James T. DAVIS
my great great grandfather
sent by Margie Kinney Butler

James T. DAVIS descendant of Zachariah DAVIS
My gg-grandfather was
James Thomas DAVIS b. April 12, 1804, Pink Hill, Lenoir, North Carolina,  d. December 05, 1873, Webster Parish, Louisiana, bur. Walker Cemetery off Sand Plant Road, Webster Parish, LA. s/o Zachariah DAVIS b. December 08, 1771, d. Dec. 12, 1855 and Charity Zargee b. Sept. 10, 1780, d. July 30, 1858. Zachariah and Charity are buried in Zack DAVIS Cemetery, Lenoir County, NC.
James Thomas DAVIS married 1st Hanna Kinsey in NC. ca. 1825. Hanna was born July 15, 1803 and died Dec. 3, 1831, Lenoir County, NC. Hanna was the daughter of Lewis Kinsey and Hanna Harriett Cox. James and Hanna's children were:
1. Catharine Elizabeth DAVIS, b. December 07, 1827, Lenoir, County, NC, d. June 2,
1906 Houston County, GA, (now Peach County, GA) md. Joseph Kemp, October
01, 1846, Houston County, GA. Children
a. Martha “Mattie” Kemp, b. Sept. 7, 1847, d. Sept. 21, 1870, md. James Monroe
b. Mary “Babe” Kemp b. ca. 1849, d. bef. 1895, md. Peter W. Stubbs.
c. Manelta Kemp b. Mar. 1852, d. aft. 1930, md. James D. Martin ca. 1875
d. Manora b. June 23, 1855, d. July 12, 1856 buried Kemp Cemetery, Houston
County, Georgia (now Peach Co. GA). Died young, never married.
e. Nancy “Nannie” Hanna Kemp, b. July 3, 1857, d. July 23, 1917 Houston
County, GA. md. Dec. 4, 1876 Houston County, GA, James Monroe
Culpepper (widow of her sister, Martha “Mattie” Kemp Culpepper).
f. Josephine Kemp b. Mar. 18, 1860 Houston County, GA, d. Nov. 14, 1890
Houston County, GA. Buried Kemp Cemetery Houston County, GA, (now
Peach Co. GA.)
g. Infant of Joseph and C. E. Kemp. No birth or death date listed. Buried Kemp
Cemetery Houston County, GA, (now Peach Co. GA.)

2. Kinsey Lewis DAVIS b. September 11, 1828, Pink Hill, Lenoir Co. NC, d. March
17, 1912, Georgiana, Butler County, AL. buried Milner Cemetery, Georgiana,
Butler County, Al. (Note: His name was actually Lewis Kinsey DAVIS but per letter
to his sister, Catherine, he changed it, “as father always called me Kinsey and
everyone always knew me as Kinsey Lewis”) md. Harriet H. Patillo Piggott,
February 17, 1853, Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia. Harriett was
b. Sept. 2, 1834, d. Sept. 14, 1909, Georgina, Butler County, AL. buried Milner
Cemetery, Georgiana, Butler County, Al. Children:
a. James Edward b. ca. 1854, died as an infant.
b. John Malachi b. May 31, 1856, d. Aug. 3, 1876, Georgiana buried Milner
Cemetery, Georgiana, Butler County, AL. Never married.
c. Arthur Lewis b. Aug. 15, 1858, Escambia County, FL, d. May 24, 1927
Warrington, Escambia County, FL. md. Martha Sue McLeod, Jan. 30, 1890
Grove Hill Clark County, AL.
d. Mary Josephine b. Dec. 2, 1860, Escambia Co. FL, d. June 20, 1866,
Georgiana, Butler Co. AL, bur. Milner Cemetery, Georgiana.
e. Harriett Eugiana “Hattie” b. July 13, 1863, Georgiana, Butler Co. AL, d. May
17, 1937, md. Nathan G. Foster.
f. Joseph Kemp b. Aug. 11, 1867 Georgiana, Butler Co., AL, d. Dec. 23, 1891,
bur. Milner Cemetery, Georgiana, md. Floy Seeger.
g. Katie Louella b. Jan. 23, 1870 Georgiana, Butler Co., AL, d. Sept. 24, 1895
md. Daniel McLeod July 23, 1891 Georgiana (bro. of Martha Sue McLeod
wife of Arthur Lewis DAVIS)
h. William Bruner b. May 29, 1872, Georgiana, Butler Co. AL., d. March 24,
1965, md. Viola “Dump” Hubert.
i. Lillie Ruby b. Oct. 13, 1874, Georgiana, Butler Co. AL, died unknown, md.
Albert Sheats.
j. Kincey Levozia b. July 2, 1878, d. Mar. 4, 1954, md. Olivia Moore.

3.  James Malachi DAVIS b. March 3, 1831 Lenoir, North Carolina, d. August 04, 1909,
Waco, McLennan County, Texas. md. Martha A. Elliot , September 29, 1857,
Daingerfield, Titus County, Texas (now Morris Co. Tx.). Note Marriage license was
obtained and returned to Linden, Cass County, Texas. Civil War Vet.
a. Jonathan “John” F. b. 1858, Titus County, Texas, d. bef. 1870
b. David Edward b. Jan. 1860, Red River County, Texas, d. unknown.
c. Nancy “Nannie” b. ca. 1863, d. aft. 1930, md. Orville P. “O. P.” Loving.
d. James W. DAVIS b. ca. 1864, d. unknown
e. Joseph Kinsey DAVIS b. ca. 1866, d. bef. 1906, md. Nancy Ellen Goss Dec. 18,
1885, Nacona, Montague Co., TX.
f. Sarah H. “Sally” b. ca. 1868, d. unknown
g. D. “Ann” b. ca. 1870, d. unknown

James Thomas DAVIS married 2nd Catherine (Unknown) in Lenoir County, North Carolina. Catherine was born May 3, 1801 in NC and d. Oct. 21, 1842 in Houston County, Georgia.
Children of James Thomas DAVIS and Catherine (Unknown)

4. Christian “Sarget” "C.S." DAVIS, b. Oct. 13, 1833, Georgia, d. aft. 1910, md. ca.
1867, Mary? Barrett. Lived in Georgia 1840, Louisiana 1850-1870, Mississippi
1880- ??, and South Carolina 1910. Civil War Vet
    a. Janie b. ca. Nov. 1869, South Carolina. May have died as infant.

5. Hanna Susan DAVIS, b. July 03, 1838, Houston County, GA, d. February 08,
1902, Bienville Parish, Louisiana, md. George S. Ray, December 03, 1874,
Webster Parish, Louisiana. Both Hanna and George are buried Bistineau Cemetery,
Bienville Parish, LA
a. John T. Ray b. Sept. 1875
b. Caldonia E. Ray, b. March 1877, md. William H. Paul
c. Henry S. Ray, b. b. Feb. 1879

6. Sarah Elizabeth DAVIS, b. Oct. 30, 1839, Houston County, Georgia, d.
unknown, m. John L. King, April 19, 1877, Webster Parish, LA.
No children

James Thomas DAVIS m. 3rd. March 03, 1844, Houston County, GA, Winnifred T.
Smith, b. April 14, 1826, GA.

Children of James Thomas DAVIS and Winnifred T. Smith
7.  Charity DAVIS b. July 16, 1845 Houston County, GA, d. Nov. 5, 1860 Bienville
Parish, Louisiana, buried Walker Cemetery, Webster Parish, LA. Never married.

8.  Patsy Ann DAVIS, b. Sept. 24, 1847, d. January 21, 1926, Webster Parish, La,
    md. William T. Smith, Jan. 2, 1888, Webster Parish, LA. No children. Patsy
lived with several extended family members and “connections” after the death of
her husband. William T. Smith died as a “result of his team of mules running away
with a load of lumber.” According to her Civil War Widow's Pension, Patsy Ann
was living with B. F. Talton. Mr. Talton stated, “that she left no near relatives that
he knows their whereabouts and that she had been living with him for several
years, and that she was totally disabled for several years before her death, and that
he cared for her. Death Certificate states she died, Jan. 21, 1826”. Mr. Talton
states she died Jan. 23, 1926.

9. Winfred DAVIS b. August 12, 1849, d. October 28, 1850 Bienville Parish, LA.
buried Walker Cemetery, Webster Parish, LA. Died young.

10.  Infant of J. T. DAVIS b. & d. 1852, Bienville Parish, LA., buried Walker
Cemetery, Webster Parish, LA.

11.  Nancy  L. DAVIS b. March 18, 1853, Bienville Parish, LA, d. 1886 Dubberly,
Webster Parish, LA, bur. Walker Cemetery, Webster Parish, LA, m. January
07, 1875 Webster Parish, LA, Henry Clay Kinney b. July 08, 1854 Homer,
Angelina County, Texas, d. February 23, 1931 Cushing, Nacogdoches, County,
Nancy obtained a divorce from Henry in 1880. She received custody of her
children; James Wesley, Annie Elizabeth “Lizzie” and William Thomas Kinney.
After the divorce, Henry moved to Texas and remarried.

Nancy died in 1886 from a heart attack while Henry was visiting the children.
Nancy's mother and sisters begged Henry to let he children remain with them but
Henry refused. The children were escorted to Nacogdoches County, Texas by
Patsy Ann DAVIS. They made the trip in a covered wagon driven by Henry. Patsy
stayed for a while with the children to get them settled. The children had not been
around their father and they really didn't know him. Patsy returned to Dubberly,
Webster Parish, LA and the children remained with Henry. A short time later,
Annie died.

Children of Henry Clay Kinney and Nancy L. DAVIS
a. James Wesley Kinney b. October 05, 1875, Webster Parish, LA, d.
December 26, 1950, Arizona, bur. McKnight Cemetery, Cushing,
Nacogdoches County, TX. Never married.
       b. Annie Elizabeth "Lizzie" Kinney, b. November 11, 1878 Webster
Parish, LA, d. August 02, 1886, Cushing, Nacogdoches County, TX. Died
shortly after coming to Texas to live with her father after the death of her
    c.   Baby of H. C. and N. L. Kinney b & d. January 08, 1879 Webster Parish,
LA, bur. Walker Cemetery, Webster Parish, LA
d.  William Thomas Kinney, b. Aug. 7, 1880, Webster Parish, LA, d. May 19,
1960, Cushing, Nacogdoches County, TX, buried McKnight Cemetery,
Cushing, Nacogdoches County, TX, md. 1st. Claudia Hardin, md. 2.
December 08, 1915, Cushing, Nacogdoches Co, TX, Minnie Viola Smelley
b. January 23, 1899 Nacogdoches County, TX, d. July 03, 1970 Cherokee
County, TX, bur. McKnight Cemetery, Cushing, Nacogdoches County, TX
(my grandparents).

12. Infant #2 of J. T. DAVIS, b. & d. 1855, Bienville Parish, LA., bur. Walker
Cemetery, Webster Parish, LA.

13. William Z. DAVIS b. Mar. 1861, d. May 1861, buried Walker Cemetery,
Dubberly, Webster Parish, LA.

Note: There are three Walker Cemeteries in Webster Parish, Louisiana. The
James DAVIS family is buried in the one off Sand Plant Road. The
cemetery is located in the woods, on private property owned by a hunting
club. The property is posted.

James T. DAVIS is living next door to his father, Zachariah DAVIS on 1830 Lenoir
County, NC. census.  He is most likely the James T. DAVIS along with Zachariah DAVIS,
that witnessed the March 6, 1830 will of Rachael DAVIS.
The Zachariah DAVIS listed along with James T. as a witness to the will, would not have
been James' father, since he was listed as an heir.

James T. DAVIS' first wife, Hanna Kinsey DAVIS died in 1831 and he remarried a
Catherine (Unknown). Shortly after his second marriage, he moved to Muscogee
County, Georgia and then to Houston County, GA.  His second wife, Catherine, died in
1842. James remarried in 1844 for the third time to Winifred Smith. They left Georgia
in 1850 and moved to Bienville Parish, Louisiana. Several other families from Houston
County left for Bienville Parish, LA, near the same time. They included Leary,
Walker, Lewis, Talton, Woodard, and McGuire.

James traveled a great deal between his home in Louisiana and his children's
homes in Texas and Georgia. James owned slaves. He was a farmer and his finances
were in good order. After the Civil War, James continued to farm with corn being his
main crop. Although his finances had declined after the War, he continued to buy and
sell land in Bienville Parish. According to letters written between family members, his
health was declining. He suffered from head aches frequently.

In 1871, Bienville Parish was divided to form Webster Parish. As a result of the
boundary change, James Thomas was now a resident of Webster Parish, LA. James
continued to buy and sell land in both Bienville and Webster Parishes. Before his death,
he gave each of his children land and money. James' health continued to decline and he
died Dec. 5, 1873.

1. Final settlement, Succession of James T. DAVIS, March 14, 1877, Webster
Parish, LA, Conveyance Book 2, pg. 384-85.
2. Marriage Records & Bonds; Houston County, GA, Muscogee Co. GA, & Webster
Parish, LA.
3. Walker Cemetery, Webster Parish, LA.
4. Bistineau Cemetery, Bienville Parish, LA.
5. Birth & Bible Records of William Thomas Kinney.
6. Census Records; 1790-1830  NC, 1830-1930 Houston County, GA, 1850-1930
Bienville and Webster Parish, LA., 1850-1930 Texas (various counties).
7. Research of Marilyn (DAVIS) Jackson. (Noted author and genealogist under
surnames; Hahn, Barefield and Jackson. Descendant of Kinsey Lewis DAVIS b.
Sept. 11,1828) Exchange of information between Marilyn and Margie Kinney
8. Records of Gerald Rodan (for James Malachi DAVIS son of James Thomas DAVIS)
9. Personal knowledge and records of William Thomas Kinney and descendants.
10.  Various court records; probate, deeds, marriage, divorce and death. Webster Parish
and Bienville Parish, La.
11. Civil War Service Records; Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.
12. Civil War Pension Applications; Louisiana and Texas.
13. Emory University. The Robert W. Woodruff Library, Special Collection and
Archives. Culpepper Collection, #638, Box #3. Series of letters between members
of James Thomas DAVIS family, Culpepper, and Kemp families and other families
connected through marriage. Letters dated between 1857 and 1897.
14. Bible Records of Bessie Jo Woolfolk 1890-1997. (desc. of Catherine DAVIS Kemp)

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