Victor Jones gives him as possible Paletine – he was a witness to the Will of John Miller in 1732 and guardian of the children of Christian and Mary Zeorge in 1732. Zeorge also written as Leorge/Ziorjen – first name Jakob – a Paletine. Zeorge 's wife was Catherine – children Jacob d 1737, Christian, Mary who md Hugh Stannaland by 1737

This name probably turned into Zeagler. They married into the James Davis family probably more than once.

Wendall Blyler proved 6 whites on Dec 1745 – Craven Co – court records


George Smith to William Graddy – 1754

WIT Windel Bleyler (Blyth) and James Davis


After 1764

#3950 – William Prescott – 23 Jan 1773 – 140 acres in Dobbs – SS Neuse adj Wendell Bleler, Durham Lee, John Graddy, Michael Pickle

#2585 – Edward Taylor – 11 Dec 1770 – 300 cres in Dobbs – Ss Neuse on Graddy's Branch adj Windal Blyther and John Irwin

1735 – 1764

#3716 – William Cole – 11 Oct 1749 – 120 acres in Johnston – SS Neuse on Squirral Branch adj John Graddy and Windel Blither

#6378 – Derham Lee – 15 Nov 1762 – 300 acres in Dobbs NS SW Creek, head of horse Branch adj Windell Bliyther

State of North Carolina Entries of Claims for Lands Within the County of Dobbs – 1778 – 1790 – by Bill Murphy

#892 – 25 Sept 1786 - John Thomas 93 acres – Dobbs County on the ES of Brices Creek adj WINDALE BLITHERS, Michael Pickle and Edmund Taylor

Murphy says Brices Creek was in Jones Co

  1. Edward Taylor - 1770 - 30 A Dobbs - SS Neuse Graddy's Branch - adj Windal Blyde and John Irwin

Dobbs Militia - Wendel (?) Blither – no date

From Victor

Dear Martha,

I've been looking for Wendel, but he is a hard one to track. The earliest mention I can find is Craven County Court December 1732 term when he is made guardian of Christian and Mary Zeorge, children of Jacob Zeorge [Ziorjien]. At the same court he appears on a jury to make a road in the Mill Creek area of present day Jones County. Other neighbors appearing on the jury: George Coons, Peter Mallard, Abraham Bussett, Hugh Stanly, Robert 'Davit', and others. (From Haun, Craven Court Minutes v. 2). Wendel does not appear in volume 1.

That, along with the headrights proven in 1745, might indicate he came with the "second" influx of German speaking immigrants/emigrants in the 1730s. This second influx occurred after the fallout of the Tuscarora War and the politics of the Proprietorship had settled down (now that N.C. was a royal colony). Most of these migrated from New York and Pennsylvania, I think. I'm getting a little rusty in this area and need to read up on this segment of history again ;-) I do know that the Boney family of Duplin County came to N.C. about this time, too.

If I find anything else that may prove useful, I'll send it your way.

Best wishes,

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