holdthe Said Plantation or Track of Land With all Edifices Priviledgesand Appurtenances to the Sd Iaac Hill juner his heirs and Assigns forEver and the Said Theophilus Hill for him his Heirs Exors. &Admors. Doth Covenant promis Grant and Agree to and With the SaidIaac Hill his heirs and assignes for Ever that is to Say the SaidBargained premises Together With all Houses out Houses OrchardsGardens fences Wood Under Woods Ways Water &Water Courses andMinerals Hereditamints to the Sd Same belonging or other WiseAppertaining Unto him the Sd Iaac Hill juner his heirs and Assignsfor Ever is fully freely and Clearly Acquited and Discharged of andfrom all Manner of Incumbrances and that the Sd Theophilus have aGood Right to Sell the Same Unto the Said Iaac Hill juner his heirs& assigns and Lastly the Said Barganed premises with theAppurtenances Unto the Said Iaac Hill juner his heirs and Assignesand the Said Theophilus Hill for him Self his heirs Exrs. And Admrs.Shall and Will Warrant and for Ever Defend Against the Lawfull Claimof Every person Whatsoever in Witness whereof the Sd Theophilus Hillhath here Unto Set my hand and Seal the Day and year first abovewritten.

 Theophilus Hill (Seal)

Signed Sealed & Delivered )

In Presence of Us. . . . . . . )

John Drew

Daniel Powell

Benjamin Andrews


Reverse Side


North Carolina October Inferior Court 1763

Dobbs County Present his Majesty Justices


The Execution of the within deed was Duly proved in

Open court by the oath of John drew a subscribing

Witness thereto and ordered to be Registered

Test Martin Caswell C C

Enrolled in the Registers Office of Dobbs county the 4th

Day of November, in Liber No. 3 page 233 & 234

By Martin Caswell Register


Faithful transcription by Joshua Joyner Stanton, Jr. No spellingor other changes have been made. Isaac was consistently spelledwithout the "s".

December 1999


Deed, Isaac Hill Jr. to James Stanton, 139acres, 1782

This Indenture made the Twenty sixth day of February in the yearof our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Two, Between IsaacHill Jr of the County of Wake in the state of No Carolina of the onepart and James Stanton of the County of Edgecombe, in the stateaforesd of the Other part Witnesseth that I the sd Isaac Hill Jr forand in Consideration of the sum of Fifty pounds Specie to me in Handpaid by the sd James Stanton; the receipt whereof I do herebyacknowledge and myself therewith fully satisfied, contented, andpaid, Hath granted, bargain'd sold, convey'd and confirm'd and bythese presents Doth fully freely and absolutely, grant, bargain sellconvey and confirm unto the said James Stanton, his Heirs and assignsforever, a certain tract or parcel of Land situate in the County ofWayne, in the state aforesd and on the So side of great CotentneaCreek, Bounded as followeth, to witt, beginning on the sd Creek bank,at a red Oak, and runs the course of the patent or grant, to aHiccory a Corner, thence with the course of patent or grant the Otherline to a white Oak a corner on the sd Creek, thence up the VariousCourses of the sd Creek to the first station, Containing byestimation one hundred & thirty nine Acres be the same more orless; it being the same Land that was convey'd to me the said IsaacHill Jr by my Unkle Theos Hill, and was patented by Robert Simms ToHave and to hold the aforesd Land by the aforesd bounds be the samemore or less, together with all and singular the appurtinancesthereupon or in any wise appurtaining, or therunto belonging unto theaforesd James Stanton, his heirs and assigns forever unto the onlyproper use benefit and behoof of him the said James Stanton hisHeirs, assigns forever. And I the said Isaac Hill Jr for myself, myHeirs Exrs and Adminrs do covenant promise and agree to and with thesaid James Stanton his Heirs and Assigns that he the sd Stanton, hisHeirs &c from time to time and at all times forever hereafterpeaceably and quietly to have hold possess occupy & enjoy the sdLand and premises, and the same clearly acquit and discharge of andfrom all and all manner of former gifts, grants, bargains, salesleases & mortgages and of and from all incumbrances whatsoever.And I the sd Hill for myself my Heirs Exrs and Adminrs the aforesaidLand and premises unto the aforesaid James Stanton his Heirs andAssigns, against the Lawfull claim or demand of all and all manner ofperson or persons claiming the same or any part thereof do and willby these presents warrant and forever defend. In Witness whereof Ithe sd Hill have hereunto set my Hand & Seal the day & yearfirst above written.

Isaac Hill Jr (Seal)

Sign'd Seal'd and deliver'd

In presence of

S. Blyth

Benjamin Ellis

John Hinton


Reverse of the Page


Wayne County, April Court 1782

The execution of the within deed of sale was proved in Court bythe oath of Samuel Blyth and ordered to be registered Test Jas CobbCC

And is Registered in A, Page (54) Test Wm Bridgers Regr


Faithful Transcription by Joshua Joyner Stanton, Jr., December,1999


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